Tips for Magento Ecommerce 6 ways to attract Customers this Holiday Season

Tips for Magento Ecommerce: 6 ways to attract Customers this Holiday Season

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There is no doubt that the most profitable time of year for online business belongs to the Holiday Seasons. New Year 2015 has come, and it’s high time to grab your potential customer’s attention to open their wallets and spend their money most generously.

You, a Magento Online Owners, more than ever, should make some plan to take a ride in a train of opportunities this holiday season is bringing.

In this week’s blog, BSS Commerce will demonstrate 6 ways to attract customers this Holiday Season.

1. Highlight Keywords

On holiday seasons, your competitor’s online store must do lots of promotion strategies to attract new visitors and customers. The question is how to overweight them and make your site one of the most attractive for the upcoming holiday season?

In the first place, you must start with some quick on-site changes that will bring organic SEO traffic your way

For example, if you sell Magento Extension, you could optimize your product pages for keywords such as Magento Extension for Holiday, Extension Free For New Year, Get discount for a new extension,…

One important thing you should nail in your mind and never forget to insert your keywords into Title, URLs, Header, Subheader, meta description with the relevant pages like the homepage or product page.

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2. Gift Offering Program

Offering gift cards is regularly applied by two-third of shoppers last year by conspicuously displaying gift cards on your homepage. When sending physical gift cards or certificates, include a decorated box that can be wrapped up and given as a gift.

Don’t be afraid to charge extra for this. You can create gift guides for the Top 20 gift items out of your product lists and publish them on your blog with a link to each of the respective product pages.

Gift Offering Program

If you do not have a blog page, dedicate a separate web page on the site for gift guides. Add fresh content to the page and include pictures of your Top 10 products or more.

You can consist of individual product categories for gifts under a certain price range. For example, offer ‘Gifts under $50’ or ‘Gifts under $100’ and list all your products under relevant price categories.

3. Enhance customer’s services

Many shop owners give customers even a half-price discount, but a negative selling product attitude will be received a ZERO for their customer service grade. In the fact that customers have a strong sensitivity and extensive range choices to select, they will quickly leave your store just because of some minor mistakes in customer service.

Shipping Guarantee or free shipping is such a great way to satisfy your customers in holiday seasons but noted that it should be in the limited time (from date to date or until the end of the holiday season).

6 ways to attract Customers for Holiday Season

Always ensure you live up to your promise on the shipping dates if you want these last-minute shoppers to become your loyal customers. Some positive customer reviews about your timely shipping and delivery services can make your store remarkable and effectively highlight your product pages.

4. Competitors Spying 

If you focus on your remedy to improve sales without spying your competitors on how they work in this season, it might be a big deal when your offering is out of date and cannot meet customer’s new behaviors or changes.

To solve it, easy for you when keeping spying on what your customers offer. Do the same or upgrade in different ways and make your offer more special. After preparing all your programs well, you could spread the word quickly via a blog, social media updates, and e-mail newsletters.

Competitor analysis holiday season

5. Take advantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing plays a significant role in spreading out your new products, events and offers to customers. In this time of year, you should send an email with a special greeting to your entire customer base and thanks to them for their business. It will remind them to visit your site when looking for gifts.

For email marketing take note of the following tips:

  • Use personalized holiday messages in your email and make it look less promotional and more postcard-style.
  • Send a follow-up email with a different subject line and create urgency on the previous offer by reiterating the deadline for the offer.
  • It would help grab your customer’s attention much more effectively if they happened to miss out on the first email.
  • You may also send offers via email such as free gift cards for purchases of a specific value at your online store.
  • Collect data on what works and what does not work in your email campaign to be well-prepared in advance for next year. Understand the metrics using Google Analytics.

6. Social Networks Spreading

Well-prepared your social media channels will give you a high mark on this holiday season. Update these social media more regularly and share your discounts and highlight featured products daily.

Let your customers leave comments on discount products, and then use their quotes and images on your website or try a poll on your social media channels, asking, “If you could have one thing from (insert your store name), what would it be?” Then follow up by offering respondents a discount on the product they mentioned!


The following are some tips to optimize your social media brand pages this holiday season:

  • Post updates about discounts and holiday specials on your brand pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Share high-quality product images along with the updates to make a broader impact on your shared content.
  • Run contests for the holidays; for instance, a photo contest on Pinterest, an original holiday message or gift ideas in your Facebook comments, photo contests for the best homemade recipe and so on.
  • Use appropriate hashtags on Twitter, Facebook related to discounts and sales in the holiday season and tweet consistently.
  • Get into the spirit of a New Year 2015 by offering a part of your purchases to charity with the support of your fans and followers.

By following these simple but effective methods to improve your sales in the holiday season, you can increase web traffic and higher customer conversion rates and holiday season especially New Year 2015 will be your remarkable and profitable year.

It can be a stressful time for online marketers, but if you are planning and applying well-structured and prepared methods, 2015 can go far.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Multi-platform eCommerce solutions and web development services providers in the world. With experienced and certified developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Contact us now!

BSS Commerce Happy New Year 2015!

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