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Intersections of Magento Tutorial for Developers

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Knock on Magento’s world

You have knocked several times on Magento’s door wondering which world is going to open behind that huge gateway but there replies just the sound of silence.  No more waiting, you are about to screw the door knob and take on a lonesome journey, similarly to how you used to since you are developers. Wait! You should not be alone and do not have to. Take a refreshing breath, open your hands: do you see a map of sources of learning Magento from scratch suddenly laying to yours? Yes, grab it, you are going to find true directions to master Magento world in this article.

Before anything

Magento developer team has already built up some official documentation “maps” for you; it is essentially important to keep them as accompanied handbooks with you along the journey, sooner or later you will look for them.

The newest version of Magento will be Magento 2.3 Beta (Open Source, Commerce, Core Bundle Extention CBE) is going to be released soon. The oldest version in use is Magento 1.X.

Official Magento document

1. Magento User Guide:

Whether reasons you take up Magento are to rescue “your clients” with their stores or because you are a wolf to discover this open source ecommerce platform, this document provides you an overview of Magento’s default functions for a newbie; step-by-step instructions, comprehensive explanation, visible screenshots, etc. for those already have experience using the platform. It is available through any version of Magento Commerce.

Magento Commerce 2.2 User Guide
Magento Commerce 2.2 B2B User Guide
Magento Commerce 2.1 User Guide
Magento Commerce 2.0 User Guide
Magento Commerce 1.X User Guide
Magento Open Source 2.2 User Guide
Magento Open Source 2.1 User Guide
Magento Open Source 2.0 User Guide
Magento Open Source 1.X User Guide
2. Magento Dev Docs:

This is considered the “answers” for almost any possible matters a developer may need to know in order to understand Magento’s possibilities as well as to build Magento stores. Short, clear and technical – oriented.  A search box is at the front of the page to give you result in specific terms.

Magento 2.3 Beta DevDocs

Magento 2.2 DevDocs

Magento 2.1 DevDocs

Magento 2.0 DevDocs 

Magento 1.X DevDocs


There is also release information to keep up with changes (of ver2.0 and above):

Release Notes

Backward Incompatible Changes


It is compiled to help you through so on:

  •  Magento 2
Set up Backend Development Frontend Development
  •  Magento 1

System requirements

Release documentation, Installation & Update CE1.8 EE1.13; CE1.9 EE1.14

Magento for Developers (8 series) written by Allan Storm

Introduction Config Magento Controller Dispatch Layout, Block & Templates Magento models and ORM basics Magento Setup Resources Advances ORM: Entity Attribute Value Varien Data Collections

And other “how-to” in terms of individual instruction post

3. Videos

You can find an official training Magento video channel for both merchants and developers here

Ahead to Magento-ers community

It is undoubtedly that time-consuming and non-targeted are the biggest disadvantages of documentation for dev, there is a community already in Magento world. You might value various practical experiences from Magento-ers, whose posts quicken your resolution process.

1. Forums

  • Magento forum is a channel equipping you abundant resources about tips, tricks, “how-to” and support in a quick shot. It is an official community for Magento announcement, also, though there are not too crowded recently.
learn Magento in official forum for dev

Magento official forum

  • Github is a Git-repository hosting service of more than 40,1 million users. Type Magento/ Magento 2 topic to navigate to discussion, guidance, repositories for specific matter.
Learn Magento for dev in forum

GitHub forum

2. Blogs on Magento for dev

There are key-opinion-bloggers for developers to learn on Magento. Who are they?

Pulse Storm Posts

Learning Magento with Commerce Bug

Magento for PHP MVC Developers

The Magento API

Magento Projects

The Magento 2 Object System

Magento Pulse Storm Launcher

The Magento Config, Revisited

In Depth Magento Dispatch

Magento Javascript Code

Posts Inspired by Magento Imagine


  • Alan Kent – a 2009 kicked off blog on various technical subjects. Mr. Alan masters in Computer Science and used to be an Architecture for Magento Commerce for approximately 2 yrs (cited from his Linkedin profile). 108 articles tagged with Magento may provide his useful insights about Magento for developers, but unfortunately, the series stops in 2017. See are some useful posts that you may have interest in:


Magento Installation Process Thoughts

Reducing Magento 2 Install Pain through Virtualization

              Magento 2 Development with Windows and Vagrant

Vagrant vs Docker for Development?


Magento 2 Caching Overview

Simulating Cache Hit Rates

        Fastly and Magento (cache)

Migration & site plans

Magento 1 to 2 Migration Tool Plans

Magento and Content Management (WordPress)

CSS, PHP & others

CSS and Tooling in Magento 2 (Quick Note)

Improving PHP Support for Dependency Injection

Creating a Magento 2 Composer Module

You can also find out more Bloggers on Magento dev blog. There are informative and solution-oriented blogs composed by

commercial companies such as:


Inchoo Blog

Magenticians Blog

BelVG Blog

Magestore Blog

Aheadworks Magento Blog

Mageworx Magento Blog

3. Contributed videos

Tutorial videos are almost out-of-date since Magento keeps releasing new versions, in case you need to find materials related to ex version:



  • Magento 2 Tutorials on Lynda retrieved from Mageclass

4. Paid courses with Magento specialists

Provided by Magento U

Magento 2 Development Essentials

Magento Commerce Cloud for Developers

Magento 2 Associate Developer Bundle

JavaScript Development in Magento 2

Getting Started with JavaScript Development in Magento 2




You have reached this point means you have finished reading our illustration map. Have you earned directions to know what you need to learn and where to seize the knowledge for Magento in its vast world? With all the hope that you are not going to fight in a world not knowing its rules, start researching right now whilst keeping this map as your weapon. However, developers, we are not done yet. Magento’s world and community have been expanding and “leveled up” restlessly. Keep smiling, get involving and be ready to learn new upcoming versions of Magento.

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