Supersports Vietnam And The Journey To Enhance Their E-commerce Website’s Speed By 80%

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The Dominant Player In The Retail Industry For Sports Fashion & Accessories

Supersports Vietnam (SSP VN), a subsidiary of Central Retail Group, is the leading B2C retailer of sports fashion and accessories in Vietnam. The brand operates through two primary retail formats: Supersports stores and flagship stores. With over 20 renowned global brands including Crocs, New Balance, Fila, Umbro, Adidas, and Nike, SSP VN offers a diverse selection of footwear, apparel, and accessories to cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts in Vietnam. Their distribution locations ensure the availability of high-quality products, providing customers with the best options in the market.

Difficult Problems From A Complex System

Owning and operating such a large system, SSP VN faced numerous challenges with their website performance, leading to an unsatisfactory customer experience. These challenges encompass:

– An outdated theme that renders the UI/UX unattractive and sub-optimized.

– Slow loading time, with a speed of only 6x on desktop and 3x on mobile, which adversely affects the UI/UX and conversion rate.

To elaborate further, the website utilizes Shopify’s 1.0 theme version at the moment, which significantly impacts the site’s visual appeal and speed, resulting in several limitations to enhancing the site.

Therefore, SSP VN aims to find a reputable E-Commerce solution provider to assist them upgrade the theme to enhance the UI/UX, while incorporating desired new features such as product recommendations and advanced filtering. Additionally, the objective is to improve the site’s speed to a minimum of 7x on desktop and 4x on mobile.

A Fruitful Collaboration Formed Through Small But Impactful Experiences

SSP VN became acquainted with BSS Commerce through our Shopify apps. Upon receiving assistance from our Customer Support Team regarding our apps, the brand expressed great satisfaction with both the app functionality and their overall experience working with BSS.

Prior to entering into a partnership, SSP VN carefully evaluated various factors including technical solutions, cost, timing, and customer support services. Fortunately, BSS successfully met all of the brand’s requirements, leading to the decision on embarking on a more extensive project together.

Bss Commerce Joins Forces To Enhance E-commerce Experience

From the initial consultation to the start of the project execution, the total exchange time is only one month (April 2023 to May 2023). Within a short period of one month, BSS Commerce has proven to be a reliable and competent partner for Supersports, offering comprehensive solutions to fulfill the brand’s requirements.

To ensure a seamless implementation, BSS team followed a systematic approach and process. Our team meticulously examined different aspects of the site, including apps and site speed, through various scenarios. Once the underlying issues were identified, the team proceeded to optimize the site and select a new theme that aligns with the brand’s needs.

> The solutions and technologies that BSS used: New 2.0 Shopify theme upgrade, site’s speed optimization

> BSS’s used tech stack: Shopify theme liquid, Jquery, Page speed optimization technique

The Collaboration Yielded Remarkable Results

The partnership between SSP VN and BSS has led to a series of transformative outcomes for both the website and the brand. The implementation of a new theme has greatly enhanced the appearance and atmosphere of Supersports’ website, accurately reflecting the brand’s new identity. Furthermore, the website’s speed has significantly and consistently improved, with a 9x increase on desktop and a 7x increase on mobile. This equates to an 80% increase in speed score on both mobile and desktop!

Website’s speed on desktop
Website’s speed on desktop
Website’s speed on mobile
Website’s speed on mobile

Quote From Supersports Vietnam Regarding Their Experience With Bss Commerce

“My appreciation to the PM, BD, and the whole BSS developer guys who always work until 3 am to fix the bugs and issues when trying to go live. 10 points for BSS’s working spirit which led the project to today’s success.” – Mr. Duc Nguyen – Digital Product Manager, Supersports Vietnam

Not stopping at theme upgrades and site optimization, BSS Commerce is committed to consistently delivering top-notch, global standard E-Commerce solutions and services to our valued customers. So, if you are looking for a partner to accompany you in thriving your E-Commerce, please do not hesitate to TALK WITH US for further assistance.

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