[New Release] Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension: How Effective It Is?

[New Release] Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension How Effective It Is

[New Release] Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension: How Effective It Is?

In Ecommerce, one of the most important and essential things is the setting process in the backend because it is the origin of all displays you would like to show for customers in the front end. Therefore, how to optimize the setting process has been still a very concerned issue by administrators.

For Magento sites, in the usual way, when doing the setting process in the backend, administrators often carry out step by step. It means that administrators set up, then save the configuration and open the front end page to check how these things are displayed. However, this method often takes much time to do and easily cause mistakes. Meanwhile, BSSCommerce has done research and developed an extension called Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension to help administrators to reduce setting steps and limit errors at the lowest level.

One of the most prominent functions of Magento Admin Product Preview Plus is to allow you to check the frontend at the same time with making configuration. With “View Product” button added in Product Grid Table or Product Information Page, you can quickly get access to the frontend product page. A new tab will be opened in order not to interrupt your configuration.


Similarly, you can review Categories from Manage Categories Page by clicking to View Category button. Also, you also visit the frontend pages in CMS Page with the “View Page” button added in Edit Page.


Therefore, Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension helps you can save a lot of time and optimize the setting up the process because you do not need to keep all configuration before going to the frontend page and check out everything displayed.

It is not all about this extension. Another noticeable feature of this product is that you can check customer and product information when processing orders at ease. You can see the frontend product page just by clicking product name on Orders Page. In term of customer information, when you click their names in the Bill, Invoices, Shipment or Credit memos from the backend, the customer information will be displayed in a new tab.


Last but not least, Shipping Address is linked directly to Google Map. You can quickly determine exactly your customer’s address to calculate the cost or other related factors.  It is very advantageous for your shipment management.


With advantages mentioned above, there is no doubt that Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension is a must-have extension for your Magento online store. Furthermore, it is a pity if you miss the special discount event of BSSCommerce for Magento Admin Product Preview Plus Extension.  Just by using coupon code “bss10%”, you will be discounted 10% when buying this extension.

To get more details, please visit our Magento store and explore demos for its functionality



If you have any further questions about Magento Admin Product Preview Extension, please contact us via Live chat, email, and Skype for best support from BSSCommerce team.

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