[Case Study] Case24 – Brilliant Site Performance With Hyva Theme Development


Speed is one of the top decisive factors in the performance of a website. Do you know that:

  • 47% of the customers want a site to load in less than 2 seconds
  • 53% of the mobile users will leave the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load
  • 79% of buyers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.

Sounds serious, right? Don’t worry, with the Hyva theme, your Magento site will definitely be speedy and increase the conversion rate. Read the story of Case24 – our beloved client who trusts BSS Commerce in Hyva theme development services and see how this latest technology can help. Scroll down now to not miss out on this outstanding example!

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Wait, do you really know the Hyva Theme?

Before going deep into the case study, let us give you some basic information about the Hyva theme.

Hyvä means “good”, “desirable” and “advisable” in the Finnish language. Its name is based on the desire of the company that wants to create the best Magento products. 

Hyva theme is a new frontend for Magento 2. It was created by Willem Wigman. However, Hyva Themes requires Magento 2.4 or later, so your site has to be updated with the compatible version. 

The outstanding benefits of the Hyva theme can be listed:

  • Speed up site 
  • Increase performance
  • Reduce time and cost in maintenance
  • Save development time
  • Enhance developer experience

About Case24

Case24 is a phone case customization company. You can easily create your personal design just by uploading a photo or graphic via their case design tool. 

The mobile phone is now one of the most treasured and valuable items, as it is with you 24 hours a day. As a result, Case24 believes that smartphone cases should not be boring and dull. They must be a one-of-a-kind accessory that can define who you are. 


You can check out and have yours here: 

Pain points of business

Case24 realized that they had a slow performance with a low core vitals score. That will make them lose their stand in the market and make a good first impression on customers.

Knowing the business pain points, Case24 decided to find a trustful partner to resolve. In the past, Case24 has purchased our Magento plugins since 2020, and they felt satisfied with our service quality and support. Once again, they wanted to keep cooperating with BSS Commerce, and this time with our Hyva theme development services. 

Project overview

Case24’s Expectation

After discussing, Case24 shared with us their highest expectation for this project is fast speed. Moreover, they also expected:

  • High standard code quality
  • Helpful support
  • Easy communication
  • Proactive advice

They also want our solutions to improve Hyva theme implementation and increase performance (pagespeed), SEO and sales.

Finding that Case24 cared much about the quality of work, cost, the minimum required hours, and working methods, our experts came up with the best technical solutions and processed them to meet their requirements.

Project’s Challenge

The site of Case24 is quite challenging. After auditing, we found out that core code, the old theme code, and customization code were directly worked on and customized that have not met the coding standard of Magento. So, we had to take more time to refactor the code to bring the site code into the integrity status. 

Moreover, at that time, the Hyva theme was quite new. But with the spirit of our core value: face the challenge and get fervor on research, the BSS team has learned on the job and caught up with the new Hyva theme set up during the project. 

What are BSS Commerce’s Solutions?

Based on the requirements of the Case24 team, BSS Commerce has given suitable solutions to resolve the bottlenecks. 

  • Set up Hyva theme in the brand new blank site
  • Not every module on the market is compatible with the Hyva theme. We need to customize to make all the modules used on the new site workable.
  • Customize frontend and modules’ functions of the new Hyva website, following the desired functions and features from the former live site. 
  • Pay attention to and enhance the security and performance of the client at the same time


After 4 – 6 months of resolving the site’s issues and developing the project, the results are completely deserved. The GTMetrix grade of Case24’s site is from D to A. Site is fully loaded in less than 2 seconds. We have made a total change in both mobile and desktop performance of the client’s site into a whole new chapter. Take a look at the results of Case24 in these bunch of pictures below.

Mobile performance
Desktop performance

Test with PageSpeed Insights


Product listing page
Product page

Test site with GTMetrix


With the mission to deliver optimized and secured eCommerce websites to meet every client’s requirements, the satisfaction of our beloved customers is priceless. Each feedback or testimonial will give us the power to put more effort into the way to become a trusted solution provider on a global scale.  

When we asked for experience when working with BSS on this project, Philip Donker – the owner of Case24 has spent their valuable time sharing:

 “ I’m very happy with the working method. Requests are managed timely by the project manager and tested properly by the tester.”

“BSS has proven to be a reliable development partner for our Magento projects. With their help, we have managed to improve the performance significantly in a short time”.

There are no words to show our gratitude for the belief in choosing BSS as a partner in this journey. We will always thrive to become better in the future.

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Interested in being the next successful project with the Hyva theme?

Hyva theme is now known as a future solution for Magento’s site to speed up the site, increase conversion rates, sales and ensure a seamless user experience. Don’t wanna be left behind or have problems with a low-speed site, BSS Commerce is here to be with you.


With 9+ years of experience in the Magento platform, our company has been growing in the eCommerce industry and is certified as Adobe Bronze Solution Partner. If you want to find a dedicated partner, contact our experts, and we are more than happy to support you from the first step of the journey.


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