Magestore POS Review: Streamline Your Omnichannel Retailing

by Juvia

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” — the saying by Miguel Cervantes — author of Don Quixote also applies to businesses. More channels mean more impressions to customers and greater sales. But how to gather all online and offline sales data in a single place to have real-time reports and improve customer experience? An omnichannel POS like Magestore POS will be your go-to solution. This system syncs and centralizes sales data in a hub to facilitate multi-channel selling. Magento merchants like you will have more time to focus on delighting customers to boost sales. Now let’s explore in detail their features and benefits. 

Major trends in Magento and omnichannel retailing

Omnichannel is vitally important

‘Retailers utilizing omnichannel marketing enjoyed a 287% higher purchase frequency compared to single-channel.’ (Source: Omnisend)

As online sales boomed in both volume and value, especially during and after COVID-19, retail businesses have invested more in their online presence. Even though it takes effort and money, omnichannel retailing gives customers more choices, like buying online and picking up in-store, or buying in-store and having purchases shipped. 


‘Companies who invest in strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies can raise retention rate from 33% to 89%.’ (Source:

Strong omnichannel planning and management can give customers a smooth shopping experience across touchpoints, whether they’re buying online or in your physical stores. As customer information is synced across your retail system, your people can learn and quickly solve their problems. Your customers will be happier and 89% more inclined to buy from your company again. 

Physical stores are still indispensable

‘35% of consumers shop in-store mainly for the in-store experience, and another 24% would like to interact with the products before making a purchase.’ (Source:

People always love to touch and try out products before buying. Moreover, in-person shopping gives them a sense of community. Now that people can buy anything anywhere, brick-and-mortar stores no longer function as purely transactional but also can engage customers. Online marketing campaigns can raise customers’ awareness of new or discount products, while retail stores let them try out stuff and speed up purchases. 

Good omnichannel systems can reduce checkout time

‘Customers averagely spend 58% of the time in an in-store pick up at the checkout desk.’ (Source: 

During rush hours or in busy stores, waiting and checking out can take customers up to half of their shopping time. Buying online and picking up in-store could help save customers waiting time and shipping fees. Plus, sound POS systems that sync data both online and offline can quickly give or suggest customers the promoted products and discounts they deserve.  

Smooth customer experience should be prioritized

‘47% of customers will leave you for your competitor if they continuously receive bad experiences.’ (Source:

Regardless of the channels, people always expect enough information and a streamlined experience. If buying online, they do not want a lagging site, slow response time, or answers not meeting their questions. If buying in-store, they would need knowledgeable staff that understands the products and can give recommendations and promotion info. And surely, fast checkout is always a favorite. 

By defining the customer persona and navigating their journey, you should be able to follow in their footsteps and be available when they need. Good customer experience and increased impressions will improve your branding and boost sales. However, managing both online and offline sales is not a piece of cake if you have shattered systems. That’s why today we will look at Magestore Omnichannel POS for Magento 2, which provides easy and instant data sync between Magento and retail stores. 

Magestore POS: Expand your Magento’s use in both online and offline sales 

Feature overview

Fast ordering with product scan

Magestore POS for Magento provides scan functionality that helps find products and reduces order time. It could take under 1 minute for the whole process of opening the POS, adding the products, creating the invoice, and getting paid. 

Sync order data in real-time

Once orders are created in POS, they will be reflected immediately in Magento. The flow will be just like any online order on your Magento online store, including product option selection or tax calculation.

Sync customer data in real-time

Data is shared between POS and the Magento site, so there are no different or missing info issues. All purchasing data and rewards points are synced from Magento to POS and vice versa, giving customers consistent and smooth shopping experiences. 

Sync product data in real-time

Magestore Magento POS allows for efficient inventory data sharing between the point of sale and the Magento website. All your product attributes, pricing, and details are consistent and real-time updated between the two ends to simplify your multi-location inventory management.  

Support flexible buying options

This Magento POS software allows you to offer customers flexible shopping and payment options, such as buying online and picking up at store, buying in-store and getting shipped to home, and ordering online and paying at store.

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Ensure your customers enjoy the same loyalty programs regardless of buying locations

Your in-store and online sales can share the same loyalty programs. Hence, customers can redeem points at purchases and use them in future orders. You just need to create special promotions and reward rules regarding products, shopping carts, or customer groups.

Provide real-time and accurate POS reporting

You can check the sales metrics of any retail store with sales value, profit, and profit margin. Working sessions are recorded in detailed reports for you to view at any time.

Comprehensive Magento functionalities in this PWA POS 

The Magestore POS can integrate with a lot of Magento built-in features like Magento Inventory and Gift Card. You can also enhance your store power with extensions from Magento Marketplace. 

The POS solution works for both Magento Open Source and Commerce. It is also compatible with all the latest Magento updates like PWA, Elasticsearch, GraphQL, and Magento 2.4. 

Fully support MSI 2.4

You can create multiple sales channels with separate salable quantities via Stock. And then use Sources to monitor the actual amount in physical warehouses. When you link your POS to the equivalent Stock, it will auto-get all the inventory data.

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Offer endless customization possibilities 

To extend the POS functionalities, you can either add Magento extensions or create your own features. Magento experts from Magestore will work closely with you on solution design, implementation, and maintenance, so you can rest assured of following the best standards in Magento. 

Support all browsers and can work in offline mode

Magestore’s Adobe POS lets you skip all the complicated app installation and setup. Instead, your Magento POS can run on any browser, with the best speed and responsiveness owing to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology by Google. In addition, you can utilize the POS on tablets to take orders on the sales floor, at events and fairs, or in pop-up stores. 

Even in case of internet failure, you will not miss sales. If there’s no internet connection, this retail POS will auto-switch to the offline database. 

Smoothly integrate with multiple marketplaces and retail systems

Magestore’s Magento POS works well with multiple marketplaces, like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, and with other retail apps, including payment gateways, ERP, CRM, accounting systems, or logistic solution providers. With this POS for Magento, you can increase your online presence, while still keeping your existing software. Rest assured that your data shall be transferred easily across platforms, giving you an accurate and live view of your entire business operations.

Pricing policy 

Magestore Magento 2 POS offers flexible pricing policies for your business’s long-term growth and scalability, that are based on your business size, unique requirements, and goals. 

  • Number of stores: You need to pay only once for the POS license, with the store count fitting your needs at the time of purchase.  
  • Complexity level: Magestore has dedicated account managers who work closely with you to define your business operations, and draft optimal plans for you. 

By buying this POS retail system, you will enjoy these benefits: 

  • Free consultation on your business roadmap 
  • 100% ownership of the system and data, compared to a cloud-based POS
  • 1-year free warranty that saves you a thousand dollars
  • Prompt and professional support via Slack
  • 90-day money back for your license if you are not 100% satisfied 
  • 1 dedicated team that handles the project for you from solution-building to maintenance

Trial version 

Magestore POS for Magento has no trial version, but you can request a custom demo and test it as much as you wish and ask them about any concerns. As Magestore POS is an open-source POS you can easily customize it for your business demands.

License usage

After buying the POS solution, you will get a license serial, valid for one dev and one live Magento installation. Magestore doesn’t charge extra fees for additional users and devices. 

Support policy and other services

With the web POS Magestore, you will get a 1-year warranty free of charge, and this is their Standard support. To have more priority support, you can consider their Premium Support service in the next section. The warranty period starts when your POS system has the first order. From the second year onward, you can consider renewing the warranty package. 

Other POS services provided by Magestore are: 

  • POS Customization: includes 3 services: 
    • Add more functionalities
    • Expand in devices like hardware or payment terminals 
    • Integrate with many 3rd party software options, i.e. ERP or CRM 
  • POS Implementation: comes with many benefits to your business:
    • Expert consultation 
    • Speedy installation 
    • Ideal configuration, along with an agile and professional project implementation process
  • POS Premium Support: Besides Standard support, Magestore offers Professional and Real-time support. 
  • POS Go-live: There are 4 options, which are Basic, Premium, Real-time remote, and On-site, to help you roll out your POS. They differ in first response time, dedicated expert, priority support, and support channels. 
  • System Operation: Magestore provides 4 services:
    • IT Infrastructure Monitoring: hosting, network, storage, middleware, backups, etc. 
    • Magento Core Maintenance: installing, upgrading, daily monitoring, synchronization, etc. 
    • Third-party Maintenance: diagnosing and fixing issues, etc. 
    • Data Management and Training: import/export data, adjust master data, modify configurations, feature use guiding, etc.

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Pros and Cons of Magestore POS

Compared to other well-known Magento POS providers like Ebizmarts, Webkul, Lightspeed, and Vend, Magestore has pros and cons below. 


  • Native to Magento
  • Intuitive interface for ease of use
  • Create and process orders in less than 1 minute
  • Sync inventory, orders, products, and customer data across systems in real-time
  • Scalable and customizable to business needs
  • Easy to integrate with marketplaces, software, hardware
  • Work well on iPads, desktops
  • Flexible payment with gift cards, store credits, or reward points
  • Offer multiple refund options, i.e. store credits, reward points, gift cards, etc. 
  • Provide offline mode in case of Internet error
  • Support token-based authentication
  • Come with POS performance tracking
  • Free first-year warranty and 90-day money back for license


  • No free trial
  • Require technical knowledge to set up the POS

Who should use Magestore POS? 

Trulieve is one of Magestore’s customers, based in the U.S.

Based on the features and policies, we can see that Magestore POS is suitable for: 

  • Medium to large-sized businesses
  • Popular industries: Fashion, Sports, Furniture, Electronics, Vaping
  • Retailers want a fast, scalable, and customizable POS
  • Retailers want a one-time payment and no recurring charge after that
  • Retailers wish to use POS on multiple devices 
  • Need dedicated support

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1. Does Magento have a POS? 

Magento does not offer POS functionality by default. You can look for other solution providers on the market, like Magestore POS, Ebizmarts, Webkul, Lightspeed, and Vend. 

2. What is open-source POS? 

Open-source POS, like that of Magestore, is a POS software that allows for modifications and customizations.

3. What is a POS point of sale cashier?

A POS cashier is a person working at the POS checkout in your physical store, using the POS software to create orders for customers, possibly with the help of POS hardware. 

4. How does the point of sale system work? 

A POS solution like Magestore’s helps merchants checkout orders, sync data between online and offline sales channels in real time, and provide sales reports. It allows the sharing of inventory, product, and customer data back and forth, all while making order management at ease for omnichannel businesses. 

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