How to Create Grouped Product in Magento 2

How To Create Grouped Products In Magento 2

Create Grouped Products Magento 2 is an amazing work for a product presenting multiple items for order on a single page. Normally, each product in the group can be bought individually, but when using grouped products, you can sell multiple items as a whole. For instance, you sell futon chairs, sofas, and coffee tables. You can either sell them separately or as a set of furniture for living rooms. When you display them as a group, you augment your chance of selling all of them.

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What Is Grouped Products In Magento 2?

A grouped product is a collection of simple products that are related to one another and grouped together to maximize the likelihood of customers purchasing further items. Each individual product in a group can be purchased independently or as part of a larger group. The components of a grouped product are listed as individual products in the shopping basket, but they are sold together.

In Magento 2, there are situations when users don’t comprehend the distinction between grouped and bundle products. But it’s actually quite simple. Customers who purchase a bundle product can select from a variety of product possibilities, and customers who purchase grouped products can add or remove product pieces as needed.

Way To Create Grouped Products In Magento 2

The following instructions will help you create Grouped Product Magento 2 step by step.

Step 1: Login to the backend, then select Products ⇒ Catalog.

Step 2: Click on the triangle in Add Product tab and select Grouped Product in a dropdown list.

magento group product-choose grouped product

Step 3: Fill in the information for this grouped product.

magento group product-grouped product information

Step 4: Add associated products to a group of products in Magento.

On tab Grouped Products, choose Add Products to Group button to add simple products to this grouped product Magento 2.

magento group product-add products to group

Step 5: Select simple products you want, then add them to a group product in Magento.

group products in Magento-add simple product to grouped product

Then the group product Magento 2 will be like this:

group product Magento 2-grouped product with custom option

Step 6: Upload images for this grouped product in Magento.

grouped product in Magento-upload image for grouped product

Step 7: Save.

After that, go to the frontend, here is your Grouped Product Magento 2:

Grouped Product Magento 2-grouped product street set for men

Unfortunately, as we said above, default Magento only allows adding simple products without custom options to Magento 2 grouped products, so that is one of the drawbacks of this product type. However, do not worry when you can now add custom options for a grouped product with our extension.

Besides, if you want to show attributes of simple products as a list/grid view on the grouped product page, let’s check other extensions by BSS Group.

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Let’s give it a try!


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