Promptly Generate Magento 2 Coupon Codes in Less than 1 Minute

In the previous articles, you must have known shopping cart rules, and catalog price rules which determine how to create a discount program on a website.


When providing discounts to encourage customers to purchase products, store owners can have 2 options to allow customers to be discounted automatically in the shopping cart or offer them Magento 2 coupon codes to enter in the discount code box.


The automatic reduction is, of course, easier and more convenient than the remaining one when customers just need to add products to cart and the total order amount is reduced directly.


However, almost Magento 2 websites prefer to using coupon codes when running promotion campaigns on special occasions. The reason is that they have plenty of different promotions on a site at the same time, hence, creating Magento 2 coupon codes for customers to enter helps store owners to easily manage programs.


Furthermore, another important reason comes from customers’ expectation.


According to Vouchercloud, 65% of consumers say online voucher codes often sway their purchase decisions if they are undecided.


Coupon codes may better drive their attention and navigation to other parts of a website, encourage them to purchase and redeem codes to receive discounts.


If you have ever placed yourself on customer position, I make sure that how much exciting you can feel when having a coupon code in hands to redeem.


Therefore, generating Magento 2 coupon codes for promotions brings a lot of benefits for Magento 2 websites about marketing and sale aspects.


Today, in this tutorial I will give you a simple instruction on how to generate Magento 2 Coupon codes for your website.  


Step 1: Navigate to Store → Settings → Configuration.


Step 2: Select Promotions under Customers section.


Step 3: In Auto Generated Specific Coupon Codes, you keep following steps as below:

magento 2 coupon code
Configure Magento 2 coupon code
  • Code Length: enter a number to specify the code length. (Please note that the code length excludes prefix, suffix, and separators.
  • Code Format: there are 3 options for you to select – Alphanumeric, Alphabetical, and Numeric
  • Code Prefix: enter a value that you desire to display at the beginning of all Magento 2 coupon codes.
  • Code Suffix: enter a value that you desire to display at the end of all coupon codes.
  • Dash Every X Characters: enter the number of characters shown between each dash. Magento 2 Coupon codes including different dash patterns will be considered as different codes, even if the numbers are similar.

Step 4: Save configurations to complete.

As a result, whenever you create a rule and let the system automatically generate coupon codes, the codes are created under the format you set up above. In addition, it is of course that you can insert your wanted codes to the promotion rules, instead of auto-generation.


You can take a look at the shopping cart rule again in the following image: When you tick the box of Use Auto Generation, the system will generate codes with the format in the settings.

magento 2 shopping cart rules

It is very easy to configure Magento 2 coupon codes, isn’t it? Just by 4 simple steps, you absolutely get your own list of random coupon codes for a promotion program, helping to attract customers to purchase and finally hit sales target.

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