Amazing Magento 2 Admin Action Log Extension for Better Management


Amazing Magento 2 Admin Action Log Extension for Better Management

The Limitation of Admin Action Log Function in Magento 2

Admin Action Log is a useful feature in both Magento 1 EE and Magento 2 EE. However, this function is only available for the Enterprise Edition and the Magento 2 Community users don’t have any tool to track all actions of administrators in your store backend. The management in online business is very important, especially with the website has many administrators. It’s not advised for a store owner to let admin staffs do whatever they want without control, which might cause many risks for your store.

A Perfect Tool to Keep Track Backend Admin Actions in Magento 2


IMPROVE ADMIN ADMINISTRATION IN SECONDS with Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension

As an owner, you should always keep following all the things that happened at your site both in the frontend and in the backend. Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension is one of the most popular tools to effectively support backend management. It’s an awesome function that allows you to absolutely keep track of what your admin team has been done in the backend. Moreover, you can get the login attempts in detail, check the workflow of each session, and see who is logging in to the backend.

How Does Admin Action Log for Magento 2 Extension Work?

Let’s check out the backend demo to discover all the amazing functionalities of Admin Action Log for Magento 2 extension:

  • Choose to log actions related to some specific objects

  • Record all activities in the backend and display on a new grid page

There is an additional page including a grid to show wholes taken actions. You can easily check the time, user, IP address, action name, type, and object of the changes in this grid.

Log all admin actions into a grid
  • View the detailed information of each logged action

  • Restore configurations that are unexpected

This is an advanced function of Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension. With the actions related to System Configuration object, you are allowed to revert it in 1 click, which helps you solve the problem quickly.

View details and be able to revert some actions
  • Track all admin login attempts to a separate grid

  • Be able to view page visit history of each work session

You can totally check your staff’s performance in each session by going to the page visit history.

Page visit history for details
  • Reset the recordings after a set time


Magento 2 Admin Action Log is the must-have extension if you want to improve the management and the safe of your site.

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