15+ Examples For Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock

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In this article, we will show you 15+ good examples for Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email and why they work.

Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock is a feature that allows you to send back-in-stock alerts to your shoppers as soon as the item is restocked.

Even leading brands like Fashion Nova and Adidas run back-in-stock notifications. And by analyzing their emails, you can craft better Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email copy and design and convert customers better.

Thus, we have listed 15+ good examples of back-in-stock notifications from many brands to analyze their strategy and help you point out what works.

Let’s explore!

15+ Good Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock Emails And Why They Work

BrüMate Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock


BrüMate sells temperature-controlled flasks perfect for keeping beverages cold.

Below is their back-in-stock alert email. They stick to their witty and minimal personality, showing the product that the customer subscribed to and a paragraph adding a fun narrative to get the customer through the door.



Since opening in 1962, Walmart has been passionate about combining the best of two great worlds, world-class retailing and technology, to give shoppers a wide assortment of their favorite products.

Below is Walmart’s back-in-stock email. The email shows the exact variant of the product, using Walmart’s signature blue branding, and making the email look as easy to read as possible.

Fashion Nova


Fashion Nova is a fast fashion retail brand. They operate online and have five brick-and-mortar locations. The brand is known for its trendy styles.

Their back-in-stock email reflects their bold personality. They use clickbait copy, minimal background, and a well-edited product image to remind shoppers about the item they subscribed to.

Tesla Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock


Other than selling eco-friendly automobiles, Tesla also sells merchandise and apparel for their fans. They make millions of dollars selling t-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc., “without trying hard.” 

Tesla often runs out of products. To solve this, the brand has set up an automated back-in-stock email campaign to send alert shoppers when items are back in stock.

Their Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email is simple, with a minimal design and short content to take very little of the shopper’s time but successfully get them to click and shop the item.



Everlane is a US-based clothing retailer. The brand is known for making the most well-designed essentials, at the best factories, without traditional markups. Everlane is one of the first mainstream ethical fashion brands.

They design stunning Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock emails. For their back-in-stock emails, they display the product image front and center and crisply describe what makes it special.

Nasty Gal


Nasty Gal is a US-based retailer specializing in fashion for young women. The brand has customers in over 60 countries. In 2012, Nasty Gal was named “Fastest Growing Retailer” by INC Magazine.

Nasty Gal sends Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email frequently to let shoppers know that their favorite items are restocked and lead them to different collections through the email. They maintain their spunky tone and feel within the email, conveying their personality perfectly.



Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer, and retailer. Uniqlo is popular for its high-quality basic casual wear at the lowest prices.

Uniqlo shows their collection recommendations to shoppers within the back-in-stock email, letting shoppers look at other products. This way, if the shopper already bought the product elsewhere, they can still navigate to other products and collections they may be interested in.

Myntra Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock


Myntra is an Indian eCommerce fashion company. They sell clothing, shoes, accessories, and lifestyle products for women and men.

In the back-in-stock email, Myntra displays a disclaimer to let shoppers know that the product may be out of stock soon. The small note helps create urgency to encourage shoppers to visit the store and buy it instantly.

It’s easy to enable urgency within your email copy, and it gets the job done! After showing the name, image, and price of the product, you can add a small text to alert shoppers that stocks are running out soon. This message can be effective enough to make the shoppers place an order quickly.

Big Basket


Big Basket is a grocery delivery digital supermarket in India. The company makes it easier for customers to order products they want and receive them within 24-hours.

In their back-in-stock email, they remind shoppers to email them about the item they subscribed to by showing the product’s name, photo, and price. When customers click on the CTA button “Add to Basket,” they are directed to the website or app and can checkout easily.

Brightside Journal


Brightside Journal is a journal brand. The brand uses their values of gratitude and positivity to make sustainable journals with 99% recyclable packaging.

Since the brand only sells one product, they did not have to display a product image to remind customers about the product. Instead, they showed an offer to nudge these already interested customers over the edge.



Firebox sells a curated range of unusual gifts, personalized gifts, home decor, isolation essentials, tech, and other accessories. They are popular for selling original and exciting products that are hard to find.

The brand used color to highlight the CTA button in the back-in-stock email, drawing shoppers to the button as soon as they opened the email.

UGG Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock


UGG is a footwear company. They sell footwear as well as clothing, outerwear, bags, home goods, and other products in over 130 countries.

UGG has sent a well-designed email to shoppers informing them about restocks. The email uses an editorial-style header image as well as a dynamic product image with options to choose between different color variants.



Williams-Sonoma is a multi-channel specialty retailer of high-quality products for the home. In 1956, Chuck Williams – the founder – turned a passion for cooking and eating with friends into a business with a big idea.

Below is their back-in-stock email. When the product is restocked, shoppers get an email showing them the photo of the product they subscribed to and recommendations for other similar products.

Pixie Market


Pixie Market sells the latest womenswear and accessories inspired by the best trends each season. They sell an evolving collection of trendy dresses, cute tops, new bags, jewelry, and accessories. 

The brand frequently sends back-in-stock emails featuring different collections. They stick to their feminine branding, using pink and black to signify their bold yet soft personality.



Glossier is one of the first makeup brands to be born out of social media, and it looks the part: Its modern, minimalist packaging is designed to look good in photographs. Every Glossier product arrives in a reusable, pink plastic pouch that doubles as a handy Instagram backdrop.

Glossier reflects their minimal design within their Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email, with a photo of the product that the shopper subscribed to.

Kaufmann Mercantile Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock


Kaufmann Mercantile is a US-based online store for carefully selected, long-lasting, and well-designed goods.

The brand keeps their Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email simple. And the email below is a sample back-in-stock email sent by Kaufmann Mercantile.

The Best Extension For Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock

Although default Magento 2 supports the back-in-stock notification email feature, it has many limitations.

So to optimize your Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email, we highly recommend you to install the Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension by BSS.

It is a terrific tool to utilize your Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email.


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Full list of features:

  • Enable stock alert email for not-logged-in customers
  • Automatically send back in stock email
  • Manage stock subscription in the Customer Account
  • Support product stock alert on the product page, category page, and search result page
  • Allow stock alert for children product of the configurable product, grouped product and bundle product


With the list of 15+ best Magento 2 Notify Me When This Product Is In Stock email examples, we hope you can find inspiration to write better back-in-stock emails.

Thank you for reading this article, and good luck to you!

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