>3 Most Popular Cases Using Magento Grouped Products You May Not Know

3 Most Popular Cases Using Magento Grouped Products You May Not Know

You are going to have a Magento website to sell products in groups; you are still confused about whether your products are suitable for group, aren’t you? Understanding about that, on this blog, we will reveal several examples which can sell as grouped products.

In the beginning, you should know what grouped product is. A grouped product is made up of multiple, standalone products that are presented as a group. You can offer variations of a single product, or group them by season or theme to create a coordinated set. Each product can be purchased separately or as part of the group. Grouped Product. Creating a Grouped Product.

Case 1: Furniture

If your business field is furniture, the Grouped product is suitable. On your product page, all associated items will be displayed. For more detailed examples, you sell a set of the sofa; Grouped Product will allow showing a couch, a chair and a table on one page, which brings convenience for your customer when ordering them.

Another real case is a room set.

Magento Grouped Products
Magento Grouped Products

If you are a home architect, you want to sell your decorated room set. Your smart choice is using a grouped product. This type of product will help you sell your room set at ease. The reason is that your customers can have an overview of your designed room, they can easily choose items as a wish or even buy all set by one click. Here is an example of the bedroom set. There will be a bed, bed sheet, pillow, drawer nightstand, drawer chest on the same page, so customers can have a look at your decoration with these items and choose them at ease.

Magento Product Page
Magento Product Page

Case 2: Fashion

Fashion is one of the most popular fields in business. One interesting fact is that when showing clothes, shop owners often show them as a set like a set of the street, a set of work clothes, etc. Hence, Grouped Product helps not only show sets of clothes but sell all those items on the same page. Have a look at this image below:

Magento Grouped Products
Magento Grouped Products

This image belongs to our extension called Grouped Product with Custom Options for Magento 2. As you can see, with this extension, grouped products become more powerful when it can show options for customers to choose.

Moreover, you can also apply the Grouped Product for accessories or clothes with accessories. In general, selling clothes as grouped supports not only your site display but also brings more convenience for wholesalers.

Case 3: Equipment

Another suitable case to grouped products is sets of equipment. There are a lot of examples for this third case, such as a set of electronic equipment for laptop, mobile phones, a set for the kitchen, and so on.


Grouped Product is an ideal choice for all these sets. Let’s imagine you are selling sets of bakery equipment which have 5 shaped bakers, and you can create a grouped product to show all of them. Next, your customers just select a size and then add all to cart at once.

Magento Grouped Products
Magento Grouped Products

Also, there will be several other fields that you can make the grouped product to sell, like a set of toys (Lego, board game,..) group of books and so on.

In conclusion, you should use Grouped Product if you want to sell items in groups and for wholesalers.

However, only using default grouped product of Magento is not enough. As you can see, Magento default has several drawbacks for the grouped product, for instance, with a set of furniture, the customer cannot choose a color, with a set of clothes, they also cannot choose a size, color or any other custom options.

So if you want this type of product become for powerful, you should get Grouped Product with Custom Options for Magento 2 extension for your site. This extension supports associating the simple product with custom options to grouped product and showing custom options and image for each of them. Furthermore, the module can be configured to link to product pages when clicking into images.

So why don’t you grab this extension now!

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