20 Ideas For Magento Image Label To Increase Sales In Your Store

Magento Image Label is one of the most powerful visual elements you can add to your Magento store to increase conversions.

If you use them properly, image labels can make visitors stop scrolling and click through to certain products.

In fact, some research shows that using image labels can increase 148% in engagement rates and 15% in the conversion rate of your store.

So in this article, we will share 20 ideas for Magento Image Label to boost sales in your store.

Let’s go!

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What Are Magento Image Labels?


Magento 2 image labels are the virtual stickers attached to your product photo to highlight some products and stimulate demand.

You can also use those image labels to inform your customers about special offers or extra information about products (on sale, low in stock, free shipping, etc.)

How To Configure Image Labels In Magento?

Currently, Magento doesn’t support adding image labels by default.

To take advantage of Magento image labels, we strongly recommend using Magento 2 Product Labels by BSS.


This module allows you to upload and create two custom image labels, which gives you the ability to be creative with the product label in your store.

Highlight feature:

  • Freely upload your custom product labels for Magento 2 to use.
  • Drag and drop labels to choose the position.
  • Show various labels on one product.
  • Choose to show labels to targeted customer groups and store views.
  • Apply labels to multiple products by conditions.

20 Ideas For Magento Image Label

There are four main benefits of using Magento Image Label:

  • Grab visitors attention
  • Show off your best products
  • Build credibility for your products by highlighting their special features
  • Create urgency over products by calling attention to expiring deals and limited stocks

And below are some ideas for each type of Magento Image Label.

Image labels for scarcity

These Magento image labels are used to create a feeling of scarcity over your products and nudge customers to buy quickly.

Almost gone


When visitors see that the product is about to go out of stock, they will be tempted to check it to see if they need that product.

Low on stock

Inform customers about products with low stock to make them look at the product more closely.

Back in stock


This image label indicates to customers that the product is in high demand and often goes out of stock. It will nudge them to purchase the item so that they don’t miss it.

Limited edition

Ensure that your limited products get the hype they deserve. Use this label to highlight its short sales period.

Only X left


People usually buy products that they are slightly interested in if they see that those products have very few left in stock.

Use this scarcity tactic to elicit this feeling among your customers.

Image labels for urgency

Urgency is a powerful tactic to drive quicker purchases. These Magento image labels are used to create urgency for your products.

Last day of sale

Leverage your last day of sale by using a product label to inform customers that they will miss out on the product if they don’t shop immediately.

Offer running out

This label can make customers pay more attention to the product.

Pro-tip: You can add this to well-stocked products to increase their sales easily.

Flash sale


This lightning deal tactic works brilliantly to make customers check out your product faster. 

You can add this image label to highlight products that have a time-sensitive discount.

X% off


Labels like “50% off” or “70% off” is perfect for informing your customers about those discounts running in your store.

Clearance sale

Make sure that your last stock of products doesn’t go unnoticed. Use this product label to make those products stand out. 

Image labels for trust

These Magento image labels are used to build trust and make customers more confident about shopping from your store.

As seen on


Build credibility with a product label on products that have been featured on TV shows or publications.

Use this image label to compel customers to check out the product.



If your product ever won an award, make sure to boast about it to let customers know.

And don’t forget to add a short paragraph giving details about the award on the product page.

No toxins


Do you sell products that are known for having toxins added to them? Then you should inform customers about your product’s safety standards. 

COVID safety


Are you selling or manufacturing products specifically for COVID requirements products? 

Then you should add this product label so that customers can quickly find and buy these products.

Image labels for social proof

These Magento image labels are used to show your visitors how well your products are received by other customers and how popular they are.

Deal of the day 

If you have short-term deals, you can draw attention to the deal with this label. 

Use ‘Deal of the day’ product label to inform customers of the time-sensitive deals. You are sure to boost sales with this label!

Online exclusive


Add this label for products that you only sell online.

This can help customers identify these products quicker and make them want to buy the product.

Hard to find

Give your rare products well-deserved attention with this product label. 

It will help you grab the attention of customers who are looking for exclusive items.

Staff picks 

Add this image label on your staff’s favorite products so that customers can check out products that your team loves.

Top selling

Make sure that your customers don’t miss out on top-selling with this product label.

Use this Magento image label on selected products to navigate your customers to products that you want them to notice.



Similar to the “Top-selling” label, this is a trendy image label to navigate customers to your best-selling products. 


In this article, we have shared 20 ideas for Magento Image Label that could nudge more purchases in your store.

We hope this is helpful and good luck to you!

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