Compare Magento 2 Single Page Checkout Vs. Multi Page Checkout

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Magento 2 Single Page Checkout vs. Multi Page Checkout – which one is better? Read this article for the answer! 

Back a few years ago, many people were very familiar with the multi-page checkout process when they purchased something online. 

However, nowadays, the trend of eCommerce is trying to save time and money as much as possible. Especially with the increase of mobile online shopping, customers are craving for simplicity.

That’s why the single page checkout is developed. With all the checkout process appearing on one page, customers can check out quickly and increase the store’s conversion rate.

For many years, eCommerce professionals have debated whether the single page checkout or multi page checkout is the best option for an online store.

To have you decide which one will be more suitable for your store, we wrote this article to identify the differences and the pros and cons of one-step and multi-step checkouts.

Let’s check them out!

Magento 2 Single Page Checkout


The single page checkout (or one-step checkout, one-page checkout) displays all checkout blocks (shopping cart information, billing and shipping address, shipping options, payment information) on one page.

The aim of Magneto 2 single page checkout is to get the customer through the checkout process as fast as possible.

Advantages of single page checkout

Easier to complete checkout

Magento 2 single page checkout appears to be easier to complete as there are fewer clicks and less steps to go through. It is more user friendly and easy to use.

One-step checkout also requires customers to click for fewer times to finish their orders, compared to multi-step checkout.

Increased conversion rate

In the top 10 reasons for eCommerce cart abandonment, “long and confusing checkout” ranks 5th. So it means you can increase your sales just by simplifying the checkout process.

In fact, research shows that one-step checkout increased sales by about 22% compared to the traditional multi-step checkout.

Faster processing

People tend to become impatient very quickly when checking out. It takes days to grab the buyers’ attention, but they can change their minds in just a second. 

So if your checkout procedure is slow and complicated, your customers will be very frustrated. Speed matters. You should get them through the checkout process as fast as possible!

The good news is one-step checkout can reduce the average checkout time by half compared with multi-step checkout. 

More robust site performance

In 2020, around 79% of online purchases were made via a mobile device. With the increase in mobile shopping, your website must be mobile-friendly.

On the phone, it might take up to a minute or two to load a page. It means mobile shoppers might need to spend 5 minutes filling out the multiple-page checkout. And as you can expect, most buyers will give up that time-consuming checkout process.

The single page checkout can help reduce the loading time.

Higher customer satisfaction

The more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they will revisit your site.

Customers prefer convenience and the one-step checkout has proved to work. 

Disadvantages of single page checkout

Long-scrolling page

If you put too much information on one checkout page, it will turn into a very long scrolling page.

Magento 2 single page checkout works best when you have minimal displayed data. Otherwise, your customers will be lost or confused by the infinite scrolling.

Tough for analytics

For many store owners, analyzing is critical. But a single checkout page doesn’t allow merchants to track sales funnel data.

Slow site speed

Even though Magento 2 single page checkout reduces the overall checkout load time, the time to load that single checkout page may increase.

Magento 2 Multi Page Checkout


The multi page checkout spreads out checkout steps into several pages.

Typically, multi-step checkout requires customers to manually fill in checkout data.

While multi-step checkouts take customers more time to complete, it allows customers to confirm all necessary information.

Advantages of multi page checkout

Collect data easier

Splitting up the checkout process into multiple steps and pages allows store owners to collect valuable customer data. 

For example, store owners can still collect a customer’s email address at the beginning steps of the checkout process even if the customer abandons the cart without completing the purchase.

Clean layout

Some people think that having multiple short checkout pages is better than having one long checkout page, because it appears easier to fill out.

A short page allows store owners to display form fields and shipping options cleanly.

Great for analytics

When using multi-page checkout, store owners can easily track at what point your customers drop off.

Thanks to it, store owners can identify reasons for cart abandonment to make improvements.

Disadvantages of multi page checkout


It is obvious that multi page checkout will take customers longer to complete the checkout form, which can lead to cart abandonment.

Too many steps

If using multi-step checkout, don’t have more than three or four steps.

Checkout process that has too many steps will also cause shoppers to abandon their shopping cart.

Magento 2 Single Page Checkout Vs. Multi Page Checkout

Now that you have understood the pros and cons of Magento 2 single page checkout and multi page checkout, which one is better for your business?

For this question, it depends on what type of products you are selling and what segmentation of customers you are targeting.

Steven Soule has done research that proves that when purchasing expensive products online, customers actually prefer a multi page checkout than a single page checkout.

So if your store is selling high price or luxurious products, you may choose the multi page checkout.

Multi page checkout also suits your store if your target customers are old demographic and low-tech people.

Opposite, if you are selling prevalent and low price products or selling for young and technology savvy customers, then Magento 2 single page checkout will be a way better choice.

The single page checkout also is a better choice when you target mobile shoppers.

The Best Magento 2 Single Page Checkout Solution

If you have determined that Magento 2 single page checkout fits your store better, then this part is for you.

As you know, Magento 2 provides the one-page checkout feature. However, it’s not ideal enough.

First of all, it’s actually a 2-step checkout. And the default Magento one-page checkout has a lot of limitations.

So we want to recommend you the best solution for Magento 2 single page checkout:

Magento 2 One Step Checkout by BSS


This extension allows you to put all the checkout blocks on one page to decrease all loading time.

And you can fully customize the order and style of those checkout blocks to make them more appealing and attention-grabbing.

This extension also supports the autofill feature to provide a better customer experience.

It will auto-detect the customer’s address using Google API to give out suggestions so customers can finish shipping and billing information faster. This will urge them to finalize their orders.

This module helps store owners to overcome all default Magento checkouts.

First, it enables creating new customer accounts on the checkout page.

Customers can easily edit product quantity, leave a note for the order and choose the delivery date too.

And it allows you to add a gift block so customers can request gift wrapping and send a message to the receiver.

The admin can also enable the discount code box to allow customers to use discount codes.

Moreover, Magento 2 One Step Checkout by BSS supports all 4 common payment options, including Paypal, Braintree, and Credit Card. So your customers have a range of payment options to choose from to complete their purchases.

Highlight features:

  • Lightning setup with unlimited customization capacity.
  • Elastic checkout with multiple addresses and automatic GeoIP detection.
  • Fully geared for RESTful API and GraphQL API.
  • Plug-n’-Play compatibility.
  • Work well with GEOIP, Order Delivery, Checkout Custom Fields, and Guest to Customer extensions.
  • Compatible with popular payment methods and free support on highlight themes.
  • Support all Magento common themes


In this article, we have help you to compare Magento 2 single page checkout vs. Multi page checkout and help you decide which is better for your store.

And don’t forget that 

INSTALL NOW Magento 2 Single Page Checkout – the best solution to create the most amazing one-page checkout for your store!

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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