Infinite Scroll and Lazy Load in Magento 2

Infinite Scroll and Lazy Load in Magento 2

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What is Lazy Load?

Lazy Loading will defer loading of web content until customers scroll down or near them instead of loading all at once to speed-up loading.

For instance, on a page with giant data and images, so admin often set that images will be currently invisible and will be loaded till customers scroll the page down.

lazy load

What is Infinite Scroll?

Infinite Scroll, also known as Ajax Scroll, is the technique used widely for websites loading huge contents. Infinite scrolling refers to load new content only when the end of the page is reached. This technique has proven its success in many popular social media site, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

infinite scroll

Advantages/Disadvantages of Lazy Load and Infinite Scroll in Magento 

However, we need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of 2 these technique before deciding whether to install.


– For Infinite Scroll

+ Better user experience: visiting a site containing huge content without finishing line will bring better user experience, like Facebook or Twitter, this will prolong user scrolling experience.

+ Better user engagement: Businesses see higher customer retention as the content is continuously fed to the user, reducing the chances the user will leave the website.

+ Great convenience and efficiency: Infinite Scroll offers more efficiency and convenience than clicking to read new content.

Click here to have an overview of Infinite Scroll.

– For Lazy Load:

+ Strike a balance between optimizing content delivery and streamlining the end user’s experience.

+ Customers can quickly connect to content since only a portion of the website needs to be loaded when a user start opening it.

+ Resource costs are lower as the content is only delivered when users need it than all are loaded at once.

If your content relies heavily on images, then it’s worth investing in an image loading solution because the more images you have, the slower the site loads and utilizes more bandwidth.


– For Infinite Scroll:

+ No footer – possible frustration in reaching an end point.

+ Difficulty in bookmarking item location.

+ The distraction of non-exclusive data.

Check this blog to find more about drawbacks of Infinite Scroll.

– For Lazy Load:

+ A common pitfall of Lazy Load is its impact on SEO. However, you no longer face the problem that search bots cannot index lazy load images. The reason is that Google, Yahoo, Bing,.. (search engine tools) have updated render JavaScript function. Therefore, lazy load images are still indexed by Google.

-+ Contextless Content: Lazy Load makes the scrollbar become meaningless. If a user is looking at a product grid that gives them a sense of how many unseen options still await them. If you use Lazy Load, the position of scrollbar will be changed every time you load more content.

However, Infinite Scroll and Lazy Load are still a useful technique for your site to speed up your site speed of loading. If you are afraid of their drawbacks, do not worry, we provide several solutions for you: using extension Infinite Scroll and Lazy Image Loader for Magento 2.

Both extensions can fulfill your needs without any trouble. Let’s check it out for amazing features.

– Lazy Load for Magento 2: Besides deferring JavaScript loading to reduce loading time and speed up Magento 2 websites, Magento 2 Lazy Load extension serving Magento 2 based website not only creates eye-catching image emerging transition but also optimizes Magento 2 site speed.


– Infinite Scroll for Magento 2: combines two methods of loading the next page of products list: automatically with Ajax and manually by Load More button, accompanying with Back to the Top button and lazy loading image. Moreover, this module is integrated with Lazy Load for Magento 2. Hence, the extension deserves to be a must-have extension.


– Stackoverflow


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