Best Tool to Create Pre Order Products in Magento 2

Best Tool to Create Pre Order Products in Magento 2

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“Pre-order” is to order an item before it is available for sale. Usually, products as pre-order are the hottest and most popular ones on the store. Demand for them is higher than that store owners predicted and they are usually out of stock. Therefore, pre-order is the best way to ensure that customers can get the product as soon as the items are available. According to the pre-orders, sellers can indicate the minimum sale number of a product to import or restock a reasonable amount of items.

Pre-order becomes more and more popular in business, especially in e-commerce. To meet customers’ needs and keep your business successful, it is very necessary to install pre-order function for your store. A pre-purchase program with an impressive discount or effective advertisement will help you satisfy your customers and improve your sale remarkably.

1. Limitation of “order out of stock products” function in default Magento 2

We all know that pre-order brings many advantages for a store. However, default Magento 2 does not have this function to serve users. It only allows you to sell in stock products and without of stock items, the Add to cart button is hidden, and customers cannot place an order. Let’s imagine that the rival has the intention to sell the same product as your store while this product has not been launched into the market. Your store still keeps the functions of default Magento 2, and the rival store allows the customers to pre-order this item with an attractive discount. Therefore, the rival will have competitive advantages over you and your store will lose a lot of potential customers.

2. An effective tool to “let customers unavailable pre-order products” in Magento 2

An extension is the best solution for this limitation of Magento 2. BSSCommerce developed Magento 2 Pre Order extension to enable the pre-order feature for Magento 2 website. This module allows frontend users to pre-order items even when they are out of stock or unreleased. Admin can set this feature for each product and configure the extension easily. This module especially works with simple product, configurable product, grouped product, virtual product, and downloadable product.

3. How Pre-Order works?

Now, let’s find out what amazing features Magento 2 Pre-Order extension has.

  • Let customers order out of stock and upcoming products in advance

With products set as pre-order, the Add to Cart button is replaced by Pre-Order button on category and product pages. The buyer can create order and checkout like normal. And the order will be shipped as soon as the product is available for delivery.

pre-order simple product

Pre-order simple product

  • Be able to pre-order children items of configurable product and grouped product (3)

  • Easily identify the pre-order items by Pre-Order button, notes, and messages

You have seen how the module impacts on the frontend, let’s look at the back end and know how can you customize it.

  • Set pre-order function for each product

By going to product edit pages, the admins can select the pre-order option for a specific product that they need.

product details page- simple product

Set pre-order function for the product.

  • Add custom messages and highlighted notice to alert customers about pre-order products

Pre Order extension allows you to edit the message and note for pre-ordered items on product pages, shopping cart as well as on order information page. Besides, you can freely set the availability date for pre-order products at ease.

  • Prevent purchasers from adding both regular and pre-order item to cart

  • Quickly find out pre-orders by sorting in grid

Orders including pre-order items have “Pending Pre-Order” or “Processing Pre-Order” statuses. Thanks to these special statuses, you will remarkably save the time that you spend on managing orders in the backend. With a quick sorting, you can find out the pre-orders easily.\


4. Conclusion

If you are selling a good product with excellent quality, then it’s more than likely that your customers are willing to wait and reserve products. Why must you stop selling when your products become out of stock? With this fantastic. Pre-Order extension you can select any products in your store to go into pre-order, and this will help you sell it without depending on its stock.

Pre Order-01

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