9 Best Examples For Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock

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Here are 9 best examples for Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock to help you win customers away from your competitors.

Do you believe me if I told you that an email could bring $1,888.39 of revenue to a business in 72 hours?

No, I’m not even joking! That is exactly the result Performance Nutrition (BPN) got from its back-in-stock email campaign:

Do you want to get a similar result for your business? I know you do!

So in this article, we will show you how to create a Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock that customers can’t help but click to buy.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Back In Stock Email?


A back in stock email is the email that notifies a customer that the high-demand product they want to buy is just back-in-stock and available for purchase.

The back in stock email is a simple yet effective way to recover some lost revenue and capitalize on purchase opportunities at scale.

The goal of the back in stock email is to:

  • Encourage customers to be back to buy products in high demand
  • Increase touch points between you and customers
  • Foster a deep connection with customers and add delight to the experience

Tips To Create Great Back In Stock Email

Write a catching subject line

Right at the subject line, you should remind your customers why they are getting the email.

For example: [Product Name] The Limited Version is Back in Stock, Hurry Up!

To boost your clickthrough rate (CTR), you should include words that convey urgency: 

  • Hurry
  • Limited time
  • Don’t delay
  • Selling fast 

Maintain interest in body copy

Your subject line has made the customer open the email. Great! Now you need a body copy that makes them want to actually read the email.

To do so, follow these tips:

  • Use images thoughtfully. For example, fashion stores should use pictures of models to help customers visualize how the products look.
  • Customize content. Especially for products that come in different colors or styles, you should show the exact color or model your customer picked to make the email personalized.
  • Use scarcity and urgency. Urge customers to purchase soon as the product may sell out again. Make it clear if there is only a limited amount of stock. Use repetition in your headline and body copy to reinforce the urgency.
  • Showcase product recommendations. There is a chance your customers might lose interest in the product over time. That’s why you should showcase other products customers may be interested in the email.
  • End with an epic CTA. Write a compelling CTA to encourage your customers to act immediately.

9 Amazing Examples For Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock

Now, let’s explore the following 9 best back in stock email examples to learn from the best.



Subject: Good news! We’ve restocked

It Works Because: 

Positive framing works, and Uniqlo proves it.

The subject line includes promotion-oriented words that motivates customers to take the desired action.

The subhead reminds them why they’re getting the email. The CTA (Gimme) is strong and creative.

Uniqlo ends the email with outfit recommendations to target disinterested customers.



Subject: You Asked, We Listened.

It Works Because: 

Eberjey starts the email with a subject line that leaves a curiosity gap. It motivates customers to open the email to see what it’s about.

The headline strengthens the desire customers had when they wanted to buy its pajamas. 

The brand also uses scarcity (Selling fast), urgency (Don’t wait another second), and power words (best sellers and super-soft) in the email copy and navigation category (i.e., CTA) to close the sale.



Subject: Your slides are here

It Works Because: 

Personalization goes a long way, and UGG knows it. The subject line creates excitement. It reminds customers that this popular product is finally available for purchase. 

Urgency is also used in the email (before they sell out again).

And the photo of the model wearing the slides adds a human element, which tempts customers to buy what the model is wearing.



Subject: OMG! It’s back in stock. The Crying Unicorn Candle

It Works Because: 

This is an example of a cool copywriting tip: speak in your customers’ language.

They grab their customers’ attention by using a slang phrase (OMG) at the beginning of the subject. 

Firebox is known for its quirky branding and unique niche market, so the tone of voice used here is very on point.

And do you notice that there’s something for every customer at the bottom of the email? That’s so interesting, too.

They also do a great job at tying its restock email with special occasions to reach a wider audience.



Subject: Back In Stock: Japanese Cypress Wood Bath Mat Now At Kaufmann Mercantile

It Works Because: 

Kaufmann Mercantile is a perfect example of the approach that clarity beats clever. Just read the first few lines. So direct and clear.

Then as customers scroll down to the end, they will see it’s signed by the founder of the company. 

Of course that the email is probably written by one of the company’s employees. Still, including the signature is an extremely powerful way to make customers feel like the company has their best interests at heart.



Subject: The Clear Habit Journal is back in stock! (And a discount code!)

It Works Because: 

Of all the examples in this article, James Clear’s is the only one that’s text-heavy, and it is a breath of fresh air.

James Clear is the author of the bestselling book Atomic Habits, and he employs a combo of copywriting tactics: incentive and scarcity.

The incentive (20% discount) shows up in several places (How to get an instant 20% discount, Use the discount code HABITS20 at checkout to get 20% off).

In the email, James Clear also uses scarcity multiple times to motivate customers (sold out immediately, expecting these to sell fast again, should act quickly).



Subject: Now Back in Stock

It Works Because: 

If you offer special perks that provide added value, then highlight it in your copy. 

In this email, this special perk (free shipping) is placed above the scrumptious picture of their popular cookies.

They also use exclusivity (Be the first to know) and urgency and scarcity (Hurry — quantities are limited) in the email.

If you don’t want to include product recommendations in your back in stock email, do it like Williams Sonoma. Draw attention to your latest promo ($70 discount for sandwich press).



Subject: Milk N’ Cookies Whey Protein IS BACK!

It Works Because: 

BPN immediately stops customers with the bold headline (IT’S BACK). Then the email is further boosted with clear benefits (Build muscle, Improve performance, Weight loss).

Below the CTA button, they show a glowing review from a satisfied customer to take advantage of social proof. 

They use it to spark an emotional trigger in customers and make them feel confident about their decision.



Subject: FYI…That beauty you’ve had your 👀 on is back in stock

It Works Because: 

Thanks to the generous white space, customers can’t help but zoom in on Sephora’s restocked products.

Then the 4.5 stars rating gives customers confidence about buying it. 

Unlike most emails in this list, Sephora puts the price upfront. This saves customers the extra step of clicking through the email just to see the price.

Once again, we see scarcity being played here. The microcopy in the preheader, Get it before it’s gone, compels customers to act fast.

The Best Solution To Enable Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock

By default, Magento 2 does support product alert email features. However, it’s very limited.

To optimize your Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock, you should install Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension by BSS.


This module is a terrific tool to enable stock subscription emails for your customers.

It enables you to automatically send back in stock emails and allows you to customize notification email templates.

INSTALL NOW: Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock extension by BSS!

Highlight features:

  • Enable stock alert email for not-logged-in customers
  • Automatically send back in stock email
  • Manage stock subscription in the Customer Account
  • Support product stock alert on the product page, category page and search result page
  • Allow stock alert for children product of the configurable product, grouped product and bundle product


In this article, we have shown you 9 best examples For Magento 2 Email When Back In Stock. We also introduce you to the best solution to create back in stock email in your store.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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