EU Cookie Law Compliance What is a solution for Magento websites

EU Cookie Law Compliance: What is a solution for Magento websites?

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Did you notice that the EU Cookie law has now implemented? If yes, have you had any idea about making your site match this law? In this article, I’ll explain in details some terms related to the cookie, cookie law and suggest a solution for Magento site owners to configure their stores that are best in compliance with the new EU Cookie law.

First and foremost, what are Cookies?

Cookies are modest data files stored on a user’s computer. A cookie is created when users get access on a website. Specifically, once users access on a site, their usernames, passwords, options, etc. are saved in their browsers. When getting on a site with the cookie, the website will automatically send to users’ computer the cookie.

Who uses cookies?

Almost all websites have cookies. For large-size database websites, with many customers, and many functions related to registration, they are even more popular.

Why uses Cookies?

Cookies play an essential part in websites. It is not only an effective means for customer behavior analytics but also helps memorize visitors’ preferences. Besides, cookies support management of shopping carts and delivery of the advertisement.

Now, let’s talk about EU cookie law. It is official legislation released by EU requiring websites to get consent from visitors before storing or retrieving any information. The purpose of this law is to preserve users’ privacy when it lets them aware of how websites collect their personal information and give them the right to allow the cookies or not.

How can we make our site compliant with EU Cookie law?

For a website to get compliance with EU Cookie law, the website must

  • Show visitors information about the cookies the site uses, and the purpose of cookies should also be made clear
  • Ask users’ consent to use those cookies.
  • Create a structure for visitors to withdraw consent, as well as to prevent further use of cookies if they wish to do so.

The simplest solution to get websites fully compliant with EU cookie law is to use an EU Cookie Law Compliance extension. With Magento 2 websites, BSS Commerce developed Magento 2 Cookie Notice extension which allows you to quickly edit and show a notification about the cookie, especially it is configured easily does not require much technical knowledge. Check this extension now!

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