Introducing EURUS: Best new Shopify theme for speed and conversion

by James Hoang

In the rapidly evolving world of eCommerce, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just a visually appealing online store. Well, it’s no exception for the Shopify platform. One of the key factors for a store’s success is the themes. Shopify themes are templates with designs, layouts, and eCommerce functions, downloaded by thousands of business owners every month. 

They serve as the backbone of online stores and are crucial to creating an immersive and memorable shopping experience for customers. A well-designed, user-friendly, and feature-rich theme is the foundation upon which successful online businesses thrive. 

For such importance, we are excited to introduce a new addition to the Shopify Theme Store: Eurus from BSS Commerce.

Eurus Theme by BSS Commerce

Designed to be fast, feature-rich, and mobile-first, Eurus has passed strict technical, maintenance, and support requirements from Shopify. It has been officially published on April 14, 2023 on the Theme Store. 

This latest theme by BSS is most suitable for stores with medium to large catalog sizes, whose owners aim for optimized speed and user experience on the site with many mobile customizations, and guaranteed loading speed on mobile devices.

Going live after only over a month, Eurus is now updated with version 3.0.0, catering to more and more businesses for making store build-up easy. And many more promising features are coming soon.


Eurus Theme


  • Break Free From Apps: Brings all you need for a high conversion rate without costly apps: a 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product Badges, per-page Pop-ups, etc.
  • Speed Optimized, Mobile-First: Boost sales with faster page speed, and improve store’s UX and SEO with our mobile-first approach and device-detected Light/Dark modes. 

Built with Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, bringing a lightweight design, and simple syntax, yet faster and stronger performance. Therefore, Eurus guarantees to provide exceptional loading speed, which is proven by all of the stores designed via the theme having an impressive over 90 Speed score.

  • Highly Customizable: Design your desired store with 25+ powerful sections and blocks, giving you total control of creating a captivating visual impact.
  • Rich built-in features: Launch your store with our powerful native features: promotion banner, product badges and labels, and customer events tracking.

Eurus theme is most suitable for…

  • Newcomers to the Shopify Platform need competitive edges
  • Medium and Large business sizes ( 200+ products) opt for high customizability
  • Sellers aiming for speed, UX, and mobile optimization
  • and wish for high conversion rates and driving more sales
  • but need to balance between budget and functionality.


Eurus theme’s features cover from Cart and checkout, Marketing and conversion, and merchandising to product discovery

Some prominent functions: 


1. Devices-detected Dark/Light mode

2. Mega menu with up to 4 levels 

3. Quickview for quick scanning and purchase process

4. Adding unlimited product labels and badges

5. Simple customer tracking with GA4 and Facebook pixel

6. Flexible countdown timer and pop-ups for sale campaigns

You can see the detailed list of features here.

>> Let’s experience the features in the Demo store here >>

More benefits you can get from Eurus theme

Installing the EURUS theme, users can get beyond the general advantages of Shopify templates:

  1. Quick setup: Theme setup steps are minimal to allow quick launching.
  2. Unlimited free trial: Try the theme for free with your own products, brand colors, and customizations—a one-time payment if you publish it to your store.
  3. Works with the latest Shopify features: Themes on the Shopify Theme Store are guaranteed to stay up-to-date and work with Shopify’s ever-growing feature set.
  4. Free theme updates: Get the latest theme features and fixes from the Theme Store. You can redownload your purchase at any time.
  5. Speed-tested and approved: Every theme in the Theme Store meets Shopify’s performance standards, ensuring a faster shopping experience for your buyers.
  6. Suitable for high-volume stores: It is designed for stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period.
  7. Great for editorial content: Optimized for longer-form text sections to support brand storytelling.
  8. Non-expiring license for one store: Your payment entitles you to use the theme on a single store, and keep it as long as you like.


The price of Eurus on the Shopify Theme Store is $200.

However, with our theme, you can enjoy an unlimited free trial, allowing you to test it with your products, brand colors, and customizations. If you decide to publish the theme to your store, it only requires a one-time payment.



Is there any support after purchase? Absolutely. Any merchant who has purchased the Eurus theme will receive lifetime support with the following benefits:

  • Be supported with any questions related to the Eurus theme.
  • Be supported with any issues regarding the Eurus theme via the contact form. Our support agents will reply to the ticket within 2 business days.
  • Receive lifetime updates: If there are any critical technical issues with the theme, our team will fix them within a reasonable period of time. After that, merchants can update the fixed version free of charge.

Also, you might wonder if you could customize the theme by yourself. Well, technically, merchants cannot customize the theme outside Shopify’s default theme editor. 

So please contact us via email at, or by creating a ticket at so that we can help you with any customization of our theme.


In conclusion, if you are searching for a cutting-edge Shopify theme that combines striking design, customization options, performance, and reliable support, look no further than Eurus by BSS Commerce. With its rich built-in features, mobile-first design, and lifetime support, Eurus empowers you to create a visually stunning, high-performing online store that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. 

Experience the power of Eurus and unlock the full potential of your Shopify store today.

To update more up-coming blogs about Eurus theme, keep visit: BSS Commerce Blog

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