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Magento 1 Tutorial: How to Import Price Per Store View

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As receipt of several requests from Magento shop owners as well as developers on solving the trouble with importing product price for multiple store views, we made a tutorial video to show how we can do it at once.

Let’s see this tutorial video below:

Step 1: Get the SKU of the product you want to import price

–  Go to Catalog -> Manage Products

–  Then choose a product you want to import price -> copy its SKU

Step 2: Get the export file

–  Go to System -> Import/ Export -> Export

–  In Entity Type, choose Products

–  Paste the SKU on SKU box

–  Click Continue; then a CSV file will be exported

–  Open the downloaded CSV file:

–  Skip unnecessary attributes and leave 3 important attributes: SKU, _store, price

Step 3: Get store view code and paste in CSV file

–  In the _store column equivalent to each SKU, replace the current store code by code of store view or add a new row to add the new code of store view

–  Check Store view code: System -> Manage Store

–  Save CSV file

Step 4: Import the CSV file to the site

–  Go to System -> Import/ Export -> Import

–  In Import Behavior, choose Replace Existing Complex Data

– Click Choose file and select the CSV file

 Click Check Data

–  There will be a note shown up: ’’File is valid! To start the import process press ‘’Import’’ button.’’

It is the end of the import price process for multiple store views.

Now you will check your product on each store view again.

Hope this tutorial blog help you easily import price for multiple store views in Magento 2.

For your information, Multiple Store View Pricing is now available for both 2 versions of Magento. This module allows administrators to set up different prices for the same product on each store view of Magento store and supports setting up base currency per store view easily. Using this module, you can save a lot of time because you don’t need to import price for each product manually. 


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