Configure Magento 2 Product Options – No Extension Needed

Here’s how you configure Magento 2 product options without using any third-party extension!

It has been proven that selling product options can help increase the revenue of your Magento store significantly.

Nowadays, shoppers always expect to see all possible product options (size, colors, material, etc.) before making a purchasing decision. And the best way to meet their demands is to use the product custom options feature.

However, we still receive some questions about how to create product custom options in Magento 2.

Therefore, we wrote this article as a complete instruction to help you take advantage of Magento 2 product custom options.

Here’s we go!

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What Are Magento 2 Product Options?

Magento 2 Product Options

Magento 2 Product Options is a default feature of Magento 2 that allows store owners to add new custom options to simple products.

A simple product is the most basic product type in Magento store, which is a standalone item that is sold individually or as a part of complex entities (such as configurable products, grouped products or bundles).

Product Custom Options is also enabled to apply with downloadable and virtual products.

By configuring custom options, you can make your simple products more flexible and diverse. 

5 Steps To Create Magento 2 Product Options

You can configure Magento 2 Product Options in the store backend.

Step 1: Navigate to Catalog > Products 

Then you choose the product that you want to configure customizable options for.

Note that you can’t create custom options for simple products that are a part of the configurable product.

Magento 2 Products

Step 2: Scroll down to the Customizable Options section, then click Add Option

  • Name the new custom option in the Option Title
  • Choose the custom option type
  • Check if you want this new custom option to be Required

Option types

You can select the most suitable type for each custom option, depending on your purpose.

There are four types to choose from:

  • ‘Text’ (field or area): This type allows customers to write their requested product variations. 
  • ‘File’: This type allows customers to upload files. You can set which kind of file extensions and image dimensions they can upload.
  • ‘Select’: This type displays an option selection from in the dropdown, radio buttons, checkbox or multi-select. 
  • ‘Date’: This type allows customers to specify the day or time-related options to a product.

Step 3: Set the Option Values

  • Set a Title to the value.
  • Set the Price and Price Type.

Price type

There are two options of price type:

  • Fixed option: It means the price of the product variation will differ from the base product’s price by a fixed amount
  • Percentage option: It means the price of the product variation will differ from the base product’s price correspondingly by percentage.

Magento 2 Products Customizable Options

Step 4: Set the SKU value

You can set the SKU for each Magento 2 product option that will be added to the product SKU as a suffix.

Step 5: Save and check the storefront

After you are done, click Save.

Then you can check the Magento 2 product option on the storefront.

You can also see the product custom options right under the product name in the Shopping Cart.

The Better Solution For Magento 2 Product Options

Even though you can add custom options to your product in the default Magento 2, there are still some limitations of this basic feature:

  • You can only add product options that the default setting support
  • You can’t create a custom options template to apply to multiple products at once

Fortunately, you can overcome those limitations by using a Magento 2 Product Options extension.

And if you are considering this solution, we strongly recommend Magento 2 Custom Option Template by BSS.

Magento 2 Custom Option Template BSS
Magento 2 Custom Option Template by BSS

This module definitely can optimize the product custom options feature in your Magento store!

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In this article, we have shown you complete instructions to create Magento 2 product options and a better solution to take advantage of that feature.

We hope this is helpful and good luck to you!

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