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3 Steps to Change Magento 2 Favicon on Your Store

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Favicon – a small icon but extremely important for an online store. It is shown on the tab of each browser page or in the address bar next to its URL. Favicon complements the legitimacy of your website and helps boost your online brand as well as trust from potential consumers.


In this article, we will go into the detailed benefits of Magento 2 Favicon and guide you to change it just in the blink of an eye.


Benefits of Favicons

Favicon is just a small icon, but it is indispensable for websites because of its incredible benefits. Let’s take a look!

Brand recognizability

In fact, Favicon works the same way as logos do for websites, it is the reason why logos or their variations are often chosen for this role. It supports the general promotion strategy and increases your brand recognizability among a variety of different ones.

Magento 2 favicon benefits

Credibility and trust 

Favicons help websites look more credible and professional even if they are little parts of a site. Incorporating them into one website shows attention to the details that give people the idea of ​​a complete website.

Magento 2 favicon benefits

Bring the convenience for visitors

Out of dozens of tabs enabled, it is too hard for you to find out the tab that you want without favicons. Favicons make visitors easily find the tab they want without wasting time reviewing one by one.

Magento 2 favicon benefits

SEO improvement

Most people think that Favicons do not really have any SEO benefits when placed on a website. In fact, Favicon does not directly affect SEO, however, it is indirectly responsible for improving your ranking on search engines. Through the benefits I mentioned above, Google can consider these as good signals to prioritize the display of your site when searched.

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Magento 2 favicon benefits

3 steps to change Magento 2 Favicon

Step 1: Create a Magento 2 Favicon

  • Create a 16×16 (highly recommended) or 32×32 graphic image of your logo
  • Convert the file to one of the following types: ICO, PNG, JPG or SVG. However, not all browsers support all these formats, it’s better to choose the ICO format

Step 2: Upload the Magento 2 Favicon for your store

  • Login to the Admin account
  • Navigate to Contents Design Configuration.
  • Choose a specific store view you want to change the Magnto 2 favicon
  • Expand the HTML Head section
  • Upload your Magento 2 favicon
  • When complete, click on Save Configuration button

Step 3: Refresh the Cache

  • When prompted to refresh the cache, click the Cache Management link in the message popup or negative to Admin System Cache Management
  • In the list, mark the checkbox that is marked Invalidated.
  • Set Actions to Refresh and then click on Submit to make the configuration come into effect.

Congratulation! The configuration has done, now you can go to the frontend and see the Mgento 2 favicon on the frontend.

Summing Up

The above are all steps to get a Magento 2 favicon for your store. If you have any problems when following our instruction, please leave a comment below so that we can help!


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