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10 Must-Know PWA Games: Which One Have You Played?

by Jayden Nguyen


If you are interested in discovering the world of PWA and PWA games, this article is for you. As PWA, or Progressive Web App, is getting much more popular in recent years, knowing about PWA and examples of PWA has become a necessity for anyone with a desire to develop digital businesses. Are you one of them? Then click “Complete Beginner’s Guide For You To Build An ECommerce PWA” to grasp the basic idea of what we are getting into.


As you can see, PWA is doubtlessly on its way to becoming the future of eCommerce and more. Having caught up to that, the gaming industry has utilized the technology to introduce many well-loved games on smart devices. We have prepared here a quick rundown of the hottest PWA games on the market in 2022. Scroll down to rocket more games to play, as well as learn how to boost one of your own to complete success.

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Why are PWA games so special?

There are so many genres of digital games available on the market right now, and with that come along many ways to develop them. The gaming industry also constantly updates itself with fancy technology and pushes out brand new updates every now and then. So are PWA games so special that we have to spend an entire article discussing them? What sets PWA games apart from the rest? The answers are right below. Take a look.

PWA games are a mobile gamer’s dream

Being great examples of PWA, PWA games have got basically every awesome function of the Progressive Web App technology. We have selected the 4 most well-loved factors of PWA games according to gamers’ opinions. 


You can “Add To The Home Screen”


pwa games a2hs

A2HS, or “Add to the Home Screen” is an impressive functionality of PWA. Thanks to it, PWA gamers can easily add their chosen games right to the home screens of their phone in literally no time. This helps quicken the process of signing into the game. Gamers no longer have to go through the whole tiring sequence of wandering across the app stores, asking for the platforms’ permissions, and installing (sometimes step by step) a Native App game as usual. Enjoy your PWA games without any hassle right now! 


Offline mode’s always ready


pwa games offline

Nothing dampens my good mood like the moment when I realize I couldn’t play a game because I’ve got no Internet. I’m sure you have experienced that before too. With PWA games though? That is totally the past.

Playing PWA games means you are privileged to have Offline Mode – the apps’ ability to run under a weak Internet connection, or even no Internet at all. The experience, however, will still stay as smooth and enjoyable as ever. So no worries, and play away!


Minimum data usage


Another common problem with mobile games is their data usage. These apps tend to take up a lot of space within your devices, which can be quite inconvenient. Good news for you then, because PWA games are here to fix that situation. According to recent reports, the majority of present PWA games only use about 10% of data compared to Native App games. These cool examples of PWA also take up 25 times less storage space than normal. Now you can freely download the games and still maximize your smart items to accomplish other tasks.


Maximum accessibility


Getting access to the games you want has never been this simple. One of the best things about PWA games is their cross-platform format. You can now sign in to the game on multiple devices, smartphones, computers, and tablets alike. Android and iOS users also don’t have to worry about “system jumping” between each other – the games stay the same however you play them. Save the process, and come back whenever you want.  

With all the strengths, Progressive-Web-App-assisted games are now targeting a wider range of audiences than ever. The number of players, therefore, is also increasing day by day. Don’t hesitate to be a part of this growing community ASAP!

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PWA games – The Latest Goldmines for Developers

Users are not the only ones who are captivated by PWA games. Game developers all around the globe are looking towards the future of these amazing examples of PWA with interest, too. Many of them have already started dipping into this area. Below are some reasons why we call PWA games “The Goldmines for Developers.”


Cost efficiency 


Without a doubt, PWA games are much more penny-saving than Native Game ones. Usually, a Native App game’s starting cost is about $200K. This is the basic number for a simple game (e.g: PingPong) only. More complex and fully developed games would definitely require an even bigger amount of money. 

pwa games cost

With a PWA game, the cost goes way down thanks to simpler development and shorter processes involved. To kickstart one, you only need about – guess what – $5K. So if you are only a small startup, PWA games are what you should go for to save the precious dimes. And if you’ve already had a Native App plan going? Migrating to PWA might help you out a lot, financially speaking, in the long term.


Mobile devices’ compatibility


Nearly 7 billion smartphones are being used in the world at the moment. This is a big reason why PWA games are blowing up. Considering that these examples of PWA are created to be highly compatible with the mobile device experience, it’s a no-brainer why developers love PWA games. They are the tickets to making the games known to a huge audience, hence having a bigger chance of being successful.

Being examples of PWA, PWA games also possess all Progressive Web App functions. This allows developers to play around a lot more comfortably, and add great features to help them connect more with current players. Some of the most applied features are offline mode, push notifications, and app-like displays.


Good PR strategies


pwa games pr marketing seo

With characteristics not unlike a Native App, PWA games allow users to share information to different sites, including social media pages. Developers, therefore, utilize this by encouraging their players to post stuff related to the game and interact actively with an online community. This is how PWA games easily gain attention and attraction from gamers from everywhere. 

All the developers need at this point would be a good PR strategy and the right mindset, then they are good to go. 

PWA is a great alternative for a Native App because…:

Top 10 Best PWA Games In 2022

pwa games top 10

We believe that the first parts of this article have hyped you up enough to start looking into the world of PWA games. It can be overwhelming at this point though, so let us help you. Check out the top 10 best PWA games in 2022, brought to you by BSS Commerce.


There’s no better way to start this list with the intriguing Waterwars. This is a game where you relive the classic battleship game format. Players will switch turns, trying their best to sink the ships of their enemies. The one who first sinks all opponents’ ships gets to claim their win. 

If you are competitive and have good gaming senses, make sure to give Waterwars some love. This game can also be a great bonding activity for your family or group of friends because we are confident that Waterwars can hype up even the toughest nuts. 

Waterwars is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. 


pwa games pacman

The legendary Pacman has made a booming comeback with its version of PWA games. Now you can easily revive your childhood memories, and adapt to the new technology at the same time. Can anything be better than that?

We are sure everyone knows how to play Pacman, but if you are a new gamer, here’s a quick game description. You are going to play as a round-shaped, yellow character. Your goal is to eat all the Pac-dots while traveling around the mazes and avoid your enemies – the moving ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. Simple, right? Don’t let that fool you: There has only been one person to beat all levels of this game, ever. Can you be the second one? Find out by playing Pacman’s PWA games today.

The Cube

Currently considered the most popular 3D cube puzzle game among PWA games, The Cube is a definitely must-play name on this list.

pwa games the cube

In The Cube, players will get to figure out a virtual Rubik cube. The rules are the same as with usual Rubiks: you need to find out the way to return each side top its one color. Don’t worry if you don’t finish the challenges: The Cube allows you to finish a game at your own pace, and give you chances to beat your own best time.

Light, responsive, and fun, The Cube is totally as worth playing as its original model. Additionally, the game provides many customization options, so that players can change cube sizes, flip-type, color scheme, scramble length, and more. Suit your taste, friends.

Paper Planes

The main purpose of Paper Planes is to get the planes to fly as far as possible. If you can break the required record, you will receive in-app money to upgrade the planes and go on to beat higher levels. Paper Planes come with stunning visuals, splash screens, and beautiful effects of soaring, as one of many gorgeous examples of PWA. 


Are you tired of playing Tetris? HexTris might be your next obsession. 

A new take on the classic Tetris, HexTris twists this already intriguing game into an incredible mind hack. Players need to constantly stack the colorful blocks along the edges of a hexagon. They also have to connect the blocks of the same color in order to earn scores and clear space for more blocks coming. The game will only stop when blocks are no longer within the gray area of the said hexagon.

Tower Game

Do you think of yourself as a patient person? Rethink that with Tower Game – the ultimate patience test!

Your patience is not the only thing that will be challenged in this game. You also need strategic thinking and planning ability. The main goal of the game is to build your tower as high as possible by aligning the falling-from-the-sky blocks. If you fail, the building will collapse, and the entire process will go back to the beginning. 

With a Lighthouse Score of 100/100, it’s easy to tell how popular Tower Game is compared to other PWA games. Have you tried playing it yet?

Color Troubles

As the name suggests, Color Troubles are all about colors. Players are required to adjust the RGB values by dragging bars and blending the shades of different colors together. The task is completed when you get the exact color spectrums the game asks you to. Color Troubles can be incredibly stimulating to art lovers or artists who are in need of some instant inspiration.


Another classic on this list is Monopong, a variant of the all-time favorite Pong. There are some certain distinctions in this PWA version though: Monopong PWA is set for solo players only, and the table is circular instead of rectangular. The rules, however, stay the same: Move the paddle on the edge and try your best to prevent the ball from exiting the board. The game will record the number of times that you bounce the ball, and decide your success based on that. 

Monopong can work offline and is available on Android. Sadly, the game still hasn’t developed an icon for iOS, so iPhone users will have to wait for now.


Break the lock like a professional with BreakLock, the hybrid of Mastermind, and the Android pattern lock. In BreakLock, players are supposed to find out the secret combinations of locks. After each attempt to crack a lock, BreakLock will tell you how much of your last combination was correct, so that you can use the information to go on until you have broken it completely.

There are 3 modes within this game: practice, challenge, and easy to difficult levels. We wish you good luck to crack every single one of them – pun not intended!

Little Alchemy 2

Last but definitely not least on today’s Top 10 is a little game called Little Alchemy 2. 

Starting out with basic elements such as air, earth, fire, water, etc., players can combine them to come up with brand new elements and items. Little Alchemy 2 has in store about 600 materials for you to explore, so you will never be bored playing it. This is an incredible way to educate yourself about the natural world while having fun along the way.

With an interesting profile like that, no wonder why Little Alchemy 2 scored 100 on Lighthouse’s scale and is well-loved on both Android and iOS systems.


PWA games are not the limit of the PWA technology. Check out these successful examples:

How to push your PWA game to success

pwa games how to

Up until now, we’ve prioritized mobile gamers and PWA games’ potential users. It’s time we showed these examples of PWA’s developers some love. If you find yourself working on a game using PWA, and not knowing how to make it successful, pay attention to this section. We have a compilation of great tips for you.

Come up with unique ideas

Remember, you are competing against thousands, if not millions, of games out there. Authenticity is the only weapon that can efficiently beat this obstacle and bring you to the top. That’s why you need to make sure your game is interesting, one-of-a-kind, and worth playing – more than other games within the same genre, at least. 

Our advice here is that you should know more than anyone about your own resources and capabilities to choose wisely. What you have to consider at this point is your niche, potential competitors and partners, and targeted audience. All of this information is going to help you define your game’s position, and come up with something the industry is really craving to have.

Creating stunning visuals

PWA games are all about the right designs applied to the right places. Refer to some of the games on our above list, and you’ll see that many of them got the success by being aesthetically pleasing. So never undermine this part of the game, and put decent efforts into making it beautiful.

Beauty is, however, not everything. No one likes a pretty but inconvenient game. Especially with PWA games, where gamers play on devices with limited screen space and particular display modes. Your visuals and on-screen elements, therefore, also need to make sense, be easy to maneuver and don’t get in the way of users playing.

Deploy the game to app stores 

App stores are how you push the game to the public and get them popular. That is why you absolutely can not skip this part when releasing PWA games.

First and foremost, you’ll need to sign up for these stores as a developer – this step sometimes comes with certain fees. Get that done, and move on to downloading or setting up the necessary tools that these platforms require. Then you can steadily upload all elements involved in the game there and once you are done, get them out to the world. However, don’t forget to sign basic papers, finish the store listing’s details, and check it constantly for possible problems or bugs. 

Shake hands with professionals

We understand that to develop PWA games, you must already possess a certain impressive skill set and knowledge about gaming and PWA in general. However, the process of creating a proper game, from start to finish, from mere coding to releasing and maintenance, can be totally daunting. How do we know that you ask? It’s because we have helped many customers to overcome this situation before. 

If you are struggling to make your dream PWA games happen, or even if you only want to make it as perfect as possible, don’t hesitate to get professional help. BSS Commerce is proud to introduce ourselves as one of the most professional PWA development companies you can find in the world. With teams of consultants, developers, marketers, etc., always ready to serve, your future PWA games will be in good hands. 

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Closing words

Many developers now believe that browser gaming is going to dwindle in the next few years. Though we can not be sure of that yet, the fact PWA games are the future is obvious already. As a game creator, it’ll be wise for you to quickly seize this opportunity to get your games their own PWA versions right now.


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