Magento 2 Product Label Extension: An Essential Tool to Run Better Promotion

Magento 2 Product Label Extension An Essential Tool to Run Better Promotion

Magento 2 Product Label Extension: An Essential Tool to Run Better Promotion

As a store owner, you all have been through the hard work and difficulty of setting a promotion campaign. There are surely many tasks to prepare for a promotion, such as setting catalog price rule or shopping cart price rule, promotion banner, pop-up, message bar…and notifying customers about the discount through email. However, drawing customers’ attention to a specific discounted item is another big task. This article will reveal the secret ingredient of every successful promotion: Product Label extension to effectively improve product display and catch customers’ attention.

Limitations of Product Display in Magento 2 Default

Although Magento 2 default support was setting pricing for promoting items, such as special price, tier price, and another kind of rule to run a promotion in a fixed period. The only missing thing here is that there is no badge or stick to the label on the products to announce the on-going discount visually.

The big sale will be more impressive if a customer can see different labels for each discounted items, for example, 20% discount label, 50% OFF label or Free Shipping label… These eye-catching labels motivate the customer to add more products to cart. Luckily, you can quickly achieve this by using Product Label extension.

Magento 2 Product Label Extension – The Essential Tool For Better Product Promotion

Product Label for Magento 2 extension improves product display with attractive labels placed on any product. Admin can upload label image for all three label types and assign any label for a specific item on the additional config of the product edit page in the backend.

Eye-catching product label displayed on the product page

Admin can easily execute this smart yet simple marketing tactic to make a product stand out. When browsing the catalog, customers will pay more attention to the item with eye-catching stickers on it. For example, the sale-off label will trigger customers’ curiosity to visit the product page to find out more information. This means you have set one step closer to provoke their interest for the discounted item.

How does Magento 2 Product Label Extension work?

Product Label extension is easy to configure and use, so I will briefly wrap up how to use the extension right here.

Step 1: Prepare the image label and upload image for each label type.

The extension provides three label types. You can enable, upload image and delete the image for each as wish. Three common image file types are supported, including jpeg, gif, and png.

Note: If you enable Sold Out Label, the extension will automatically attach Sold Out label for out-of-stock products. When the stock status of an item changes from In Stock to Out of Stock, the customer can easily identify the not-available items thanks to the Sold Out label.


Step 2: Set label position on the product

Then, you can choose label position with four following options: Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, and Bottom Left.

Step 3: Assign product label to any item

Please go to Product Edit Page of the product you want to place a label. On this page, you can see the additional config “Select Label” which show three options: Sold Out Label, Label Type 1, and Label Type 2.

Note: For label type 1 and type 2, you can upload any label image, such as New Arrival, Sale, Free Shipping, 100% Organic, Free Gift Wrap, 10% Discount… Thus you can freely customize these two label types. These two product label types also work for any product while the Sold Out label is only dedicated for out-of-stock items.

Step 4: Save configuration, flush cache and check the frontend

Display product label on the category page in Magento 2

Final thoughts

Product Label for Magento 2 extension is an absolute necessary extension for any promotion campaign. Using a label for products is a simple yet very effective marketing tool to provoke customers’ curiosity and earn a higher profit.



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