Magento Out of Stock Notification Extension with Stock Alert Email

by Van Nguyen

Managing product stock, especially out of stock products is one of the biggest concerns for store owners. If customers have an interest in a product, but it is out of stock, store owners risk losing potential customers to their competitor? Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification will solve the problem by allowing customers to subscribe for the out of stock item through an email subscription box. When the product is back in stock, a stock alert email will be automatically sent to the customer.

Benefits Of Magento Out Of Stock Notification

It is a casual case that your customer wants to buy a product that is currently out of stock.

By offering the product stock alert feature in your store, your shoppers will get an email to notify them when the subscribed product is back in stock. It will encourage them to come back to buy when the item is back in stock.

In fact, this type of email has a 35% or higher rate of being opened and read and 25% conversion rate, making the back-to-stock emails one of the most profitable marketing campaigns ever to exist!

Long story short, not only Magento out of stock notification can boost your sales, it also can strengthen your relationship with customers.

Does Magento 2 Support Stock Alert by Default?

The function product alert is supported by Magento 2 default, but it is limited. Only logged-in customers can subscribe to the stock alert. This will be a significant disadvantage for visitors or not-logged-in customers because they won’t be able to get the stock notification for the out of stock product.

Moreover, the default stock subscription doesn’t apply for children product of configurable product, grouped product and bundle product. For example, customers cannot subscribe to a stock alert for the yoga strap 6-foot item of in the grouped product yoga strap.

Magento 2 default doesn't stock alert subscription for child product of grouped product

Can’t subscribe to the stock alert for child product of the grouped product

The Ultimate Solution To Raise Customer Loyalty with Out Of Stock Subscription

To override the limitations of Magento 2 default, BSSCommerce proudly introduces to you Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification as an effective way to enable stock subscription for the not-logged-in customer or any customer groups as wish. The extension also supports out of stock notification for all product types, even the child product of configurable, grouped and bundle product.

With this Out of Stock for Magento 2 extension, customers can get the earliest information on their desired product through notification email sent when a product is back in stock. Store owners can understand customer preference easier and increase customer loyalty.

How Does Magento 2 Out Of Stock Notification Extension Work?

Let’s see the actual work of Out of Stock for Magento 2 extension through this demo:

Stock subscription not-logged-in customers (any customer group)

Product stock alert can be set for any customer group including not-logged-in, general, wholesale and retailer customer groups. Therefore, guests or visitors can also sign up for out of stock notification, unlike the Magento 2 default that only enables this function for logged-in customers.

Automatic notification email sent to customers when product is back in stock

send out of stock notification email to customer

Stock alert email automatically sent to customers

For customers who signed up for product stock alert, Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension will automatically send an email notification to them when the item is back in stock. The extension has some advanced function to limit the number of email sent to customers and restrict to send a stock alert email only when the product quantity reaches a certain figure.

Stock alert for children product of configurable product, grouped product and bundle product

magento 2 out of stock notification for child product of configurable product

Allow stock alert subscription for child product of the configurable product

The out of stock notification feature is compatible with all product types, including simple product, configurable product, bundle product, grouped product. More especially, the extension also supports stock alert function for children product of configurable, grouped and bundle product.

Out of stock notification in customer account page

An additional tab named My Product Subscription is included in Customer Account Page. Customers can easily check product subscription information or stop notification for any product here.

Manage customer list that subscribed to product stock alert

magento 2 out of stock notification extension with manage customer subscription grid

Manage customer subscription in a convenient grid

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension allows admin to manage the list of customers subscribes to stock alert along. Admin can check all information in a convenient grid, such as customer email, product name and number of times the stock alert email has been sent.

Email template for stock alert email

Admin can easily configure the stock alert email. Some exciting functions are email template, email sender, and limitation on the number of email sent per customer.


Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification can satisfy the diversified requirement of setting a stock alert for any site. Your customer will highly appreciate your professional service, and you can have a better understanding of customer preference and identify high-demand items to refill stock quickly.


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