Shopware vs WooCommerce: Is Shopware Platform Better than WooCommerce?

by Jayden Nguyen


Within the eCommerce field, every owner has to choose between tools (Shopware vs WooCommerce, for example) to support their brand. Being a technology company that specializes in digital business ourselves, we are very familiar with such contemplations, too. With that in mind, we have compiled the most significant information on the Shopware platform and WooCommerce here to open a discussion and answer related questions.

To learn all about these two top eCommerce solutions and how to use them to your good advantage, keep scrolling down today’s article. 

Shopware vs WooCommerce: What’s similar, and what’s not? 

About Shopware 

shopware vs woocomerce| shopware-introduction
Shopware is a German open-source platform, specifically developed for eCommerce usage. Using Shopware, you can easily make use of various options to create your own online shop, PWAs, and more. Whether you are just getting started in the digital business scene, or you are already running a big company and in search of system changes – anything is possible with the Shopware platform.

The best Shopware’s characteristic must be its flexibility. This eCommerce solution can adapt to basically every program and extension. Furthermore, with constant updates based on real users’ feedback, the Shopware platform is highly suitable for entrepreneurs who want to focus on amazing customer experience and marketing efficiency.

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About WooCommerce 

shopware vs woocomerce| woocommerce-introduction

Unlike Shopware, WooCommerce is not a platform or an independent system. It is a free, “top-loader” plugin that runs the shop facilities on WordPress websites. Being one of the hit WordPress plugins, WooCommerce has proved itself to be a great way to promote online products and manage content. 

Despite being available with no charges, WooCommerce is full of features that can be integrated into any self-hosted website using WordPress. This amazing software comes with 400+ extensions, which makes it highly versatile and adaptable.


Similarities and differences

Although both are in the categories of “eCommerce tools”, the differences of Shopware vs WooCommerce are quite visible. While Shopware is a self-managing platform, WooCommerce is a plugin designed for WordPress sites. 

shopware vs woocomerce

The Shopware platform, therefore, is a great way to offer your customers openness and accessibility. This spirit always shows in Shopware’s culture, philosophy and policies. It is, without a doubt, the very platform to go for if you want to create an independent eCommerce presence of your own.

Meanwhile, WooCommerce is a convenient solution for eCommerce brands that are already using WordPress websites. With its beautiful themes, smart features, and quick integration, WooCommerce offers quite decent options to its users. 

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We have arrived at the fun part of this article. In the sections to come, we are going to put the two tools, Shopware vs WooCommerce, head-to-head, through fundamental factors. This will help us answer the important question of which one is the superior between them.

Basic software

shopware vs woocommerce software

As mentioned above, Shopware is a modular system, designed to support eCommerce. That explains why Shopware’s got all the right basic technological functions to handle everything an eCommerce brand will need for its activities. Moreover, Shopware provides many already integrated standard solutions, as well as over 3.000 optional, freshly updated extensions just in case new needs arise.

In comparison, WooCommerce can be a little lacking. This is because WooCommerce is originally a system for content management. Its eCommerce must be assisted by extensions, and even then this plugin would not have the same kind of power the Shopware platform does.

Development details

Even though the easy setup is an advantage for both solutions, there are certain differences you should keep in mind. 

shopware vs woocommerce development

For WooCommerce, since it’s only a plugin of WordPress, the system architect is basically finished already. The installation of WooCommerce and its extensions wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, this also means if you want to make further adjustments later, especially for eCommerce requirements, expect it to be difficult and time-consuming. 

In contrast, the Shopware platform is all about simple applications. Thanks to the keen attention, quick updates, and reliable core system, Shopware never fails to support whatever you need, and in turn, you can easily support your system too when it’s necessary.

Marketing, promotion, and SEO 

Coming from WordPress, there’s no way WooCommerce can be bad at promoting SEO elements. Utilizing its creating and embedding content abilities, site owners can up the SEO measures fairly well. 

WooCommerce also has connections to external systems (e.g: newsletters). This function is quite helpful if you can align it suitably to your needs. Additionally, developers also commented that WooCommerce’s search engine optimization is very decent. 

One little bump here though: You will have to generate a lot of other marketing functions, individually and manually for some. This process requires using the appropriate plugins, so you will need to get them too. Quite a hassle if you ask me!

shopware vs woocommerce seo

Now we are talking about Shopware. The Shopware platform is designed to ensure the smoothest customer experience. Therefore, online marketing is a factor that this company can not miss.

Shopware has a long history of creating different marketing solutions. The “Shopping Worlds” on Shopware 5, and the “Worlds of Experience” on Shopware 6 are the two most recent examples. It’s obvious that Shopware offers many marketing opportunities. 

For SEO measures, Shopware also makes them highly available. Developers can easily embed it in the backend, and leave it to the platform to take care of, all automatic.


Introducing even more awesome SEO abilities of Shopware now for even small business scale! 

Supporting Options

The supporting options from the Shopware platform are available when you choose its paid versions. There are two default languages, English and German, to suit the global clientele’s needs.  

If you are only using Shopware for free, don’t worry: this company offers you every necessary documentation, also in both the above languages. You can solve many problems yourself by reading through the detailed guides. And in case you find yourself stuck at a certain point, hitting up the Shopware Community for advice and answers is always an option.

This is the same way with WooCommerce. The plugin’s instructions and papers can be summoned easily, but they are only in English. So if you are the type who likes taking matters into your own hands, this aspect of WooCommerce will not be a problem.

With both companies, Shopware vs WooCommerce alike, there is no direct support. You may have to rely on outsourcing developers and agencies, sooner or later. We will discuss the pricing further later. 

Adaptation to Different Markets

Manufactured and self-financed within Germany, Shopware obviously works well with businesses that operate in the same country. With experience and expertise, the Shopware platform has also become a household name all over the world. The number of 100,000+ clients would be the very proof of that. 

Meanwhile, WooCommerce fits best with American brands, since the United States is where WordPress is based. Though already applied by global users too, it is true that the future development for them of this tool is still unclear.


This must be the part that gets developers’ attention the most when it comes to Shopware vs WooCommerce. Let’s discuss Shopware first.

The Shopware platform offers you many extensions and plugins in its exclusive store. The selection is large, especially for the current versions like Shopware 5 & 6. And if that is still not enough for you, then here’s the good news: Shopware can be customized from the ground up! With the help of a developer, you can customize your shop in any way you can possibly imagine.

While there are also many tools to assist WooCommerce, the number is, in fact, far lower. In addition to that, this WordPress plugin’s mostly focused on supporting its US users.

Advancing Potential

Shopware is constantly evolving. The platform’s latest version, Shopware 6, and even its predecessor Shopware 5 are being updated at a lightning pace. This means, even if your company is rapidly developing, it will not meet any difficulty. The Shopware platform adjusts itself, and therefore, grows with you. Upgrading will be absolutely uncomplicated.

shopware vs woocommerce potential

WooCommerce is more suitable for eCommerce beginners. Using the plugin is okay if you want to, say, place a few products on your current website. However, once you start expanding the scale of your business, WooCommerce could not be able to catch up. Being only a plugin, WooCommerce is not constantly upgraded and will be lacking in the digital business department in the near future. 


Expenses are always the top concern in all comparisons, Shopware vs WooCommerce included. The details of this aspect are right in the upcoming section. 

WooCommerce is, for the most part, free. The only thing you need to pay for is the license, which usually costs under 100 euros. At first glance, it can be quite cheap and therefore, desirable. However, keep in mind that WooCommerce requires many outside functions as well as the help of other plugins. You will not be able to use WooCommerce without them, and guess what: they are often not free. Additionally, the maintenance and fixing costs for WooCommerce wouldn’t be cheap either. 


On the other hand, we’ve got Shopware – a platform that requires payment. The costs for it vary, depending on the license. Shopware offers you three different editions: Community, Enterprise, and Professional – at 3 different prices. The number can range from 0 to 2495 euros monthly. Yes, it’s not cheap, but it’s surely reasonable. The Enterprise and Professional versions both offer many functions and benefits, including customizing options, self-hosting, plugins, and especially highly available support. The Community option comes with handy solutions and easy entry, so it won’t be too shabby either, considering that it’s entirely free.  

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shopware vs woocommerce comparison

From what we’ve discussed so far, it’s fair to say that Shopware and WooCommerce are both great eCommerce solutions. But the million-dollar question here is: Shopware vs WooCommerce, which one should a business choose? To make the right decision here, we suggest you first determine your current resources, and the goal you want to achieve.



As we’ve mentioned, WooCommerce is perfect for a newbie who is getting started in the eCommerce scene. The likely scenario here is that brand is running a website with WordPress tools already, and WooCommerce would be an amazing choice for you to introduce your products along with the usual content.

Furthermore, this plugin is easy to install and use – you can do that yourself with only a few clicks. And the best part is the basic part of it comes for free – which, again, suits new businesses whose budgets are tight.

WooCommerce, however, is not without certain problems. This plugin requires a lot of other extensions, has a complicated update policy, and doesn’t support many other languages other than English. Its adaptation ability is also limited. All of these are going to become cumbersome in the near future and cost you a huge amount of time, effort, and money to fix. 



On the other hand, we’ve got the Shopware platform. Shopware offers your brand many opportunities to grow. Whether you are a small-to-middle business or a giant corporation, Shopware is ready to support you. The upgrading process in this platform is always simple and smooth. This gives you a lot of space to grow into your full potential. 

The Shopware Store, with its countless extensions, tools, and development options, is also very attractive. Developers can customize their shops in every way, every aspect possible. Other supporting systems from Shopware are also highly reliable and adaptable, even if you only choose the non-paid version. 

In addition, Shopware has the fascinating capability of adjusting automatically based on customer experience. This means the language barrier is no longer a trouble, and the users’ experience will be updated constantly. Thanks to that, your site will improve itself to bring out the best performance, and satisfy your customers efficiently. In a world where UX is now the most important factor to businesses, it goes without saying how many advantages Shopware can offer you. 

All in all, Shopware is a professional eCommerce solution, suitable for the global market and long-time business projects. Don’t hesitate to pick Shopware if you find it resonates with your needs and visions.


If your choice is Shopware….


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Just like in any other field, there is no single recipe for all sides. The best choice, at the end of the day, has got to be the most suitable one. An optimum eCommerce solution should root from your business’ mindset, resources, and requirements. Therefore, our core advice here is to take your time, do all the necessary research, and don’t rush before choosing. Remember, your choice is going to decide your brand’s future.


If you need a piece of professional advice, come find us anytime. Contact us for a session, and let’s talk about your brand at BSS Commerce.


Follow our blog, read our articles and get all the info you need to take your eCommerce business to the top. Until next time!


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