[Case Study] BSS Commerce’s Journey Crafted Mojarib Survey Platforms From Concept to Reality

Mojarib, headquartered in Riyadh, is a main player in the field of Customer Experience (CX) within the Saudi Arabian market. Mojarib platform offers an extensive array of surveys designed to capture valuable customer insights, both for digital and non-digital products.

Mojarib collaborates with businesses, government agencies, and startups to achieve goals such as revenue growth and user engagement by leveraging customer feedback.

By facilitating direct engagement with specific target audiences through a diverse range of surveys, including audio and video feedback options, Mojarib ensures a profound understanding of preferences and issues related to a wide spectrum of products and services, from cutting-edge technology to everyday essentials.

While headquartered in Riyadh, Mojarib extends its services to clients not only across the Arab world but also internationally, providing invaluable support to those looking to excel in the ever-evolving regional business landscape.

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Mojarib approached to BSS Commerce team with a clear objective – to develop the comprehensive survey & product testing platform “Mojarib”, which includes both website, mobile apps, and desktop apps.

This dynamic platform is poised to revolutionize the way businesses gather customer feedback and reviews for their diverse array of products – ranging from software (websites, web apps, and mobile apps) to tangible items like mobiles, accessories, home appliances, social media accounts, and even food.

With over a decade of expertise in building websites and mobile apps for e-commerce businesses, the seasoned BSS team quickly identified and delved into client requirements. This ensured a thorough understanding, leading to optimal results and seamlessly transforming client visions into digital realities.


Our journey kicked off with an enthusiastic team dedicated to ensuring the success of this venture. Comprising a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Leader, and 3-4 Developers, the team was finely tuned to the project’s demands, with 2 Quality Controls ensuring top-notch results. Our shared commitment was to not just meet but exceed customer needs and satisfaction.

The BSS Commerce team initiated the project by closely collaborating with the clients to elicit their ideas. This collaborative process involved understanding business requirements, offering consultancy on the best development solutions, and determining the most suitable tech stack for a seamless development process.


However, the BSS Commerce team encountered its fair share of challenges while working on the project to develop the Mojarib website and applications, the leading product testing platform in Saudi Arabia. As we delved into this project, a surge of ideas erupted from both our team and the client, injecting a wave of creativity into the development of the website, mobile, and desktop applications.

However, this creative exchange also posed the challenge of harmonizing diverse concepts into a unified project plan. In addressing these challenges, we embraced a dedicated and solution-oriented approach, providing unwavering consultation not only to meet but to exceed our client’s needs. The client reciprocated with enthusiasm, willingly discussing adaptations to perfect the project.

Seven months into phase 1, as effective approaches for both development and expansion were discovered, a joint decision was made to embark on a complete rebuild of the Mojarib platform. This journey wasn’t merely about overcoming challenges; it was about co-creating success.


To streamline the project, the BSS Commerce team adopted an Agile methodology, breaking down work into sequential phases and sprints. Our technology stack for this endeavor includes:

  • Website: ReactJS
  • Desktop app: ReactJS
  • Mobile app: React Native

Currently, immersed in Phase 5, we’re actively advancing the development of the Mojarib Desktop App, and Mojarib Mobile App. Each step in this journey reflects our commitment to innovation in the dynamic landscape of product testing.


After a rigorous period of development and construction, we were delighted to announce the successful launch of the Mojarib website, desktop app, and mobile app. Our excitement went beyond providing ecommerce solutions; we learned a lot from our customers’ enthusiasm for the project and their unique approaches to building businesses.

We were eager to embark on this journey of collaboration, drawing inspiration from our customers and contributing to the success of their ventures.

Mojarib app for Windows
Mojarib app for Windows
Mojarib app for MacOS
Mojarib app for MacOS
Mojarib app for Android
Mojarib app for Android
Mojarib app for IOS
Mojarib app for IOS

Our successful collaboration with Mojarib has left a “sweet taste” of triumph in the air. As we raise a toast to this achievement, we’re eager to embark on more e-commerce adventures, hand in hand with our cherished clients. If you’re in search of a complete package – a website, desktop apps, and mobile apps – crafted to perfection, BSS Commerce is your dedicated conductor.

Feel free to TALK WITH US and discover more about our tailored Website Development Services or Magento 2 PWA Development Service, uniquely crafted to propel your business to greater heights.

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