The Best Solution To Improve Magento Search Results For Your Business!

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Did you know that to improve Magento search results is crucial as it can boost sales significantly?

Magento is one of the most robust eCommerce platforms with many amazing features. However, it’s such a shame that its built-in search function is so sub-par.

Searching in Magento stores may be very frustrating for website visitors. It could show tons of irrelevant items or couldn’t find anything because of typos in the keyword. That’s why in many businesses, the traffic is excellent, but the conversion rate is still lower than expected.

Thus, optimizing the Magento search can enhance customer experience and boost sales in your store.

And in this article, we will show you the best solution to improve Magento search results immediately.

Let’s explore!

Important Stats Of Magento Search

First of all, you need to check out these data:

As you can see, a poor search experience scares away your potential customers. Thus, providing your customers with flexible Magento searches can improve your revenue.

Magento Built-In Search Function


Magento has 2 built-in search options: MySQL and Elasticsearch.

MySQL is a very poor option as it has many drawbacks. For example, it can deal only with exact matches, doesn’t support search by synonyms and can’t take attribute weights into account.

In return, Elasticsearch is faster and more flexible in tweaking terms. 

Thus, we strongly recommend using Elasticsearch to improve Magento search relevance.

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However, Elasticsearch isn’t good enough to optimize Magento search. For example, it can’t recognize incorrect queries, sometimes need a long time to show search results and doesn’t support customized data display.

The Best Solution To Improve Magento Search Results

Even though they had upgraded it, the default Magento search still lacks the advanced functionality to provide your customers a seamless search experience truly.

There are several main areas to improve Magento search:

  • Relevant results: Relevance of search results is vital. Shoppers should find the items they want to purchase when searching your site, or else they will look elsewhere. 
  • Tolerance of misspellings: It is very common for people to misspell when searching for items. By understanding typos and misspellings, you can improve user experience and retain the shopper on your site
  • Use of labels or synonyms: You should add synonyms for search queries so that customers can see terms commonly used across the catalog. 
  • Auto-complete/suggest: This function is a must to save time for shoppers.
  • Search speed: Customers tend to leave the site if they have to wait for the search results too long, so make sure your search results show as fast as possible.

So here we want to introduce you to the best solution to improve Magento search results:

Magento Advanced Search And Fast Autocomplete by BSS

magento advanced search and fast autocomplete by bss

This module is everything you need to solve all Magento search issues.

First of all, it enables your customers to find products quickly by narrowing down the search, as in the photo below.

improve magento search results

It also supports auto-suggesting and searching for products by name, SKU, Description, or Short description.

And most importantly, it will show the search results at rocket speed immediately after the customers type the keyword.

Full list of features:

  • Enable to search products by name, SKU, short description, or description
  • Automatic keyword suggestion
  • Immediately show search results in the shortest time
  • Display information of related products in specific categories
  • Easily set up the priority of product attributes when displaying searching results

Bonus: How To Optimize Magento SEO?

Optimizing Magento search can help you boost sales, yes. But the more important thing is to drive huge traffic to your website. After all, the best user experience is still meaningless if there isn’t any user visiting your store.

Hence, you need to optimize SEO in your store so potential customers can find you easily.

And there are many ways to optimize SEO, you can find them all in our article below.

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However, in this blog, we will introduce you to the best tool to fully optimize your SEO:

Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSS

magento 2 SEO bss

This module covers all SEO functions to boost up your rankings with just some simple settings (Rich Snippet, Advanced Breadcrumbs, HTML and XML Sitemap, Robot Meta Tag, Hreflang tag, Canonical tags, 301 redirects, Meta Tag Template, ALT Tags, External Links).

It also displays your SEO results in a toolbar right in the frontend of each page to help you quickly address any SEO issue that needs to be improved. 

Moreover, when you purchase this extension, BSS Commerce will give you a free SEO Audit service to help you better track your SEO performance.


The Magento 2 improve search issue is a common problem many Magento store owners face. And in this article, we have shown you the best solution to improve Magento search results in your store.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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