how to activate special price countdown in magento 2

How to Activate Special Price Countdown Timer in Magento 2

by Van Nguyen

The countdown timer is an interesting form of Call To Action you can make use of when planning an online promotion. Magento 2 countdown creates the urge for shoppers to take a look at the discount and buy the item before the time runs out. BSSCommerce gladly introduces Magento 2 Special Price Countdown extension to enable the countdown clock for the products with special price and catalog price rule.

Does Magento 2 Default Have Special Price Countdown Function?

Special price and catalog price rule are already supported by default to run a promotion on site. However, the countdown timer is absolutely out of the question, because you need to apply an extension to solve this request.

The Fastest Solution to Activate the Special Price Countdown Timer in Magento 2


Magento 2 Special Price Countdown Timer extension by BSSCommerce is the exact solution you to insert the countdown clock on both product page and catalog page within few simple configurations.


By enabling this extension, you can display Start Countdown timer to notify customers of the discount in advance and End Countdown timer to urge them to make the purchasing decision.

How Does Magento 2 Special Price Countdown Timer extension Work?

Experience the countdown timer here:


Create 2 types of countdown timers and display on Product Page, Catalog Page and Home Page

magento 2 countdown timer on catalog page

Show Magento 2 End Countdown on catalog page

As explained above, each type of Magento 2 special price countdown timer is used for different purpose.

Example: Today is June 10. You set the special price of products from June 13 to June 15.

  • The Start Countdown will be displayed: “Only 3 days (June 10 – June 13) until the promotion starts”.
  • The End Countdown will be displayed: “Only 2 days (June 13 – June 15) until the promotion ends”.


General config of Magento 2 Special Price Countdown extension

General config of Magento 2 Special Price Countdown extension

Magento 2 Special Price Countdown extension support 3 styles of countdown timers: Default, Frame, and Square. You can even set up different styles of countdown clock and countdown messages for Product Page and Catalog Page separately. Each component of the countdown clock can be customized: text, color, font size, and style.

Besides, you can schedule when to display the Magento 2 countdown timer, for example display the countdown clock 1 day in advance.

Include promotion message and promotion discount

This is a unique feature only be found in BSSCommerce Magento 2 Special Price Countdown extension.

Magento 2 countdown timer is enabled on product page

Magento 2 countdown timer is enabled on product page

Look at the example above:

  • The promotion message is: “BUY NOW SAVE UP TO $4.5”.
  • The promotion discount is “Discount for you 10%”.

You can change the text, color and font size of each thing. The special thing is that the value $4.5 and 10% is calculated automatically based on the special price rule or catalog price rule you set in the backend.

Show an SEO-friendly promotion page consisting of all discounted items

The promotion page works exactly as its name indicated. It contains all products on sale and customers can easily find this unique page right on the header of your website. Magento 2 Special Price Countdown supports basic SEO function for this page (title, meta title, meta keyword, meta description, URL key).

Support SEO for Magento 2 promotion page

Support SEO for promotion page

Insert widgets to display 3 types of countdown timers on any position of any page

You can create a new widget with 3 types supported by the extension: Countdown Clock widget, Start Countdown widget, and End Countdown widget.

Insert widget for Magento 2 countdown

Insert widget for Magento 2 countdown


BSSCommerce Special Price Countdown extension for Magento 2 is the ideal tool to run a promotion for your website. We can proudly state that this countdown extension is the best quality and most reasonable price on the current Magento marketplace. Some unique features only BSSCommerce extension possesses, such as widget support, promotion page, and auto-updated discount value with only $59.00 for Community Edition. FREE Installation | FREE Update | FREE 1-Year Support.

magento 2 special price countdown extension banner


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