Magento Security Scan tool

How Magento Security Scan Tool Provides Great Security to Your Storefront

by Van Nguyen

eCommerce sites are prime targets of malware and digital skimming, putting your customers’ information at risk. Business owners may be held liable for data breaches, so it’s essential to keep your storefront as secure as possible.


The average data breach costs a total of $3.86 million, and instances are growing all the time. Fortunately, Magento helps protect your business from hackers and digital skimming attempts with their new Magento Security Scan tool.

What is Magento Security Scan Tool?

The Magento Security Scan Tool is a new service that Adobe offers to Magento Commerce or Magento Open Source users. Merchants can use the tool to monitor their eCommerce sites for unauthorized access and other security risks, including malware.


Regular monitoring is a crucial component of any eCommerce security campaign since the sooner you can detect and resolve security threats, the less damage they’ll be able to do. The Magento Security Scan Tool helps with this by updating merchants of any threats they may have missed.


By now, you might be wondering how much this additional service costs. Well, believe it or not, it’s entirely free for Magento merchants. But business owners aren’t the only ones who can use this powerful new security tool; authorized developers can also access the service directly within their Magento Account. If you’re looking for a developer who has experience using Magento, a good idea would be to read a freelance developer hiring guide, which will walk you through the process and will help you find the right candidate faster than usual. 


The tool is regularly updated, so keeping your site secure has never been easier. The service provides merchants and their teams the ability to be proactive about securing their customers’ vital personal and banking information.

Magento Security Scan Tool Compatibility

If you have a Magento storefront, the chances are good that you’ll have access to the service since it’s compatible with all versions of:

  • Magento Commerce
  • Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Magento Open Source
  • Magento Community Edition

Adobe plans to make the service available for all of its Magento products eventually, but right now it’s limited to its commerce products.

Magento Security Tool Features

So how exactly can the Security Scan Tool keep your data safe from hackers and data skimming? Let’s take a look.

Magento Security Tool Features:

  • Real-time insights into your Magento store’s security status
  • Best practices suggestions to resolve issues
  • Over 17,000 security tests
  • Security reports that monitor your progress over time
  • Scan report that shows successful and failed checks
  • Recommended further action if checks fail

All of these features are easily accessed right from your Magento Marketplace account. To do so:

  • Click on the “Security Scan” tab
  • Select Run Scan from the Actions column

The resulting report will tell you what was scanned, notify you of any issues, and suggest actions to resolve problems that the scans found.

Magento Security Scan Tool Set Up

It’s easy to put off important things like setting up new security scans, and we’ve done it. But Adobe takes away any excuses by making the process quick and easy.

The process to get started with the Security Scan Tool is straightforward and can be done directly in your Magento Marketplace account.

You can find the step-by-step instructions here, but you’ll basically just have to:

  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Add your website(s) to the list of sites to be monitored and verify ownership using a confirmation code
  • Decide how often you want regular automatic scans to happen (weekly is recommended)

In addition to the automatic scans, you can go into the “Security Scan” tab any time to run a scan then and there, which is handy if you suspect your store has been compromised.

Secure your Magento ecommerce website

Adobe’s Partnership With Sansec

Sansec is one of the premier eCommerce malware and vulnerability detection providers in the world, with a database of almost 9000 malware and vulnerability signatures. Magento merchants now benefit from Sansec’s expertise in data skimming prevention due to their recent partnership with Adobe.


Thanks to the Adobe-Sanjsec relationship, the Magento Security Scan Tool has enhanced features that provide even more security to merchants. You can monitor your store in real-time and run thousands of security tests, plus you’ll have access to more threat signatures than ever.


New threat signatures are analyzed each week, updating Magento’s tool continuously, adding hundreds of new threats each month. That ensures merchants are safe from even the latest threats out there.


Make sure to keep your Magento system updated regularly in order to get the most out of these up-to-the-minute security updates. The best way to stay ahead of hackers is to be proactive, rather than waiting until a data breach happens to respond.

Increase Your Storefront’s Security

Using a service like Magento Security Scan Tool will increase your storefront’s security and prevent costly data breaches that can cost you and your customers a lot of time and money.

It monitors your system from all angles and identifies:

  • Out-of-date software
  • Security misconfiguration
  • Digital skimming injections
  • Potential malware and vulnerabilities on the web store
  • Potentially vulnerable extensions
  • Out-of-date security patches
  • Scheduling on-demand or recurring scans according to your preference
  • Suggesting fixes for any failed security tests

Initiating a plan for your business’s security best practices takes a little effort. Still, it’s nowhere near the amount of hassle you’ll have to deal with if your site’s security is compromised.

eCommerce Security Best Practices

Remember that the Magento Security Scan Tool is just one component to add to your eCommerce security best practices. The essential elements include:

  • Only using reputable hosting providers and solution integrators
  • Running your site over an encrypted HTTPS channel
  • Keeping software and security patches up-to-date
  • Using strong passwords that are changed regularly
  • Regularly monitoring your system for threats using a tool like Magento Security Scan Tool


You can access the Magento Security Scan Tool right from your Magento Marketplace Account, so it’s incredibly easy to enable and use. The tool’s ease-of-use, combined with the amount of protection it offers to your storefront, make it an indispensable eCommerce security solution.

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