[Look Back] Adobe Release Strategy, Updated Lifecycle Policy & Extended Support In 2022

Let’s look back at the Adobe Release Strategy, Updated Lifecycle Policy & Extended Support in 2022!

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Release Strategy

In 2022, Adobe reduced the frequency of core Commerce application upgrades. They provided 2 full patches and several security patches for Magento versions that are still under Adobe Commerce Support. 

You can check out the release calendar here.

Throughout 2022, Adobe delivered 3 types of releases to streamline upgrades:

  • Patch releases: Core application upgrades only included security, performance, and high-priority quality fixes to reduce complexity of upgrades and accelerated innovation. 
  • Feature releases: New features were released as independent services, which allowed Magento merchants to adopt features and innovate faster. For example, Live Search, Product Recommendations, and Amazon Sales Channel were all released as independent services.
  • Quality patch releases: Community contributions and lower priority issues were released through the Quality Patches Tool, allowing merchants to easily search for and choose the updates that are important to them without contacting Support or waiting for a release. 

Note: Community fixes are reviewed by Adobe Maintainers before they are made available in the Quality Patch tool.

Lifecycle Policy

Last year, Adobe moved the end of support (EOS) dates of the old Magento version to align closely with those of PHP. Whenever a PHP version reached its end of life (EOL), Adobe also updated their code to maintain PCI compliance. 

By aligning Magento EOS dates to PHP EOL dates, it reduced the frequency and impact of PHP version changes and made it even simpler for merchants to follow the most effective path for staying current.

Adobe only provided security patch releases for versions that are still under support.

Check here to see the support status of all Magento versions.

Thus, to stay up to date on the latest security fixes, merchants must take the latest patch or security patch release. The security fixes would not be backported to previous patch releases of the old versions. Merchants who fall behind on upgrades are at risk and have more exposure to security vulnerabilities.

Extended Support

In case you are still using an EOS version, Adobe does offer a paid extended support offering that will keep the old version supported for an additional year (Nov 2022 – Nov 2023) so that merchants have additional time to plan and execute their upgrade to Magneto 2.4.4 or higher.

After purchased Adobe extended support, you will get the following supports:

  • Quality fixes: You can contact the Adobe Support team for quality issues.
  • Security fixes: During the extended support period, Adobe will release security hotfixes on a quarterly basis for versions covered by the extended support plan. They will alert extended support customers via email when these hotfixes are available, or you also can check for and download hotfixes in your Adobe My Account section. Outside of these releases, you may also contact the Adobe Support team for security issues.
  • PHP 7.4 fixes: For On-Premise customers, PHP 7.4 fixes will be delivered as downloads available in your Adobe My Account section. This section will also include relevant installation and release notes. For Cloud customers, these updates will be made available automatically in your cloud instance, and you will be alerted of the update via email.

Note that while extended support does include support for PHP 7.4, it is important to note that merchants may need to take additional measures to stay PCI-compliant.

Adobe cannot provide support for third-party solutions for versions that reached the end of life. So they recommend that merchants work with a PCI assessor to ensure compliance.

BSS Commerce’s Magento Maintenance Service

As you can see, it’s crucial that you upgrade to the Magento latest version to get full support from Adobe on security, performance and new features.

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However, we understand that it’s quite complicated to upgrade and maintain your Magento store. So hereby, we want to introduce you to:

The Best Magento Maintenance Service

This Magento maintain service by BSS helps make sure that your store is also up-to-date with the latest version to receive the newest updated benefits in time.

Moreover, BSS also offers you:

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  • Bugs Fixing: Implement detailed troubleshooting, report and fix bugs at your requests.
  • Performance Optimization: Speed optimization, function optimization, eliminating minor to serious Magento 2 arisen issues.
  • Server Configuration: Optimize and configure your server in the best practice ways, check and recommend the trusted hosting provider.
  • Extensions Installation: Suggest the best solutions for features addition, from most trusted providers.
  • Security Enhancements: Install security patches, minimize security holes, prevent any website defections, risks of hacking, malware and viruses.
  • Testing On-Demand: Perform on-demand testing and maintenance.
  • Magento Training & Support: Give you technical advice and workable, unique, comprehensive solutions for all of your problems.

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