Magento 2 Extensions Awesome Offers from BSSCommerce

Magento 2 Extensions: Awesome Offers from BSSCommerce

Dear ambitious online merchants,

Magento 2 has been aired since not so long ago, yet it is a time distance long enough in this technological era when changes can be counted by hours. To be kept updated is very crucial or you will be indeed left behind by the crazy pace of modern life. Accompanied by a whole different new code standard, Magento 2 possesses some significant disparities from its predecessors such as new file structure, new technology stack, improved performance, and scalability,… all of which made it impossible to reuse the old additional modules even for the same extra functions.

It is not compulsive for anyone to upgrade to Magento 2 when his site and also business situation still runs well with former versions. This upgrade decision requires combined consideration of many things in both subjective and objective circumstances before going to be made. However, once you have made your mind about making friend with Magento 2 or even it is just an interest exploring new coming, here are several new extensions made by our tech-passionate BSS Team for you to consider:

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Magento 2 Defer JavaScript 

Just similar to the first version of Defer Javascript, this is a very useful extension that can help your website content appear dramatically faster to keep attention from visitors. Usually, a website is loaded by code in written order. When there are a few JavaScript codes among others, it takes quite a long time until fully loaded page which hardly leads to any good impression from customers. That is why our developers work on this extension to solve one of the most annoying timing problems in Magento 2 based stores. It helps to rearrange the order of loading code, putting the JavaScript lines down to the end and leave no side effect to the general operation of the website but accelerate loading time. Honestly, it worths a try.


Key features:

– Powerfully defer parsing and loading javaScript by putting JavaScript files to the end of the page after loading all HTML and CSS

– New, eye-catching graphic back-end

– Easily configure from admin panel  

Comparison about the result of site speed before and after installing Magento 2 Defer JavaScript:

alt="magento 2-defer-javascript"

Magento 2  Minimum Order Amount for Customer Group 

Each group of customers has its buying power that affects significantly on your sales performance and profit maximization. That is why we are very proud to air this extension to help Magento 2 store owners control the order amount/value of different customer categories: wholesales, retailers, loyal buyers, etc. By setting up a specific minimal order amount or value for each group of customers before proceeding to check out, your revenue will be maximized in a comfortable, convenient way. Also, this extension comes with free installation and support which expresses our very concerns with our customers’ experience.


Key features:

– Allow Magento 2 admin to set up order value limitation before  customers can proceed to check out successfully

– Add more customer groups and set the required order amount for each group separately

– Allow admin to leave a message to remind customers of adding enough order amount

– Make the configuration in backend easier

Magento 2 Lazy Load 

This SEO-friendly extension help to decrease the initial loading time of the page by letting images only be loaded as customers are scrolling down, which dramatically increases customers satisfaction in shopping online. Also, you can decide at your discretion the point time to load before images appear on page screen. With this extension, you will be able to experience precise control just merely by clicking among easy options. Other advantages of it are introduced below.


Key features:

– Offload for server and save bandwidth

– SEO – friendly: don’t worry about image index because Google, Bing, and Yahoo still index lazy load images

– Reduce Magento website load time

– Load Magento 2 images with the beautiful transition as a scroll

– Set advanced time point for loading images

– Control the Magento extension effect on pages with ease

Magento 2 Delete Order

It is an annoying fact that you may know very well, many orders on e-commerce websites are simply made by mistakes or even for testing purposes. Result? They leave your management page a whole lot of confusing messy mixing of real and joking orders. Have your mind and eyes get tired of them? Let us help you with this incredibly impressive extension, a smart technical solution to ease your nerves and smooth your daily business routine. With Magento 2 Delete Order, you needn’t make any configuration from the backend, but the only action you have to carry out is that you select redundant orders and choose “Delete order” as an action to remove all of them. The reason is that “Delete order” is automatically added to Sales Order for you to choose and clear out unwanted orders.

alt="magento 2-delete-order"

Key features:

– Make backend neater and handier by deleting all redundant orders and their linked data such as invoices, shipment and credit memos

– No configuration from the backend

– Easy to install and setup

– Solid quality code

As you see, we carefully create and offer all above four useful tools to all Magento 2 store owners who always lọng for customer attraction and better business efficiency. They are what we have been working so hard and devotedly to bring to our customers. All you need to do is click the button, and you get it.

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