Boost Your Product Reviews with Magento 2 Review Extension

Boost Your Product Reviews with Magento 2 Review Extension

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In Magento 2, product reviews help increasing the reputation for both your store and products. In this article, we will show you how Magento 2 Review Extension can boost up the effectiveness of reviews of your store.

1. Limitation of product reviews in Magento 2

In the default Magento 2, the ratings and reviews function is available but still limited. For example, there is a summary to provide an overview of all feedbacks, which may confuse customers. Or as admins can not control who can write the review, spam content is a quite high risk.

2. Magento 2 Review Extension – A handy tool for advanced review in Magento 2

Understanding the needs of an advanced and helpful review system in Magento 2, BSSCommerce has come up with the new Magento 2 Review Extension. The module’s main feature is to upgrade the default product review and rating functionalities in Magento 2. It will be easier for buyers to get helpful information from the mass number of feedbacks. Moreover, customers are also encouraged to interact more with product reviews. For any site which your conversion rate depends highly on previous buyers feedbacks, this Magento 2 product review extension is worth to try.

3. How Magento 2 Review Extension works

With all the above benefits, let’s check out the full features of Magento 2 Review Extension and see how it can help your business grow.

  • Enable buyers to add pros and cons for the product review in Magento 2

At the regular review section, your buyers can only write the feedbacks for the items. But with the help of Magento 2 product review extension, specific pros and cons now can be added for each review. Customers can choose the pros and cons from a list from the previous buyers. Or they can create new ones themselves. At the backend, you can manage or crate the pros and cons for the suggestion.


  • Customize multiple star rating values

The general rating only is not enough. What if they are happy with your price but not satisfied with your service? List out the most important factors of customer satisfaction after purchase. Then you can configure to get the rating for each factor at the backend.

  • Provide an overview of all product ratings with Rating Summary Graph

Once your item has various rating value for customers to judge, you need a way to smartly shows all the ratings for other buyers. And that’s how Magento 2 Review Extension does it by the product rating summary graph. Buyers can get a grasp of all rating values along with its star percentage ratio and number.


  • Buyer interaction with product reviews: voting for helpfulness and social media sharing

The real challenge is that most of your buyers don’t have time to leave feedback about your product. That’s why the voting for helpfulness feature was developed in Magento 2 Review Extension. It helps all your buyers get a chance to interact with the reviews from others.


  • Filter review by pros and cons and sorting by rating, date, and helpfulness

Your customers may get lost in tons of reviews and cannot find what they need. Don’t worry! This feature allows them to sort out product reviews in Magento 2 easily. There are 2 filter options: by pros and by cons. And the result can be shown with sort by rating, date, and helpfulness.


  • Review captcha box and report review feature to reduce spam

At the adding new review section, admins can easily enable/disable a captcha box to prevent spamming from the auto-bot. For product reviews which were already published, visitors are still able to if they find them inappropriate.


  • Allow admins to set review access restriction

At the backend of Magento 2 Product Review Extension, you are free to choose who can write feedbacks for the products among all, logged-in customers or only who buys the item. By this feature, store owners can control the quality and trustworthiness of the product review in Magento 2.

4. Conclusion

With all of its features, Magento 2 Review Extension will be a helpful tool to upgrade the reviews and rating function of your store. Moreover, you can check Magento 2 Review Reminder extension that provides a handy tool to remind customers to share product comments by automatically sending them review reminder emails.

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