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Shopware Extensions You Should Not Miss: 2022 Customer Extension


Shopware and Shopware extensions are getting popular with worldwide eCommerce businesses thanks to their various strengths. The extensions can be super handy when it comes to managing and utilizing your Shopware store. One we’d love to introduce is the “Show Customer Group Registration Link” customer extension, exclusively brought to you by BSS Commerce. 


Read this article to learn all about the extension, and how to use it to maximize your site’s customer experience. Without further ado, let’s get this started!

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Shopware – A Quick Intro

What is Shopware?


Shopware is a German-based eCommerce company, founded in 2000, specializing in supporting digital businesses. This open-source platform has steadily become one of the most significant eCommerce ecosystems in the world over the past 2 decades. 

Being one among 100,000+ customers of Shopware, you will get to try out its unique strength: the ability to self-evolve based on actual user experience. This is the reason why all Shopware online stalls possess their own background and personalities. In recent years, with the help of its latest version, Shopware 6, Shopware continues to impress worldwide developers with various technological wonders and top-notch performances. 



A fresh update from Shopware ecosystems, Shopware 6 is proving its capability as one of the best current eCommerce platforms. All versions of Shopware 6 frontend have full-stack architecture. This is what makes it the perfect candidate for any digital business project. 

The success of Shopware 6 is partly owed to Vue Storefront. Through the collaboration with Shopware, this company has brought out its admirable experience and expertise to perfect the platform. Shopware 6’s high performance, with its customer experience function being a highlight, is definitely desirable to every brand owner within the eCommerce industry. 

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Shopware 6’s Customer Functionality


The target market of Shopware is small-size to medium-size businesses. This is because its main strength lies in the combination of flexibility and reduced complexity. It can provide a plugin that is fast and comes with low expenses at the same time. However, such a level of easiness to migrate also works very well for bigger merchants. These are the ones who require some more efficient yet more cost-saving solutions. Especially if the business owners are already running headless commerce technology, Shopware is a no-brainer choice. Shopware, assisted by Shopware extensions, will for sure adapt smoothly, even with different channels, devices, and content, and offer the best possible UX. 

In short: Shopware is born to elevate the customer experience in an unprecedented manner. 


This fact is even more apparent when we apply it to Shopware 6. Apart from other updates, Shopware 6 can analyze and put a site’s customer data to good use. To be precise, Shopware 6 allows organizing buyers or users into distinctive groups with the same prospects. These groups, afterward, will be adapted to several management chores. As the owner of a Shopware-6-powered store, you will be able to perform tasks like managing the groups, altering the related information, importing & exporting processes, etc. Such capability will work wonders for marketing strategies and other rationalizations of your businesses.

But how, exactly, does Shopware 6 do that? You can find the answer within Shopware’s plugin store. 


This is the home of thousands of Shopware extensions. Enhancing the existing functions, offering tailored tools, and living up to your customer’s expectations are three main purposes of these extensions. Of course, they are certainly capable of achieving that. 

The most attention-worthy customer extension among them would be, without a doubt, the “Show Customer Group Registration Link” tool by BSS Commerce. In the next section, we are going to give this one a throughout analysis. 


Show Customer Group Registration Link: The Best Customer Extension on Shopware

What is the Show Customer Group Registration Link extension?


Show Customer Group Registration Link is one of many Shopware extensions, manufactured by BSS Commerce. This customer extension can display the buyer or user groups on the frontend part of the Shopware store. It is now available on all Shopware 6 platforms. 


The point of this tool is to support Shopware owners in collecting data from the users. This kind of information will be helpful to sort out which the target groups should be, and also to perfect the segmentation process. 


Show Customer Group Registration Link accomplishes this by allowing the admin to show a link that leads to the Customer group registration form. The form lies within the Sign-up page. Moreover, the admin can also use it along with other Shopware extensions to alter, edit, and change details such as its title whenever they desire. 


How Does Show Customer Group Registration Link Work?


As the admin, you will have the authority to customize all Shopware extensions based on your needs. Hence, you can create different sections within a form, and the data collected through the form will be classified. This way, discovering the insights of your customers is no longer a hard task.



Besides this main ability, Show Customer Group Registration Link also simultaneously operates other functions. Let’s dig into them.

  • 1-switch approval process for lightning: This basis allows the users to get through to the form in only one second, ensuring a smooth and immediate customer experience.
  • Support for multiple forms/Customer groups: In this section are all the forms for every customer group available. The visualization is displayed on the frontend part of the Shopware store.
  • Improve the efficiency with which you collect consumer information: Which form titles are compatible with which customer groups? Adjust these details freely to distinguish the groups easier using this portal.
  • Actively monitoring registered accounts: Each customer group’s registration form is fully responsive across all devices. Moreover, you can receive a quick report to confirm the customer’s request in a matter of seconds. The designated registration forms of all customer groups are available right at your fingertips 24/7. Get a notification every time a form comes or fetch the data in this area anytime.

Why is Show Customer Group Registration Link necessary?


The Show Customer Group Registration Link Shopware extension by BSS Commerce is a must-get for your digital businesses for certain reasons. The biggest of all is how positively it can affect the overall performance by improving customers’ registration progress. To break it down, this customer extension will assist you in:

  • Categorizing customer segmentation, organizing retail/wholesale (and many more) for B2B and B2C activities
  • Profiling the buyers to boost targeting and promoting results
  • Providing a customized shopping experience for each customer group
  • Approving account registrations through one click
  • Ensuring a quick and simple registration process for your target audience



In addition, if you are a number type of business owner, you will be impressed by the estimation below. Show Customer Group Registration Link can enhance your Shopware store’s success in every aspect:

  • Increase the returning rates on sales up to 3-5%
  • Cut down customer acquisition costs up to 800%
  • 82% of B2B transactions indicate an increase in value after establishing buyer personas.
  • 46% increase in email open rate, a 27% raised click-through rate via email campaign

All in all, the Show Customer Group Registration Link is the choice for every e-merchant in 2022 and beyond. It helps you understand the clients better than ever before, therefore, attending to their demands easily. Simply relax, and allow amazing Shopware extensions to take the wheels in enhancing the website for you. 


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How to setup Show Customer Group Registration Link extension for your PWA

Installation Instructions


Step 1:

Download Shopware 6 Show Customer Group Registration Link package by BSS Commerce on Shopware store or via BSS Commerce


Step 2:

Click “Upload extension”

Show Customer Group Registration Link extension install

Step 3:

Open “My extensions” and choose the “Install” option for the Show Customer Group Registration Link extension on Shopware 6. 


Application Instructions


Step 1: Enable Plugin

Go to “My extension” → Choose “Apps”, then “BSS Show Link Register Form Plugin”. Enable the plugin then move on to “Configuration”.

Show Customer Group Registration Link extension use

Step 2: Setup displayed form link

In “Setting”, choose “Shop”. You will find your way to “Customer Groups”, where you can “Choose” or  “Add customer group.”

Show Customer Group Registration Link customer


At “Customer group”:
  • Turn the feature on by enabling “Toggle registration form”
  • Enable “Show registration link on Sign up page” to display the signup form link on the site’s frontend area 

At “Registration form”:

Put the Title form and Introduction/SEO meta description in the designated boxes. However, this step is totally optional, so you can skip it and come back later.


At “Link URLs”:
  • Pick the right sale channel through the “Available Sales Channels” box
  • Find the registration form link is in the “BSS shop” box. Finally, make the changes, and don’t forget to click “Save” when you are done.


Your complete order page will show your signup link like the screenshot below. Once you are here, the kickstarting process is complete, and you can now use the Shopware extension to your heart’s extent.


Get professional help for Show Customer Group Registration Link extension


Although the setup process of the Show Customer Group Registration Link extension is quite simple and compact, it is still highly technical. As a result, it can get confusing. Especially so if you are not experienced with Shopware and the art of Shopware extensions yet. Therefore, we suggest you recruit professional help that can assist you during your customer extension project. There’s no better agency than the supporter of this extension itself: BSS Commerce.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading outsourcing technology development in the eCommerce area. With our expertise, experience, and dedication to bringing out the best services for our customers’ platforms, we will be the right choice for your Show Customer Group Registration Link extension project. 


Here are why you will not regret working with BSS Commerce:

  • Competitive price: We provide the best services at the most reasonable prices so that we can all thrive in the harsh eCommerce ecosystem.
  • Dedicated support: From consulting to professional assistance, from developing to maintenance, we’ve got it all. Worry no more, and let us get your Shopware extensions (and more!) from A to Z.
  • High quality: Our codes and modules are all designed in-house to ensure only the best quality and security possible. 
  • Quick and simple process: Everything is simplified so you can easily manage and run your platform smoothly 24/7.

Join 22,000+ worldwide clients who have been entrusting their Shopware stores to us today with our Shopware Development Services now! 


In Fine


We’re familiar with the phrase “The customer is always right”. This is why the key to a successful business is to bring the best experience to your customers. In the blooming era of eCommerce, every owner has to play by the rule and keep the business going forward. The Show Customer Group Registration Link is among the Shopware extensions that will help you do exactly that while saving you the resources, time, and effort, for instance. Don’t hesitate and get it today.

Remember that BSS Commerce is always here to guide you through the process.

Contact us anytime!

Make sure to follow our blog and check out our daily updates to become an eCommerce expert in no time. We will meet again in the next articles.


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