Shopware Open-Source: The benefits of Open-Source Platforms


The Shopware open-source eCommerce platform that is based on a cutting-edge technological stack has gained trust from over 100,000 renowned brands all over the world. Shopware 6 is the current version of the Shopware platform, and it is the successor to the popular e-commerce shopping cart Shopware 5, which has over 800,000 downloads. Because Shopware 6 is based on an API-first approach, it’s simple to consider various sales channels and make eCommerce happen wherever you want it.

Meaningful customer journeys entail a series of decisions spanning multiple disciplines and a vendor ecosystem. Early decisions have a significant impact on the customer experience you provide. Finally, one of the first decisions you made: your eCommerce platform, determines your ability to shape and grow these experiences over time. When it comes to picking a platform to help you develop and convert chances while minimizing opportunity cost, open commerce platforms like Shopware stand out.

In this article, we will deliver you an introduction to the benefits of open-source platforms. Moreover, we will dive deep into one of the leading open-source platforms – Shopware.

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What is an open-source platform?

The term “open-source” was initially related to open-source software (OSS). Anyone can see, alter, and share open-source software, which is code that is supposed to be publicly accessible.


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Peer review and community production are used to build open-source software in a decentralized and collaborative manner. Because it is produced by communities rather than a single individual or company, open-source software is typically more affordable, more flexible, and has a longer lifespan than proprietary software.

Open-source has evolved into a movement that extends beyond software development. The open-source movement applies open-source software’s values and decentralized production methodology to find new solutions to challenges in their communities and industries.

What is Shopware open-source?

Shopware is an open-source platform from Germany that focuses on improving customer experience. Shopware was founded in 2000, and they now have over 100,000 satisfied customers.

The wonderful thing about Shopware is that it is created by the individuals who use it. As a result, the software’s quality is excellent, which can fulfill the highest design and technological standards. The proprietors have made it their mission to give each Shopware location a unique design, with storytelling playing a key role.

With the launch of Shopware 6, the German e-commerce platform aims to provide a more emotional and appealing webshop experience in order to stay ahead of the competition. The Shopware platform has signed deals with major brands such as Discovery Channel, L’Oreal, Aston Martin, Borussia Dortmund, and Vingino, a well-known Dutch children’s clothing company.

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The following editions of Shopware are available: 

  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Benefits of using a website using the Shopware open-source platform

Shopware is an open-source software platform. Shopware calls their software open-source because they make its whole source code – its DNA and basic structure – available to everyone with an internet connection. Anyone can use, adapt, or customize the Shopware platform as long as they follow these three basic rules:

  • Users must agree to provide the source code available free of charge.
  • Users must agree not to place limits on others’ licenses.
  • Any code modifications or enhancements must be licensed under the same terms. 

Below we will shed light on the advantages of the Shopware open-source platform. Thereby, you may find out whether the Shopware open-source platform is right for you or not. 

Easy to Use and Flexible

Open-source platforms are simple to use and adaptable to your organization’s website requirements. Many businesses rely on open-source platforms because they allow them to pick a theme that best meets their needs and add any plug-ins they require for functionality. Although some coding skills or basic training are required when hosting a website built on open-source platforms, you do not need to be a web developer to make changes to the site.

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Cooperative software development


Because the Shopware platform is open-source, it is made public so that anyone interested can join the construction process. Moreover, the Shopware open-source eCommerce platform better reflects the needs of a greater, more diverse group of people.  Without doing so, the platform would be limited to what the founding group drafted alone in seclusion. The Shopware platform is then a more sustainable project, as people want to contribute so that others, perhaps many years from now, can also enjoy the results.

In the early days of software development, researchers in both academic and corporate contexts were openly exchanging code as a strategy to speed up the transfer of knowledge and promote more talent. Even though such a large number of people are familiar with the project and its code, customization options depend on the users’ creativity. 

Stronger product overall 


When it comes to cooperative coding, people are psychologically motivated because there are significant social benefits. Furthermore, simply exchanging knowledge allows people to develop relationships and promote connectivity. Programmers can learn from the practices of others and enhance their skills because the code is transparent. Because people feel the passion for their work, they produce higher-quality programs.

Take Wikipedia, for example, which is now one of the most well-known and celebrated open-source initiatives. The diverse minds contributing to the final product allow Wikipedia to provide such a wide range of high-quality, thorough material.

These open-source contributors help to strengthen the community in the computing field. Shopware currently has approximately 40,000 Community members, each of whom contributes to the platform in different ways.

Modern and cutting edge 

“User-driven innovation” requires a large amount of community participation. Individuals can correct a defect or create a new feature that benefits them, then share it with the rest of the world. The Shopware open-source also implies that they constantly incorporate community contributions into the program, which is then made available in major and minor versions.

The goal is to keep moving forward. Shopware may continue to evolve into a more robust product thanks to the diverse ideas, viewpoints, educational and experience backgrounds.

Ongoing development & innovation

An open-source project will live as long as the community is interested in it. Once the community continues to work with the code, the Shopware open-source project will keep flourishing.

It is essential to encourage people to develop in the software development sector. As a result, companies can tackle greater problems and contribute to the industry’s improvement by sharing their ideas. The open exchange of code encourages further innovation and pushes the competition to new heights.

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Better Security


Closed platforms claim security by obscurity: the program is safe in part because the core code is hidden. Unlike closed platforms, the open-source platform’s core is built in the open, there are many eyes on it, and flaws and exploits are much more likely to be detected and corrected. Bug bounty programs’ continued success is a tribute to this technique. Merchants should be confident in the solid security and quality of open-source technology, as well as the freedom it provides if they ever need to transfer providers or platforms.

Excellent Support Options

Open-source software like Shopware open-source has a variety of support options, many of which are free. The open-source community is known for being enthusiastic about its technology and for having a helping and sharing spirit. As a result, there are several forums and groups dedicated to open-source project assistance.

And the solutions are simple to find. If you have a query about an open-source product, you’ll almost certainly find an answer in a forum post. Members of the forums are also fast to respond to inquiries. You’ll probably be able to find it for a lesser price than official support for commercial applications.

Low Cost and Added Value


The non-commercial nature of open-source projects is often the center of attention, and this non-commerciality is a significant aspect of the open-source community’s ethos. When you take a costly upgrade push and the availability of free or low-cost support into account, the argument becomes even more appealing. With the Shopware open-source platform, you can get sufficient functionality and considerable value-adding additions for free.

While not every open-source initiative will outperform the commercial competitors, it will typically come close. You get greater security and bug fixes faster. Furthermore, with open-source platforms, your company will not be obliged to adapt to new updates every year. Besides, support is also available and responsive.

Search Engine Friendly


Obtaining visitors to your website requires a high search engine ranking. Google’s search engine results algorithm is constantly evolving, and your website must keep up. Standard compliance and high-quality code are provided by Shopware open-source, allowing you to improve your search engine ranking without putting in a lot of extra effort. 

You may utilize plugins to help you reach the top of the search results if you want to make your website far more SEO-friendly. Because of the proliferation in mobile searches, your website must also be responsive. 

BSS Commerce – a reliable Shopware development services provider

The industrial, assembly-line technique of development is the polar opposite of open-source development. Open-source platforms do not affix a seal of approval to their program before sending it out for distribution. Instead, they collaborate with users and the community to create something open-ended.

The Shopware platform keeps open gateways available so that anyone can interact and cooperate on the platform’s growth. Furthermore, the Shopware open-source platform can be improved and expanded upon indefinitely.


The Shopware platform provides cutting-edge, highly customizable eCommerce solutions that are trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious firms. Shopware not only provides exceptional customer service but also innovates quickly and accelerates your growth in the ever-changing world of digital commerce. As a result, when you choose BSS Commerce as your partner, you get the best of both worlds: Shopware and our web services team’s experience!

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