How to Login by a Click with Ajax Social Login for Magento 2

The Best Solution To Enable Ajax Magento 2 Social Login – Must Read

by Van Nguyen

In this article, we will introduce you to the Magento 2 Social Login feature, one of the most important features to enhance customer experience on your website!

As an online store owner, you always want to increase customer engagement and boost conversion rate, but do you know that 86% of users report being bothered by having to create a new account on websites? Is there a better way to encourage on-site sign-in while ensuring customer satisfaction? Magento 2 Social Login is the ideal solution for your request.

Read the content below to see why social login is so important for online business and take a look at the extension Ajax Social Login – the integration of social sign-in and advanced AJAX technology.

What Is Social Login?

Social login is a sign-in type that uses pre-existing login information from a social networking service to sign into a third-party website instead of requiring to create a new account on site. This form of sign-in provides excellent benefits for both customers and web administrators.

Advantages Of Magento 2 Social Login

Magento 2 Social Login brings many excellent benefits for both customers and web administrators.

For customer

1. Easy sign-in/registration process

Within a few clicks, customers can register a new account on the website without having to fill in the long registration form manually. By simply granting your website system access to their social media accounts, customers can sign in or register quickly and easily.

2. Better control of online accounts

Online users usually possess many accounts at once, and the last thing they need is to remember another username and password on your site. According to a recent survey, 92% of users will leave a website instead of resetting or recovering login info. Thus, integrating social login to your site will allow a customer to use other account information to sign in, which results in better control of their online accounts.

For admin

1. Spam reduce

Admin can check the authentication of users’ accounts through their identity provided by the social networks. Thus there is less chance of false information submission from users or spam accounts created by robots.

2. Email collection

When customers sign in through their social accounts, admin can easily obtain contact details like an email address. This can reduce the possibility of submitting fabricated email in the registration process as the email has already proved its validation. Besides, it would also be more comfortable for admin to keep communication with a customer through authenticated emails.

3. Target Content

Since a website can gather more accurate data, especially user profile and other information such as name, email, interests, activities… it would be easier to develop more personalized content to customers, for example sending data that is of their investments.

Ajax Social Login Extension For Magento 2

Understanding the importance of a tool to support social login, BSS Commerce has built the Ajax Magento 2 Social Login extension to facilitate customer login process by allowing users to sign in through social media accounts in a convenient Ajax popup.

Magento 2 social login frontend display

The social login block containing different social buttons is placed on the login page, login popup or header of the page.

Magento social login block

Social login block located in the header of a page

Magento social login block

Social login block located in customer login page


Magento social login block

Social login block located in Ajax popup

This extension also supports the login and registration process by displaying Ajax popup. The customer can stay on the current page to sign in or register an account in the two tabs of the popup. The reCAPTCHA test is provided to avoid spam.

Magento login social account

The customer can choose to sign in through whichever social media channel they want.

Magento 2 social login backend configuration

Magento ajax social login

Ajax Social Login for Magento 2 allows absolute control over all social login buttons and supports unlimited social accounts. Admin can freely add more social accounts into social login block, rearrange the order of buttons in block, set limits to the number of buttons in block and set location for social login block.


Magento ajax social login

The Ajax popup for sign-in and registration purposes can be enabled in the backend. Admin can configure the reCAPTCHA in pop-up with options to choose the design (theme, style, size) and determine reCAPTCHA form (login, register, forget the password).

Magento ajax social login

Admin can flexibly set which page to redirect customer after login or registration process with numerous options such as stay on current page, redirect to home page, account dashboard…or set a redirect to a custom URL as desired.

Final Words

As you can see, integrating Magento 2 social login can generate numerous benefits for both customers and web administrators. 

Thus, many forward-looking businesses are using social login. So don’t let your site stay outdated.

Using the Ajax Social Login extension by BSS to enable this feature on your eCommerce site right now.

magento 2 social login

The module allows your customers to log in to your website using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Highlight features:

  • Allow customers to log in on site through social login block
  • Support various social accounts
  • Place social login block anywhere
  • Ajax pop-up for login/register purpose
  • Redirect to custom URL after login/register

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