Magento Reorder Function An Easy Way to Get More Profits

Magento Reorder Function: An Easy Way to Get More Profits!

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Imagine that you are a customer who is browsing an online store and ordering some products that are similar to your previous order here. No need to look further as last time you did it, the only thing you care about is reordering those products as quickly as possible with some changes in quantities and attributes.

Does Magento support you in rearranging your previously purchased products? Definitely Yes! Magento equips your online store with reordering function, which allows customers to reorder their recently placed ones.

So how Magento Reorder function works?

When reorder function is activated in your Magento, in the front end, all customers’ recent orders will be “saved” in your store.

Customers can find their Recent Orders under their Account Dashboard after they log in. On the right side of each order, there will be a “Reorder” button for customers to click on if they wish to reorder products that they have recently placed.

reorder product default magento

What I benefit from Reorder function?

Reorder within one click!

First and foremost, you can considerably save time for your customers in reordering products.

Instead of going back to the products page, wondering products you wish to buy and place order one by one, customers can now entirely order the whole products in their recent orders.

Make changes to any options in the previous order!

When customers click on the “reorder” button on the right of each previous order, they can see all the products of that order in the shopping cart and, of course, they can make any necessary changes they wish like removing a product, changing the quantity or colour of a product, etc.

How to activate Reorder function in my Magento?

Here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Log in to your Magento admin panel, then go to System -> Configuration->Sales. In the Sales area, choose Reorder.

Just choose Yes in “Allow Reorder” section to enable the Reorder function in your online store.

Step 2: Click on “Save Config” button on the right top of the page to save your configuration. Once the green line on the top left with the content “The configuration has been saved” appears, “Reorder function” is ready in your online store!

Magento reorder function

Existing problems

With a few steps, It’s function has been easily enabled in your Magento site. Now your customers can make reorder quickly instead of coming back to the product page. However, problems still exist.

Let’s stop to see existing issues that the default function of Magento cannot solve and how to make it better.

With default of this extension, a customer only can visit orders one by one.

In the case that a customer wishes to choose some dresses in order no.1 and some socks in order no. 2, they have to go to order no. 1 to select the dresses then order no. 2 to choose the socks.

It is still time-consuming. Another problem is that if a product is no longer available, customers have no way to know it until they go to check out. It means one more valuable amount of time has been wasted.

Reorder Product Extension – A Feasible Solution

Magento 2 Reorder Product List by BSSCommerce is one of the most viable solutions for these drawbacks.

magento 2 reorder product list

The debut of Magento Reorder Extension outweighs the default it’s functions and makes the reorder process more straightforward with below outstanding features:

“My Reorder Products” section

As mentioned above, it is time-consuming and inconvenient for customers to recall each order when they want to reorder.

Now with the new section “My Reorder Products” added to the customer’s account page, all the recently ordered products will be shown, and customers need to click on the reorder button next to the product.

magento reorder

“Out of stock” display for unavailable products

If customers reorder a product and continue to check out, and then find out it has been out of stock, of course, they will be disappointed.

To avoid this annoying situation, Reorder Extension allows displaying “Out of stock” instead of “Add to cart” button for no longer available products.

Customers can easily see the current status of the product and have not to waste time to reorder it. It is a new function compared with default Magento.

Customers’ personalization of “Reorder Products” page

Moreover, understanding the customer’s need of controlling their own “Reorder Products” page, this extension lets them classify products based on Recent orders, Name, or Price in “sort by” filter.

On this page, customers also can take a look at some overall information of those products including name, price, and SKU because it is shown when clicking on the product’s image.

Display products’ details when hovering product’s name

magento reorder hover

When customers hover the names of products, there will be a popup showing all detailed information about this product.

Easy setup orders to be displayed on “My Reorder Products” page by admins

In Magento, admin can enable Reorder function, but cannot control which orders will be applied.

With “Maximum order amount” function, admin can limit the orders to be displayed on My Reorder Products page.

Once this area is filled, only recent orders with a total are or less than that amount can be displayed. Otherwise, it is not.

For better understanding, let us take the backend of Magento Reorder Extension by BssCommerce as a typical example.

Magento Reorder Product Extension

By and large, it is advantageous to equip Reorder Function to your store. Make the reorder process more comfortable for customers by installing Reorder Extension.

Do you want to maximize the profit from the Reorder Function?

magento 2 reorder product list

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