Supersports Vietnam And The Journey To Enhance Their E-commerce
Website's Speed By 80%

Dominant Sports Retailer

20+ Global Brands

15 Stores

Platform: Shopify Plus

About Supersports Vietnam

Supersports Vietnam, a subsidiary of Central Retail Group, is the leading B2C retailer of sports fashion and accessories in Vietnam. Supersports Vietname operates through two primary retail formats: Supersports stores and flagship stores. 


With over 20 renowned global brands including Crocs, New Balance, Fila, Umbro, Adidas, and Nike, Supersports Vietnam offers a diverse selection of footwear, apparel, and accessories to cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts in Vietnam. 


Their distribution locations ensure the availability of high-quality products, providing customers with the best options in the market.

Difficult Problems From A Complex System

Owning and operating such a large system, Supersports Vietnam faced numerous challenges with their website performance, leading to an unsatisfactory customer experience. These challenges encompass:

Outdated Theme

Their website utilized Shopify’s 1.0 theme version, resulting in an unappealing and clunky user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).


This outdated theme lacked modern design elements and functionalities, limiting their ability to effectively showcase their products and engage customers.

Slow Loading Times

The website suffered from sluggish loading speeds, clocking in at only 6x on desktop and a mere 3x on mobile. This significantly impacted user experience and conversion rates, as customers grew impatient waiting for pages to load.

Recognizing the need for improvement, Supersports Vietnam sought a reliable e-commerce solution provider to address these critical issues. Their primary objectives were:

A Fruitful Collaboration Formed Through Small But Impactful Experiences

Before teaming up with BSS Commerce, Supersport Vietnam faced a challenging year in search of a partner to address their website’s visual and speed issues. Despite trying various solutions, their website still failed to reflect their position as the leading sports retailer in Vietnam. Recognizing the urgency of a comprehensive overhaul without compromising business and customer experience, Supersports needed a swift resolution.



Encountering BSS Commerce initially through their Shopify apps. Upon receiving assistance from BSS Commerce’s Customer Support Team, the brand expressed great satisfaction with both the app functionality and overall experience working with BSS. When embarking on a larger project, Supersports meticulously evaluated factors such as technical expertise, cost, timing, and support. Fortunately, BSS not only met but exceeded all the requirements, prompting the decision to embark on a more extensive collaborative effort.

Comprehensive Solutions for Supersports Vietnam

From the initial consultation to the project’s completion, the entire process spanned just one month, from April to May 2023. This swift turnaround underscores BSS Commerce’s exceptional efficiency and reliability as a partner for Supersports, successfully resolving both issues with their website.


To ensure a seamless implementation, BSS employed a systematic approach. They meticulously examined various aspects of the website, including apps and speed. Once the underlying issues were identified, BSS implemented the following solutions:

New 2.0 Shopify theme upgrade

This upgrade not only improved the website's visual appeal and user interface but also unlocked access to advanced functionalities and features unavailable in the older theme version, resulting in a more engaging and interactive shopping experience for customers.

Site speed optimization

This solution aimed to reduce page loading times, ensuring a faster and more responsive website across all devices, potentially leading to improved customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Technologies used: Shopify theme liquid, Jquery, Page speed optimization techniques

The collaboration Yielded Remarkable Results

The collaboration between Supersports Vietnam and BSS Commerce yielded transformative results for both the website and the brand.

Visually, the website underwent a complete transformation. The implementation of a new 2.0 Shopify theme significantly enhanced its appearance and overall atmosphere, now accurately reflecting Supersports’ brand identity. This creates a more engaging and immersive experience for visitors.

Desktop Performance
Mobile Performance

Performance-wise, the website saw a dramatic improvement in speed. Following Google PageSpeed Insights reports, desktop performance reached a score of 96, while mobile performance achieved a score of 78. This equates to an 80% increase in speed score on both mobile and desktop! 

You can visit Supersports Vietnam’s website and experience the difference here: Supersport Vietnam

Words from Supersport Vietnam

My appreciation to the PM, BD, and the whole BSS developer guys who always work until 3 am to fix the bugs and issues when trying to go live. 10 points for BSS's working spirit which led the project to today's success.
Duc Nguyen
Digital Product Manager, Supersports Vietnam

A Journey to Optimized Engaging Thriving Success

Supersports Vietnam embarked on a collaborative journey with BSS Commerce to optimize their website, tackling outdated design and slow loading times. Through a new theme and strategic speed improvements, the collaboration delivered a visually engaging and lightning-fast experience, boosting website speed by an impressive 80%. This sets Supersports Vietnam on a path to thriving online success.

Inspired by Supersport's Success? It's Yours Too!

Not stopping at theme upgrades and site optimization, BSS Commerce is committed to consistently delivering top-notch, global standard E-Commerce solutions and services to our valued customers. So, if you’re looking for a partner to accompany you in thriving your E-Commerce, please do not hesitate to TALK WITH US for further assistance.

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