Open-Source & Magento Open-Source Basic Overview

Open-Source & Magento Open-Source Basic Overview

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As technology overgrows nowadays, computer software becomes a popular term with almost people. However, open-source software is a slightly different type with other conventional software we know and use every day. In recent years, open-source software has become more frequently used by businesses and individuals alike. Why is this, and what makes open source solutions so increasingly popular?

When talking about open-source, we need to mention to Magento – the most effective and impressive open source eCommerce software today which is used to power hundreds of thousands of online stores. It’s included in our comprehensive list of top 21 eCommerce platforms.

For all people who do not know what open-source and Magento open source exactly mean as well as and how it works perfectly to online businesses, especially in the e-commerce industry, this infographic by BSS Commerce will show all necessary knowledge about all your wonderings and will give some examples to help you have an overview look about it.

Now we believe that you have been able to grasp the overview of open source already. If you find open-source useful and exciting, why not start considering to use open-source solutions, especially Magento open-source for your own company?

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