5 Tips Ecommerce Email Marketing

5 Tips Ecommerce Email Marketing

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Despite the bloom of social media, kinds of email still take an important role in business in general and e-commerce in particular. E-commerce email marketing will be a powerful tool for online stores to grasp and connect strongly with potential customers.

Below are some tips to get good results when using emails with the purpose of marketing in e-commerce:

1. Differentiate target customer group

No campaign is suitable for every customer. The first thing to care when creating and any email campaign is sorting out customers. Customers will be divided into lists based on age, gender, career, and buying habits, activity in a site, a favorite product specifically… With each group, you can apply different templates, wording styles for the same email content to maximize the effectiveness.

2. Creating marketing emails

Email marketing campaigns are usually carried out before a sale/ promotion event. The purpose of these emails is to inform and persuade customers to take part in a promotion event or try a new product. A valid email marketing campaign must have right target, informative content, attractive template, and persuasive CTA. This kind of emails is usually considered as junk mails. However, it is still a necessary kind of email and should be prepared tactfully.

3. Using Transactional Emails

Don’t misunderstand transactional email with something related to finance. Transactional emails don’t mention to purchasing something from inside an email. Nor is it about treating email as a payment method or form of currency. Transactional emails can be sent at any point in the lifecycle of a purchase online:

– Sign up, the confirmation email

– Add items in a cart

– Check out, get a receipt

– Track the package, get shipping notifications

Transactional messages are sent to customers after they take a specific action like placing an order. It can be seen that emails sent after a transaction are anxiously awaited by customers and have the highest open and click rates because it is the direct concern of customers. A marketer should keep in mind that wrongly delivered newsletters might not attract attention, but an undelivered transactional email will upset the customers.

4. Creating Auto-responder email

An autoresponder is a series of emails focusing on a specific topic, delivered in a pre-determined sequence at pre-determined intervals. With Autoresponder email, the store owner can automatically follow up with customers after a purchase. Customers’ shopping behavior is a key factor to design autoresponder emails:

Autoresponder email can come under the forms of:

+ Thank you email for a new order

+ Recommendations for products related to bought ones

+ Requesting reviews for ordered products

+ Remind customers of abandoned cart

+ Email before customers’ birthday and offering them a discount coupon as a gift

MailChimp with Mandrill is a possible tool that helps you create transactional and autoresponder emails at ease.

5. Personalizing email content

The content of your emails should be customized to adapt to each customer group or the purposes of campaigns. Here I mean both content and the template. Creating compelling Call-to-Action or images is prime examples for this. Moreover, the personalization can considerably improve click and conversion up to 10-16%. Outstanding content to persuade customers to click more quickly will make your products/ offers more competitive with other providers.

In conclusion, there are various kinds of emails to conduct marketing: marketing emails, transactional emails, autoresponder emails and so on. Marketers should consider to use and combine them with a different purpose. Make sure that your emails are sent to right target customers and have personalized content.

Bonus: Here are some statistics for your mind.

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