Escape From Order Cancellation Nightmare TOP 5+ Must-have Magento Apps

Escape From Order Cancellation Nightmare: Best 4+ Magento Apps

by Chloé Nguyen

Your store’s order cancellation rate is too high but doesn’t know how to mitigate it? Check here and obtain the 4+ critical Magento apps to solve your issues!

Don’t miss out on this article because we will drive you through all the valuable information and secret tips that no one will tell you!

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What Is Order Cancellation?

By definition, order cancellation is the act of making an order void. Or in other words, it is the orders that your customers place – but then cancel for various reasons. 

For example, a customer may order a product from one of the ecommerce websites and then cancel the order after the purchase. This means that the order is no longer valid, and the e-commerce website is no longer required to deliver the product.

How Order Cancellation Hurt Your Business?

Nobody wants to lose customers. Every store owner put in a lot of effort to get each one. Although you focus on making your potential sign up for your product or service and exceeding their expectations, they still decide to cancel the products after placing the order. 

All of your endeavors are now in vain because of this. It wastes your support time, and even in the bad scenario, the brand has already shipped the items by the time customer cancels it. In other words, it means that your company must be responsible for the logistic cost. 

Furthermore, if this happens frequently, it can accumulate inventory in the warehouse, also known as the bullwhip effect

For example, many customers order massage machines of a specific brand on an ecommerce website. However, these buyers cancel all of the original orders after some time. Due to this order cancellation, the ecom-website accumulates inventory, thus leading to the occupation of the website’s warehouse. 

If this cancellation rate rises, it will undoubtedly severely harm your business. Not only your time but also your money! However, you don’t have to worry that much because we’re here to help you overcome this obstacle by giving out all the wonderful tips and excellent Magento apps!

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7+ Tips To Minimize Customer Returned/Cancellation Order

Give out the clear information 

According to a GS1 UK survey, 42 percent of respondents had abandoned a purchase due to a lack of information. Providing detailed information covering all of your product specifications, utility, and pricing can help to reduce the likelihood of cancellations and returns.

Moreover, the brand should also consider enabling easy access to support agents for customers. This encourages customers to reach out for information they can’t find elsewhere, which can probably build their trust in your business. 

Focus on product images

Secondly, the product images perform a vital role in online purchasing because they are the only way for a buyer to inspect a product in detail. As a result, product images must be of high quality and possible to take from every angle. They must justify the product description and make it understandable to the buyer.

Customer testimonials

Customers reviews are one of the most critical factors that can directly enhance the credibility of your brand. These feedbacks are more reliable than your own words in the introduction product process.  

Customer testimonials

So, suppose a buyer previously returned a product due to limited usability. In that case, his subsequent review can aid in preventing orders from customers who would be ordering merchandise for the same use case. As a result, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of future return orders and can navigate to the target customers. 

Besides, merchants can install some Magento apps to make this process smoother! Don’t forget to read the whole article to obtain all the best modules for your online store!

Communicate with shoppers

Another reason for the increase in cancellations metric is the lack of communication with your customers. Bear in mind to keep your shoppers “in the loop”. 

For instance, if you’re restocking an item and it will cause a delay in shipping, send the shopper a message about this information. If you have closed the warehouse for stock-taking, don’t forget to notify customers of the delay.

Besides, store owners must respond to customer support requests as soon as possible. If a customer feels ignored or loses faith in the merchant, they are far more likely to cancel an order.

Build the customer’s trust 

One of the most common reasons customers decide to cancel their order is that they suddenly get cold feet about the items or even the merchants. In other words, it is known as “buyer remorse”. In this situation, customers have second thoughts and don’t want to purchase your store’s products anymore.

Build the customer’s trust

There are some main explanations for this situation: 

1 – They have some substitutes or no longer need this product anymore. 

2 – They read some negative feedback or word-of-mouth about your product and brand.

3 –  Delivery issues and losing contact with the brand.

As a result, building trust and bonds with your consumers is the most critical step to avoiding cancellation orders. And maintaining positive shopper feedback across multiple online marketplaces is one of the best solutions. 

For example, if you are listed on sites like Review Centre and Trust Pilot, keep an eye on your rating and listen to your customers’ words. Also, remember to respond to them appropriately and fastly. 

Verify highly-value COD orders

When shipping a high-value COD product, an unavailable customer can cause your company significant logistical and financial issues. Before delivering a COD order, it is always preferable to confirm the customer’s availability. This can prevent last-minute cancellations and save you a lot of money.

Display the expected delivery date

The estimated delivery date allows the buyer to plan their order. If the buyer requires the order immediately, they will not make the purchase, and customer satisfaction will not suffer. Keeping the process as transparent as possible allows the buyer to create a more informed purchase decision and enables sellers to reduce return orders.

One tip to ease this process for merchants is to install the Magento apps, such as order delivery date extension, etc. 

Invest in expedited delivery

Expedited delivery is a shipping method that allows the product to be delivered within 1 to 2 days. Most customers look for expedited shipping to receive their products as soon as possible. This way of shipping can assist store owners in lowering cancelation orders. 

Invest in expedited delivery

Prime 04 Magento Apps To Get Over Cancellation Nightmare

Magento 2 Product Images by Customer – 35$

The first extension to alleviate the cancel-order issue is the Magento 2 Product Images by Customer developed by BSS Commerce. 

To be honest, the product images provided by the merchant are not enough to raise the trust of your customers. They are more likely to place their faith in the actual items’ pictures of the previous buyers than the store owners. 

Hence, Product Images by Customer extension is a fantastic solution to solve this problem. This Magento app is an excellent choice for allowing users to upload images of products to your website to share their actual experiences.

Magento 2 Product Images by Customer

As you can see, this is a highly effective but cost-free method of advertising your products. Customers can help you improve the trustworthiness of your product.

Take a look at the outstanding features of this Magento 2 extension:

  • Registered users and guests can upload their product images to Magento websites
  • Notification emails are sent to the admin when customers upload images
  • Manage uploaded images in a grid table and allow admin to perform mass actions: Approve/ Disapprove/ Delete
  • Control the display of approved images in a stunning slider

Magento 2 Order Delivery Date – 79$ 

The second one we want to recommend to you is Magento 2 Order Delivery Date which BSS Commerce also released. With this module, customers can select a preferred date and time for orders to be delivered at their convenience – directly during the checkout process. Thus, no more order cancellations because of delivery-time issues!

Magento 2 Order Delivery Date

Besides, they can also add a quick note in the comment section that helps merchants make a better shipment. 

Key features of this Magento app:

For Customer:

  • Pick up the expected delivery date and time at the checkout
  • Leave additional information/notes for the merchant in the delivery comment

For Admin:

  • Exclude specific day/time from the delivery date based on the availability
  • Edit and add order delivery date to related documents (orders, invoices, email, etc.)
  • Support API order attributes

Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension – 99$

Thirdly, don’t forget to look at the detail of the Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension! This is one of the most effective modules you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to minimize the order cancellation metric.

The Magento 2 advanced reviews extension enhances your store’s product reviews and rating functionality. Furthermore, it also increases the usefulness of your reviews and the trustworthiness of your products.

Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension

Core functionalities of this Magento app:

  • Detailed product reviews in Magento 2 with pros and cons specified by buyers
  • Enrich product rating system with custom rating value (price, quality, etc..)
  • Visualize Magento reviews rating ratio with a Rating Summary Graph
  • Advanced product review filter by pros and cons and sort by product rating, date, and helpfulness
  • Enable voting for helpful/unhelpful reviews and sharing via social networks
  • Reduce spam and fraud with the report reviews feature
  • Review access restrictions for admins at the backend

Zip Code COD Check for Magento 2 – 39$

This extension uses an automated system to determine whether or not the COD payment option is available for your website’s Zip code. Thus, employing such a system can reduce your workload while also ensuring that your work is error-free.

Zip Code COD Check for Magento 2

Outstanding features of this Magento app: 

  • Import files containing information about available COD pin codes.
  • Add the pin codes’ corresponding working days.
  • Enter as many pin codes as you want.
  • The automated system removes the COD option when a customer center’s pin codes are ineligible.
  • Cross-browser compatibility and a mobile-responsive design are required.
  • From the admin panel, you can enable or disable this extension.

In A Nutshell

We hope that the above information will assist you in a better understanding of order cancellation and all the practical tips to mitigate return orders in your Magento 2 store. 

Moreover, don’t forget to look at the most outstanding Magento apps to diminish the cancellation nightmare for your brand. Try it out and explore all the fantastic features!

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