Magento Default Search vs Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete

Magento Default Search vs Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete

by Van Nguyen

Store owners nowadays take more and more concerns about shopping experience because it is one of the decisive factors to determine purchase behavior of customers. Beside some aspects related to enhancing shopping experience such as speeding up sites, providing quicker order process or creating one-page checkout, the flexible search function is also very essential for Magento stores to take into careful considerations.

As you know, searching perhaps is the first action that customers carry out when visiting an online store. They seek for their desired products and other related ones suitable with their demands. Therefore, the search step can be considered as the direction to move customers toward purchasing products and also a lot of other action on the site. It is of course that Magento default supports online stores a search tool with necessary functions to help customers seek for products quickly, but is it enough to provide customers with the best experience?. Let’s take a look our below comparison between Magento default search and a search extension to figure out which one store owners had better use to achieve the highest efficiencies.

The extension used to compare with Magento default search is Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete developed by BSSCommerce that can optimize the search process in the fastest way.

Keyword issues

As usual, when we search for any product on a website, we will use keywords related to this product to get the most exact results. For Magento search default, this process is similar to typing keywords into the search box, and there are some suggestions for customers to determine which one is matched with their seeking products. For example, if you put “sh” into the search box, results are suggested as below:


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You can see these suggestions containing “sh” and also the number of products with names including “sh.”

However, there is a problem that results are not detailed, and they cannot show you your desired products correctly. Meanwhile, if you install Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete for your site, everything is different. You will type the same “sh” in the search box and check results as below:

alt="magento-advanced-search and fast-autocomplete"

It is precisely that the Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete module can give you all related products with images and short descriptions. Moreover, when you add keywords (even 1 or 2 characters) and this module will highlight these characters to help you clarify and easily recognize products in relation with typed keywords. Therefore, we can see a thorough outcome even including prices of products to help you compare among them right on search results.

Search speed

When you start searching on Magento default search, you have to wait for a little bit time to display outcomes which can cause customer dissatisfaction due to slow search. However, this problem becomes easier than ever with Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete because it is sure that this module will bring customers the quickest search tool in the world. Right after customers type words into the search box, results will appear immediately without any waiting interval. This is one of the most awesome features BSSCommerce is very proud to guarantee with customers about high search quality.

The arrangement of search results

With Magento default search, search results are mixed under no particular order or relevance principles. It just shows related outcomes along with quantity without detailed information. Therefore, it’s challenging for customers to find out which product is matched with their demand.

On the contrary, Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete displays search results based on a rule that the most matched products will be shown first and other less relevant ones stand behind. This makes customers convenient to select their desired products without additional steps to check as Magento default search. Moreover, you can configure settings for the arrangements in the backend, depending on your requirements to come up with a suitable order.


It’s evident that Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete have more superior features than Magento default search about display as well as customer experience. Notably, even Advanced Search of Magento default hardly brings the best results due to complicated steps. Therefore, as wise Magento store owners, let’s consider Advanced Search and Fast Autocomplete to optimize the search process for customers and also bring many benefits for your business.


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