7 Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Examples To Steal & Earn More Subscribers


7 Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Examples To Steal & Earn More Subscribers

Email marketing has and will never go out of style. This claim is backed by 54% of marketers rate email as a preferred and supreme marketing tool in comparison with others. 

Also, 7 out of 10 companies with online presences plan to bump up their email marketing budget. 

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These numbers should tell you how important and relevant newsletters are and why you should invest more in them.

Today, let’s review some of the best lightbox examples to help you succeed in building your email list!

Welcome Message: Magento 2 Popup

#1 Offer opportunities to win something free

Let’s take this example:


What I like about this popup

No one can turn a blind eye to free things. It’s a solid idea to pull people in.

Moreover, this idea is very versatile. As long as you offer products and/or services online, you will have something to offer for free.

What I like to see more of

  • A stronger CTA: You should consider something increasingly one of a kind and progressively explicit, similar to “Include me” or “Give me my free shoes”. 
  • Use a countdown clock: We all know that scarcity and FOMO drive conversion to the moon and back. That’s why turning this into a limited time offer is a great addition.

#2 Offer a deal, sales, code for the 1st-time purchase

Take Juvia’s Place for example here:


Why this is a great Magento 2 Popup

The design is superb – it’s simple and sleek. The colors are warm with the gradient which is so pleasing to the eyes. 

In addition to that, we have a message that is short, enticing yet personal. You can see their attempt at treating customer shopping as a welcoming and celebratory experience.

Moreover, we have the birthday field which adds the element of personalization. 

What can be explored more

In the same sentiment, you can try this type of popup on other causes: next time purchase, free shipping, exclusive gifts, and more.

In addition, emphasis on the deal ̣to highlight the value of the offer is a nice move.

Something like this:


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Once again, you can venture into more “claiming” sort of CTA to encourage people to finish. It’s also worth exploring the possibility of a reassuring message.

This result from people is hesitant to share their information in fear of being leaked, hacked, or commercialized. 

#3 Design a progressive Magento 2 Newsletter Popup

Let’s take a look at this example:


Great things about this Magento Newsletter Subscription Popup

As the name suggests the popup is split into 2 steps.

First, you pique visitors’ interest with the exclusive offer lightbox with two options Yes and No. Then, proceed with a similar popup as #2.

There are two distinctive benefits when it comes to using this type of popup. 

One, organizing a process will motivate people to follow. This is a basic customer behavior.

Two, A/B testing of this type will provide valuable insights since you’re able to track and figure out which criterion needs to improve.


For example: If people get off right away, you know that your message is not that enticing. And if they get to the second popup without entering the email, you know your offer isn’t valuable or there is a lack of trust with your website. 

What to consider when designing this popup

Here is a list of best practices for the multistep popup design:

  • Put a progressive bar to notice customers.
  • Write an intriguing and enticing copy.
  • Highlight and contrast the two options.
  • Make the offer value.
  • Get a personalized-provoking CTA.

Exit-intent Magento 2 Newsletter Signup Popup

Quick recap: Exit-intent Magento 2 popup is the type of lightbox that appears when visitors show indications that they’re about to leave the site. 

Now, let’s pick some brains.

#4 Provide an exclusive invitation

Let’s see how Hubspot gets it done.


Best features of the popup

As you can see, this popup is real simple, and minimalistic. It fits into the whole aesthetic of their website, both in design and spirit.

Moreover, you can see they include social proof – “215,000 fellow marketers”. This is a huge selling point and an excellent trigger.

Improvement(s) I like to see

There is a lack of a progression bar here since they’re clearly showing a multistep popup. This could be another criterion to do A/B testing.

As always, there is room for improvement on the CTA. A better color combo and a more personalized message will better seal the deal in my opinion. 

#5 Suggest trying a live demo

Putting something like this in front of your visitors when the system receives signals that they’re about to bounce off your site: 


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Yes, I’m talking about giving them real experience with real people and real applications.

This Magento 2 popup message doesn’t necessarily succeed in the sense of quantity but quality.

Anyone who is interested in a demo like this will be more likely to become your customers. And what if you’re selling tangible products? What can you show them?

Offer them a chance to visit the nearest physical store or pop-up store for that matter! 

#6 Shape the traffic

Based on the current location/page that the visitors are currently on if you see a sign that they’re about to leave – show them something like this:


This popup works the same as showing related products to promote cross-sales. As the example suggests a FREE beginner’s guide, you can try to navigate them to another landing page and/or promotions. 

The only works involved in this type of Magento newsletter signup popup is to pinpoint exactly the niche in which the visitors are interested in. 

#7 Join a game

In a sense, this popup is the same as offering a deal to your customer, but in a different format. Something like this, for example:


This is a playful and fun way to craft your Magento 2 popup that keeps people stay engaged on your site.

Everyone loves games especially when it’s random – your visitor will receive joy when they “win” the prize. 

If all you ask for is just an email, they’ll more than likely give it to you.

However, rather than this type of popup message will definitely be cost-intensive, you need to make sure you include great prizes here.

If visitors don’t find your reward valuable, they’ll leave your webpage without any hesitation.

Wrap up

We’ve covered some of the best ideas to use Magento 2 pop up to grow your email list. I sincerely hope that you find your niche here and design a popup that skyrockets your conversion.

The comment below is a way opened for discussion, join us! And if you need help, CONTACT BSS TEAM right now, we’re available 24/7.


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