7 Reasons to Use Localization if You Want to Grow Your Magento Store

eCommerce industry experts who want to grow their store can find the solution in Magento store localization. Considering that Magento is one of the most popular online marketplaces, not conforming to the needs of international buyers would be a huge miss.

Some of the biggest brands such as Coca-Cola and Ford trust and use the Magento platform which clearly indicates how much potential it has. However, it depends solely on you whether you’ll take advantage of it. 

Magento has a worldwide presence, and with customization and localization, you can take your online business to the next level. We have revised the benefits of localization and singled out the following reasons that can convince you of the importance of localization.

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1. Reaching New Markets

Localization can open new doors for your Magento store and introduce you to the audience from different countries. Limiting yourself to local communities can stop you from achieving better results and growing your business.


For an online business, the international market is usually the next step when you decide to spread your brand. A new market may be an unknown territory but it brings you the opportunity to advance your business.

You may think that your products or services are for local purposes but have you ever offered your product internationally? These thoughts are only assumptions.

With localization, you will have a possibility to test how your products perform outside your typical local audience. This can give you fresh ideas on how to improve your products and make them more attractive to the mass audience.

2. Improving User Experience

Users want to browse for products in their own language and localization can make it happen. Did you know that 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if the product information is available in their native language?

The research shows that the language of the website or product information is a big part of consumers’ purchasing decisions.


It’s quite simple if you think about it. Spending money on products isn’t easy. People want to understand completely what they will invest their money in.

With localized Magento store, you’ll win over local and international buyers whose native language isn’t English. No matter how many people understand English, if they have a different native language, they will feel more comfortable if they can read the information in their first language.

3. Adapting to the Target Culture

Unlike translation, localization takes the target culture into consideration. These two notions cause confusion for many so let’s clarify that first. The translation is turning content from one language into another. On the other hand, localization includes translation but it also considers the culture, customs, and beliefs of the target country/culture. 


Localization ensures that content is personalized for people in the target culture. Therefore, they will be more accepting and attracted to your store.

When you consider that only 11% of the websites using Magento are based in the U.S., you can see how diversified this platform is. Adapting your e-commerce store to various audiences and respecting their differences along the way will present your business as dedicated and trustworthy.

4. Approachable Technology

The blessing we received in the 21st century is the advanced technologies. There is a solution to every problem and better yet, the internet makes it easily reachable.

Even if you aren’t very knowledgeable about localization, that shouldn’t hold you back. With the help of technology like Grammarly and localization experts, you won’t have any trouble to localize your Magento store.


The process itself is quite simple but in case you don’t have time to deal with that, you can always check out academic writing companies, find the best writer in the business and connect him with a localization professional. Once you establish your team of professionals, you can sit back, relax, and wait until the job is done.

5. Standing Out Among the Competition

Localization can be the determining factor that will differentiate you from your competitors. In the pursuit of that X factor that will help you stand out, localization can be what you are looking for.


So, how does localization help you beat the competition?

Let’s say that you want to dominate the local market. However, there are several strong competitors that are holding you back because of their similar offers.

If you localize your store, customers whose native language isn’t English will feel more confident in buying the product from your store. Considering that there are many bilingual people in all countries, localization can be a card up your sleeve.

6. Increased Sales

As it was already mentioned, consumers are more likely to buy a product when the website is in their native language. Additionally, spreading your efforts to new markets will also bring a wave of new customers. Combining all the elements of localization that attract new consumers, it is pretty clear that increased sale rate is inevitable.


Localizing your Magento store can seem like a risk at first but it’s not. It is a good investment.

No matter what type of business you run, you have to improve it if you want to progress. You can’t expect that sales will rise without any effort. Localize your store and power it up with an effective social media campaign. Remember that success won’t come to you if you don’t work for it.

7. Improved ROI

Targeted and localized content gears your store towards better ROI. Instead of trying to improve your ROI with untested or risky options, you should give localization a chance. 


The positive impact of localization on businesses’ ROI isn’t just a myth. It is a fact. The research shows that businesses that localized their content were 2.5 times more likely to experience year-on-year profit growth, and 1.8 times more likely to experience revenue growth.

 With the increasing demand for online products and the popularization of online shopping, this is the perfect time to localize your store. The ability to communicate information in the customers’ native language is a solid approach to growing revenue and increasing profits.

Final Thoughts

The goal of any entrepreneur is to have a successful business and localization is a path to success. Investing in your Magento store and improving it for the purpose of better customer experience is always a good idea. 

Localization can seem like a challenging process but it is proven to help e-commerce businesses reach new customers and build trust. Your Magento store can benefit from it, too. You just have to give it a try.


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