How to Mass Update & Bulk Edit Product Pages

Magento 2 Tutorial: How to Mass Update & Bulk Edit Product Pages

by Summer

What is the most fundamental function of a product page? It is displaying entirely necessary information about a product, which encourages customers to make a shopping decision.

The customer journey takes place between the amount of data supplied by a store. Do you know that this data affects it in a straight line?

For example, prices can interest customers or make them hesitate to buy; quantities and stock status can impact their actions in different ways. It means that the product page must ensure to show:

  • Exact information
  • The information is updated 

To follow those criteria, editing and customizing product pages are considered one of the most significant tasks from the backend for any online merchant. 

I. Default Product Edit Features of Magento 

Usually, editing and modifying a specific product page request you go to the edit page of that product. It doesn’t matter with a small change but will become complicated and time-consuming when you need to modify a bunch of products. 

default features of magento

That is such a limitation of default Magento which takes away valuable time and may affect your business. 

For that reason, BSS Commerce has developed a practical solution with the hope of improving the productivity of merchants from the backend that is called Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products (Magento 2 Bulk product Update).

Don’t hesitate to have a look for more details, and you will immediately want it. 

II. Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products – A Beneficial Solution 

Magento 2 Bulk Product Update

GO TO PRODUCT PAGE >>> Magento 2 Enhanced Product Grid for Bulk Edit extension.

Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products was launched by BSS Commerce, is one of the best Magento 2 product improvement extensions. This Enhanced Admin Product Grid Magento 2 allows performing the main functionality to allow store owners to update product information right in the grid without accessing Magento 2 product edit page.

Developed by experienced developers aiming at all store owners, it is a beneficial module for both retail and wholesale stores because managing catalog information is not only a vital task of any type. 

By having the Enhanced Admin Product Grid Magento 2 extension, you’ll make significant improvements for your business. 

III. 2 Reasons Why You Should Have Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products

1. For store owners

Firstly, Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products, also known as Magento 2 Bulk Product Update, extends the default product grid functionalities. Instead of navigating a Magento 2 customize product page (product edit page) as usual, using editable cells makes it speedier than ever to change item information.

Secondly, the fewer steps you have to take, the more time you can save to optimize management efficiency with the backend. You can spend this amount of time tracking what changes happen to your stores that affect the number of goods and the process of orders. After that, you to move to the next appropriate actions timely.  

Don’t be afraid if you have just started your online store and got no experience in Magento or working with the backend. The module is very simple to understand which takes you only a short time to master with ease.  

Save time with Magento 2 Bulk Product Update

2. For developers

Developers who are seeking appropriate solutions to solve the problems of store owners can consider Magento 2 Bulk Product Update as a good option.

With the availability of this module, they no longer have to do complicated coding tasks within hours.  Its outstanding features at a reasonable price will surely satisfy store owners and worth their money.   

According to these above benefits to both store owners and customers, the “Magento 2 Bulk Product Update” functionality deserves to be integrated into the backend of any stores.

Magento 2 Bulk Product Update

IV. 5+ Features of Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products by BSS Commerce

Keep reading the blog to explore how Magento 2 Mass Product Update works and benefits store owners through 5 highlighted features summarised by us.      

1. Edit product attributes directly on Magento 2 enhanced product grid

The first key feature that must be mentioned is what its name told. By default, when clicking everywhere at a line of Magento 2 enhanced product grid, you will immediately access a product edit page.

By installing Magento 2 Bulk Product Update, store owners only have to click at editable cells to directly update product attribute values such as name, SKU, price, quantity, and so on.

Information after being changed does not take any time to reload. Just define a cell that you need to correct, then save the new value. The task used to occupy hours now can be completed in minutes.


2. Support 7 editable attributes input types  

It will be a shortage if only one or two attribute input types are editable inline. For that reason, Magento 2 Bulk Product Update by BSS Commerce has been developed to support seven attribute input types including Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Drop-down, and Price. 

Therefore, store owners can make the best use of inline-edit functionality to modify expected attributes. According to your need, you can easily custom which input types will be editable in the grid by a multiple select form. 

This flexibility is necessary since each attribute has different input types attached to them and the admin can not completely freely choose whatever. In addition, any attributes need to be updated like Name, SKU, Status, Date. The module aims to make it possible without any hassle. 

Enhanced Admin Product Grid Magento 2 -7 editable input types

3. Edit product attribute value in a single cell

In case you need to modify just one cell of a product, you can set up the “Yes” value for the “Edit Single Cell” config. After configuring this, just click on the cell to show an editable box and then update the value. This action will not show all editable boxes in the product grid which gives you a more focused look. 

This function of “Magento 2 admin grid inline edit” also helps you to avoid unexpected mistakes if you, unfortunately, click at other cells then delete a character of a text value or change chosen options in a drop-down because the others are all locked when you have selected a cell.

Remember that in the advanced product grid of Magento 2 Bulk Product Update, you are still capable of freely arranging the order of attribute columns so that they are organized logically then you can follow with ease.

How can you do that? Don’t forget the drag-and-drop function whenever you want to replace its position. 

Edit in a single cell - Magento 2 advanced product grid

4. Customize attributes for multiple products

One more dominant feature of Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products is to support customizing attributes for multiple products once you choose “Yes” value at “Edit Multiple Rows” config.

Let’s imagine a considerable amount of time that you spend repeating the same actions for every product. Now it can be shortened thanks to this functionality. Not only save time effectively, but it also helps to reduce mistakes or omissions while you are editing several products.

As a result, you can ultimately make your business go smoothly.   

Please note that once you set up the “Yes” value for the “Edit Single Cell” config, you can not edit multiple products. The setting allows editing only one cell at a time. To make “Edit Multiple Rows” functionality work, let’s switch this config (Edit Single Cell) to “No.”

customize attributes for multiple products

5. Edit various product types at once

No matter how many different types of products you select, you are still capable of editing all of them simultaneously as long as they all have the same attributes that need to make changes. 

Just click on checkboxes of those products in Magento 2 enhanced product grid, correct an attribute and save the new value. This attribute cell of selected products then changes into the same value right away.

Now you can confidently say goodbye to the complexity of selling multiple product types thanks to Magento 2 Bulk Product Update. 

edit various product types at once

Related Extensions are Highly-Recommended

After a period of research and development, BSS Commerce has figured out practical problems that can be solved by advancing the admin product grid. For that reason, we’ve come up with quality Magento extensions to help store owners optimize administration tasks. 

Here are highly-recommended extensions to advance the product grid.

Admin Grid with Category for Magento 2 allows store owners to expand the product grid with the Category and Category ID column. Product management will become more comfortable and take less time thanks to clickable Category name and ID, which directly take you to the category edit page. 

admin product grid with category

Admin Product Preview Plus Extension is available with two versions for Magento 1 and Magento 2. This module makes it possible to preview a product page in the frontend instantly by clicking the preview button. It also supports direct access to customer information in the backend and, as a result, saves time effectively. 

admin product preview plus

Notably, we have a special deal for store owners who purchase Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products, Admin Grid with Category, and  Admin Product Preview Plus together. You can not only get helpful tools installed in your store but also benefit from an adorable discount.


Understanding the practical desires of the community who spend most of their time working with the Magento backend, Magento 2 Bulk Edit Products by BSS Commerce brings our hope to work out the best solution breaking drawbacks of the default system.

Editable cells of the Magento 2 enhanced product grid can push updating product information tasks speedy, enhance performances of the admin and obviously build up a significant foundation to boost sales in the long run.

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