[Case Study] A Seamless Website Upgrade Journey for UK Bathroom

The UK Bathroom Store is a prominent player in the realm of exquisite bathrooms, with its inception dating back to 2007. Over the past decade, it has risen to prominence as one of the leading online suppliers in the UK, specializing in top-tier branded bathrooms, suites, showers, taps, furniture, and accessories, all available at competitive internet prices.

As we delve into their success story, you’ll discover how their recent website upgrade project has further elevated their commitment to excellence.

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The UK Bathroom site faced several challenges. First, the previous agency had maintained a unique deployment process that they did not share. As a result, the BSS team needed to undertake a comprehensive review and reconfiguration of these processes to ensure a seamless transition.

Additionally, numerous third-party modules were acquired through the previous agency’s accounts, which did not share a composer key. This added complexity to the task at hand.

The customer’s primary requirements were clear: to refactor the site’s code in line with industry standards and, importantly, to facilitate an update to the Magento version. The project aimed to enhance the website’s code structure and functionality to meet contemporary e-commerce standards.


In this project, UK Bathroom Store was in search of a seasoned partner for their e-commerce platform upgrade, and in BSS Commerce, they discovered the perfect match, the ‘Mr. Right’ they had been seeking.

With over a decade of experience executing successful upgrade projects for global clients, BSS Commerce has solidified our reputation in the field.

This collaboration underscored our unwavering commitment to leveraging extensive expertise and knowledge to effectively tackle and overcome the unique challenges faced by UK Bathroom stores, ultimately ensuring a triumphant and seamless project outcome.


The project’s flow began with a comprehensive site audit, laying the foundation for subsequent steps. The site audit was followed by a meticulous process of refactoring and upgrading the Magento version to 2.4.5.

The project’s tech stack, centered around Magento 2, provided the necessary tools to execute these essential upgrades with precision and efficiency.


In this project, our customer expressed a desire to see their website go live as expeditiously as possible because of the deployment process. However, there was a notable challenge to overcome: the site could not proceed with deployment until the essential tasks of refactoring and upgrading were accomplished.

To address this, the BSS team established a well-structured project timeline. This timeline ensured that refactoring and upgrading were executed efficiently. In addition, weekly meetings were scheduled to maintain ongoing communication with the customer, providing updates and making adjustments if necessary, thereby ensuring smooth and successful project outcomes.


The solution offered to UK Bathroom Store in this project was twofold, aimed at enhancing their e-commerce platform’s overall performance and security:

– Code Refactoring: We optimized and restructured their code to adhere to Magento standards, enhancing efficiency and maintainability.

– Version Upgrade: We upgraded their Magento version to 2.4.5, bolstering performance and security for an improved user experience.


After putting our solutions into action, UK Bathroom Store’s website has emerged as a shining example of an upgraded and secure e-commerce platform.

The code refactoring, aligned with Magento standards, has not only streamlined operations and maintenance but also introduced a standardized process for the site, ensuring consistent and efficient performance.

UK Bathroom Store's website after upgrading to Magento 2
UK Bathroom Store’s website after upgrading to Magento 2

This resulted in a website that operates seamlessly. With the upgraded Magento version, both performance and security received a substantial boost, culminating in a website that loads faster and provides users with a safe and efficient shopping environment.

The successful deployment of our solutions has not only met UK Bathroom’s needs but has also left them with a powerful and reliable online platform to better serve their customers.


Throughout the project’s journey, we were thrilled to witness the seamless and fruitful collaboration between the two sides. It wasn’t just a professional partnership; it felt like building a wonderful friendship while we worked together towards our shared goals.

The dedication of the whole team was the engine behind the project’s success, and it’s made this journey an unforgettable one for everyone involved.

The customer expressed their utmost satisfaction with members of BSS Commerce and sent a heartwarming message to Andrea, the Project Manager of the project:

We are very happy and grateful to work with members of BSS Commerce, and we’d like to extend a special thank you to Andrea for her excellent work as the Project Manager. Her dedication and professionalism have made a significant difference in this project, and we’re looking forward to future collaborations.

The success story of our partnership with the UK Bathroom Store is a testament to our commitment to delivering outstanding e-commerce solutions. If your business is facing challenges similar to those that UK Bathroom once experienced, and you’re in need of a dedicated team to provide website upgrade services or leading e-commerce solutions, don’t hesitate to TALK TO US.

We thrive on being your co-pilots through the exciting e-commerce journey. Let’s turn hurdles into stepping stones and script your own success story!

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