Magento Minimum Order Amount In Online Business Practices

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For many shop owners of an online business, the demand for setting a minimum order amount on their online store significantly increase as it helps ensure that the cost of shipping the order is worthwhile for the business. Therefore, their business can make more profit. For online website based on Magento, the answer lies in a function called Minimum Order Amount.

Real-Life Scenarios that daily online shop owners face these days

There are several occasion when you need to ensure that there must be some minimum amount in a shopping cart when customer checkout from a site.

Let us take a simple example. You would like all orders’ subtotal to be at least $ 20. Any order with subtotal is or above $ 20 can be processed to check out. Otherwise, it is disabled. By setting a minimum order amount function in Magento, customers cannot place an order with a subtotal equaling or being less than a specific amount of money.

How can I configure Minimum Order Amount Function in Magento?

To do this log into the admin panel of your Magento and follow steps:

Step 1: Go to System -> Configuration>Sales

In the Sales section, choose the Minimum Order Amount.


Step 2: Minimum Order Amount panel’s operations

The Minimum Order Amount panel will look like this:

Minimum Order in Magento

Choose Yes in Enable field to enable Minimum Order Amount function.

In the field for Minimum Amount field, you can type in the number that you wish to be the minimum order sum.

In Description Message area, it is for the message displayed on the front end page. Once you type the word in this area, if the customer’s order sum of money is less than the minimum amount, this text message would be on display to inform them.

In the text area for Error to Show in Shopping Cart, acting similar as Description message, this text message will be shown for customers when they click on Check out button with their order amount less than the required minimum amount and the shopping cart page will be displayed with the error message posted at the top.

Now, click “Save config” button on the right top of the admin panel to finish your configuration.

Minimum Order Amount in Magento

Minimum Order Amount in Magento

Alright, you have activated Minimum Order Amount function in your online store.

Now, even when the Minimum Order Amount function is ready in your store other problems arose.

  1. You have a different group of customers in your online store, and you want to set separate minimum subtotal for different customer groups.
  2. You have a multi-store view website. You want each store view has its minimum order amount as it’s your business strategy.

Can default Magento Minimum Order Amount help you sort above issues out?

I’m afraid it can’t. But there’s are some solutions out there for your online store.

You have two options for this problem. Option one is to customize your native Magento. To do so, you have to fetch quote and set a minimum order for each group. It is somehow very troublesome, especially for those store owners who have limited knowledge about IT in general and Magento in particular. Nevertheless, the second option may be your best choice. By installing a minimum order amount extension, you can solve the problem of setting a different minimum amount for different customers group per different store view. I see a good one on the market for this, Magento Minimum Order Amount Extension by BssCommerce. You can take a look at the extension Here.

For your website using Magento 2 platform, we also provide a well-compatible version of this extension to suit your needs best: Minimum Order Amount for Customer Group for Magento 2.

Let us see the difference between Minimum Order Amount in native Magento and Magento Minimum Order Amount Extension BssCommerce

Minimum Order in Magento

Minimum Order in Magento

Minium Order Extension

Minimum Order Extension

So now with Magento, you can not only set a minimum order amount for each group of customers but also customize this function in Store view level instead of Website level, which is extremely convenient!

In conclusion, it is beneficial to equip Minimum order amount function in your online store. You can use this function in Magento or more useful, by installing a Minimum order amount extension. It depends on you! Hope this valuable information for you!


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