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Magento 2 Push Notifications: 4 Statistics You have to know

by Stephanie Greene

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Magento 2 stores use a wide range of communication channels to grow their traffic and boost the conversion rate such as email, social media, push notification, and more. Each of them involves reaching and engaging online users in different ways. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer insight into the Magento 2 Push Notifications through 4 surprising stats where browser push alerts prove useful.

What Is Website Push Notification In Magento 2?

Magento 2 push notifications are usually clickable popup alerts which are sent from an e-commercial website to their subscribers via browsers. What’s more, web push notification offers Magento 2 store owners the powerful way to get instant communication with browser users.

That way, the potential customers can opt-in with the real-time updates right on their screen without visiting online stores. You can make use of Magento 2 push notifications for various marketing purposes such as the exclusive promotion campaigns, hot deals, new arrivals, policy changes, etc.

The Latest Statistics On The Effectiveness of Magento 2 Push Notification

Over the past years, push notifications have become the frequent and useful marketing tool to draw customers’ attention to Magento 2 sites and remind them to come back for more purchase. From the recent researches, we pick up 4 key facts to put Magento 2 Push Notification into further perspective.

Let’s explore now!

51% of online store owners revealed their usage of web push notifications

More than half of users surveyed by Pushcrew (2017) shared that they used browser push messages for various ecommerce-related activities. For example, Magento 2 push notifications are sent to announce new products, ask for authentication from anonymous shoppers, offer personalized promotions, recover abandoned cart, or notify customers of order shipment.


Send Magento 2 Push Notifications to remind customers of abandoned shopping carts.

In general, you can design unlimited Magento 2 push notifications to get engaged with any information as wanted.

The opt-in rate for Magento 2 push notifications in retail industry is nearly 50%


Web push notification opt-in varies by industry, but mostly around 50%.

The fact that online shoppers opt-in your Magento 2 Push Notifications means they might be interested in your business and subscribe to receive push messages on their screen. The more chances your Magento 2 stores show around the sight of customers, the more likely they click on for more. Higher traffic will bring more sales as a result.

As can be seen from the pic, the push alert subscription rate can be up to 90%. Employ Magento 2 push notifications now, and you can expect such an impressive figure.

Compared with email subscriptions, web push notifications have 10 times CTR more

When considering the work of Magento 2 push notifications, the most important metric coming to marketer’s mind is the click-through-rate. When browser users catch the sight of push notification, the CTR can be up to 40% (Kahuna, 2018) while that of email marketing is around 3%-4% (Mailchimp, 2018.)


Other than complicated emails, Magento 2 Push Notifications are clear and informative.

Online users have the higher engagement to Magento 2 push notifications over marketing emails because the push messages are often catchy, short and straight to the point. When you desire to notify the potential customers of anything without taking up too much of their time, Magento 2 Push Notifications come to mind.

Magento 2 Push Notifications with segmentation boost the retention rate to over 90%

Retention rate is defined as the number of browser users who drive back to your online stores after their first visit. By employing Magento 2 Push Notifications, you can expect the increase in retention by 20%. Wherein the personalized push popup alerts witness the engagement up to 9x%.


Personalize Magento 2 Push Notifications by scheduling send time.

There are several tactics to segment your push notifications for the higher CTR and retention such as by geographic location, by real interest, or web-visiting behaviors. Whichever segmentation is in use, the key to Magento 2 push notification success is the right time and right place.

Final Thought

Are you ready to exploit up to the fullest potential of push notifications on your online stores? If yes, then you must start with Magento 2 Push Notifications extension.  All features are well-designed to relieve your work in creating and sending Magento 2 push notifications. What’s more, a visual dashboard to update important statistics of push messages is available to help you plan and conduct suitable marketing actions to rocket customers’ conversion and re-engagement.

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