How To Enable Magento Out Of Stock Notification In Your Store

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In this article, we will show you the simplest way to enable Magento Out Of Stock Notification in your store to recover lost sales. 

There will be times that you can fully meet the customers’ demand for certain products. However, customers won’t sympathize with your store. They will feel frustrated and dissatisfied, and eventually, it will hurt your relationship with the customers.

To ease the customers’ disappointment, you can consider a solution to allow your customer to get notified right when the product is back-to-stock so they can purchase it immediately.

The solution that I want to suggest here is the Magento Out Of Stock Notification feature. Believe me! It is one of the best solutions to satisfy your customers when a stock-out issue happens.

However, many store owners haven’t known how to enable this beneficial feature in their stores.

So here is a comprehensive guide to enabling Magento Out Of Stock Notification quickly and easily.

Let’s explore!

Why Do You Need The Magento Out Of Stock Notification Function?


Here are some major benefits of Magento Out Of Stock Notification:

Improve customer experience

The customer will feel very frustrated when they recognize the item they want to purchase is unavailable in your store. 

To ease this disappointment, the assurance to customers that they can keep updated with the item’s latest news will be ideal for keeping them from buying from your competitors.

Thereby, instead of losing customers, you can contact them via their email address. The Magento Out Of Stock Notification feature partly has the same meaning as the Abandoned Cart Email function. Both keep customers informed of their uncompleted purchases.

Professional process

Placing a message asking for their email to subscribe for the stock alert right under the out-of-stock status on the product page is an ideal way to catch the customer’s attention.

So, instead of redirecting to another page, the customer sees the chance to register to get notifications directly on the current page.

The simple and comfortable registration procedure will definitely satisfy your customers. 

This is also a great chance for you to collect visitors’ contact for future marketing purposes like an email marketing campaign.

Inform customers instantly

The out-of-stock notification function allows the store owner to send stock alert emails automatically.

The emails will be sent immediately after you restock the products, and you don’t need to take any extra steps. This will save a lot of time and make your work more effective.

Find out more about the benefits of the Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock function.

The Best Magento Out Of Stock Notification Extension

The default Magento 2 does support the ability to utilize Magento out-of-stock notification. However, it still lacks the flexibility to provide your customers with a seamless experience.

Thus, we highly recommend you install the BSS Magento Out Of Stock Notification extension, an innovative solution for back-in-stock alerts.


This extension is developed by BSS, the third-party Magento extension provider that is named Adobe Bronze Solution Partner. Thus, it is guaranteed the module is very high-quality.

It is a very effective tool to enable stock alert email.

First of all, it allows you to display the “Notify Me” button for your out-of-stock products to catch the customer’s attention easily. It helps you to avoid losing potential customers and increase sales. And it is the best way to build up a relationship with your customers.

It allows you to display the “Notify Me” button on the category page and the search result page. When the customer clicks the button, they will be redirected to the product page.

In addition, this extension by BSS allows you to enable stock alerts for any customer group. While the default Magento only allows login customers to receive stock alerts, you can miss many potential customers. 

But with the help of BSS Magento Out Of Stock Notification extension, you can enable it for not-logged-in customers or guests. This is helpful to turn visitors into customers and enhances the user’s experience, which ultimately boosts the conversion rate.

And the module supports managing customer subscriptions effectively. You can manage your customers’ subscribed information in a grid, and you can edit customers’ information in the grid.

Lastly, it provides a very special feature – the Product Subscription Tab. On the Customer Account Page, your customers can check information of products they have subscribed to and choose to stop getting notifications of a product and all products.

Note that the Product Subscription Tab function is only available to logged-in customers.

INSTALL NOW: Magento Out Of Stock Notification by BSS!

Full list of features:

  • Enable stock update notification for guests or not-logged-in customers
  • Automatically send email to notify that the product is back in stock
  • Manage stock subscription on the Customer Account Page
  • Support product stock alert on many pages (Product Page, Category Page, Search Result Page)
  • Support stock alert for children product of the configurable product, grouped product and bundle product

How To Configure Magento Out Of Stock Notification

Now, we will show you how to configure the BSS Magento Out Of Stock Notification extension and all its amazing features.

General configuration

In the backend, go to Stores > Configuration > BSSCommerce > Out of Stock Notification > Product Alerts section.

product alerts

In Enable, choose Yes to enable the module or No to disable it.

In Allow Product Subscription for, select the group to apply out of stock notification. You can enable this function for the customer group you want (general, not logged in, wholesale, retailer).

In Send Notification Based on Available Number of Product, enable sending notification email according to the number of items in stock by choosing Yes.

By enabling this function, it means if there are 40 people who sign up for the out-of-stock notification for a product, but when it’s back in stock, there are only 25 items available. Then the module will only send product alerts to the first 25 people, and the remaining 15 people will be put on the waiting list.

In Notification Message, enter a message to guide customers to fill in the email field. The simple and classic is “Please enter your email to subscribe for our stock alert.” However, you can be creative and write a message that shows your brand’s personality, too.

In Stop Notification Message, enter a message to guide your customers on how to stop getting notifications from the product. In case you leave this field unfilled, the module will display the default message.

In Limit Email Send per Customer, set up to restrict the number of back-in-stock emails sent to each user in case the product is back in stock many times.

By enabling this function, it means if you set the limit number of emails sent per customer is 2. When a user subscribes to receive back-in-stock notification, the maximum number of emails you can send to the user is 2. Even if you restock the product many times (more than 2), you only send them 2 emails.

In Send Mail When Quantity, set up to only send email to the customer when product quantity reaches a certain quantity.


In Stock Alert Email Template, choose the template of the stock alert email.

In Alert Email Sender, choose the sender of the stock alert email.

Customize the notify button design

Next, to customize the Notify Button button, scroll down to the Notify Button Design section.


There will be 4 fields to customize the button:

  • Notify Button Text: edit the text within the notify button.
  • Stop Notify Button Text: edit the text within the stop notify button.
  • Button Text Color: edit text color.
  • Button Color: edit button color.


This article has guided you to learn more about the Magento Out Of Stock Notification and how to configure it. This feature is one of the effective ways to optimize conversion rates and increase store sales.

We also introduce you to the BSS Magento Out Of Stock Notification extension, a high-quality extension to alert your customers about back-in-stock products.

With the help of this extension, your customers will be well-notified of your restock status and have another chance to buy what they want.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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