Awesome Matrix View for Magento 2 Configurable Product

Awesome Matrix View for Magento 2 Configurable Product

In Magento 2 default, when customers, especially wholesalers, intend to buy the configurable product with a large number of different children items, they might feel quite knotty and complicated because of repeating the purchase process. However, Magento 2 Configurable Product Matrix View extension will help to improve this limitation of Magento 2 default. Specifically, like its name, the main feature of this extension is showing the configurable product in a neat matrix form.

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1. Limitation of “Displaying  Configurable Product” Function in Magento 2 Default

As you know, Magento 2 default normally supports showing configurable product coming out with its attributes in the simplest form. Thus, to buy configurable products in bulks, customers must repeat the purchase process one by one. This leads to the buying procedure become more complicated and more time-consuming.

2. An Effective Tool to Show Configurable Products in Matrix View and Support Wholesalers Order in Magento 2

Understanding that drawback of Magento 2 default, BSSCommerce has come up with a new Magento 2 Configurable Product Matrix View extension as an effective way to show the details of a configurable product in a neat matrix form for faster ordering which is suitable for wholesalers. With Matrix View for configurable products, merchants can comfortably order in bulks in the product page at once and easily know exact product availability. Therefore, Magento 2 store owners will get more ability to boost up their sales and retain customers for better shopping experience on the site.

3. How Does “Magento 2 Matrix View for Configurable Product” work?

Let’s see the performance of Magento 2 Matrix View for Configurable Product extension through this demo:

Show Configurable Product as Matrix Form

Configurable Product Matrix View for Magento 2 creates a matrix form for configurable products in the frontend. If the configurable product has more than two attributes, the extension will automatically get two last attributes of the configurable product to present in the matrix form. Therefore, with this matrix table, customers will have an overview of all children items and add multiple products to cart easily.


Show Price Range, Total Price for the Configurable product.

If Magento 2 default only supports for showing Price of Parent Products, this Matrix View extension does allow admin to show price range of children product in the frontend.
Also, the total price will be calculated when a customer chooses some items right in the product page automatically.

Display Unit Price, Special Price, and Tier Price

Unit Price and Special Price of every single product are displayed in Matrix View. Also, the module will automatically calculate total price after choosing product quantity.
Especially, admin can also show Tier Price as tooltips when customers click on quantity box of each child product which offers Tier Price. Moreover, this module supports Advanced tier price function for configurable products having the same tier price. With this outstanding feature, total price calculation will be based on the tier price of all children items added to cart.


Support Default Swatch Function with Clickable Options

Magento 2 Configurable Product Matrix View extension also supports the default color swatch feature with clickable options. Hence, when customers click on each option in the table, images of that child product will be shown.

Show Stock Status in The Matrix Form

By letting stock quantity come out with stock number in the matrix table, customers can easily know exact product availability right on the product page.

Enable to Apply Matrix View for Specific Customer Groups and Particular Configurable Products

In the backend, admin entirely can decide which customer groups can see configurable product under Matrix View form as well as which configurable products active with Matrix View in the frontend.


Responsive With Your Mobilephone and Tablet

Not all clients use the computer to order products, some of them purchase with their cell phone or tablet because of their convenience. Therefore, we can say that this feature can also be considered as an interesting point of Magento 2 Matrix View for Configurable Product extension when your merchant and B2B customers now can make an order of configurable product on their smartphones.


In short, Magento 2 Matrix View for Configurable Product extension can solve the limitations of displaying configurable product problem of Magento 2 default. Surely, your customer will be highly satisfied with your professional service, and you may have more chances to boost up your business as well.

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