9+ Tips To Choose Magento Website Development Agency

by Summer

Magento website development is your very first step into the business and lays the foundation for the future of your online store. A Magento website with excellent performance will help you engage customers, generate sales, and entice customers back. Therefore, this task should be implemented by certified and skilled developers. 

There is an abundance of Magento website development services from different agencies that you can approach. However, choosing a reliable one requires careful consideration. Let the following handy tips support you in making the decision. 

A – Agency Profile 

How experienced is the agency?

How experienced an agency should be the first concern whenever you outsource a service. Information like the years of experience will give you important data to know if that agency is reliable. 

First of all, an agency that has been operating for many years in Magento website development accumulates a great deal of knowledge and experience. More importantly, their expertise has been proven objectively to real clients. That allows the agency to be maintained up to now. 

Furthermore, many years of experience bring the agency to projects from different industries. So, they have practiced serving each field well. 

Check their portfolio 


Examples of previous work are one of the best pieces of evidence that lets you know how good a Magento web development company is. Let’s get to know if the projects that the agency took over in the past are diverse in requirements or anything else. The more cases you check, the more you are sure about their capacity. 

Remember to look not only at the UX designs, especially the projects that have finished for several years. You should also care about how successful your previous clients are with their online stores. For example, the increase in conversion rate or revenue is such numbers worth your curiosity for any ecommerce development company.

What can you figure out from a portfolio of a Magento web development company? 

  • How skilled are their developers? 
  • How creative are they?
  • Is there any point that impresses you in their work? 

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Search reviews from a trusted third party review website

Third-party review websites provide customers with a place to rate and discuss different businesses whose products and services have been used by them. Reviews on those websites are the most objective signs to give you an initial feel of an agency. Especially when customers today are smarter and more knowledgeable, those websites are sources of trusted word-of-mouth recommendations. 


Trustpilot is a reputable third-party review website where you may easily search for reviews of Magento agencies like BSS Commerce, for example. This website will show you the overall rating and detailed individual reviews of a company. 

Is the agency Magento a partner? 


There are types of Magento partners: Solution Partner, Technology Partner, and Community Insider. It is also necessary to understand if an agency is a Magento partner and what type of partner they are. 

Why is that so? 

To become a Magento partner, an agency or company must be certified for their expertise or contribution to the development of the platform. 

First, Magento Solution Partners are partners who offer consultation on how to create a better Magento experience by customizing the website according to the business requirements. 

Magento Technologies Partners offer software and services that can be integrated within a Magento website for the specific needs of your business. This partner group is divided into Extension Build and Independent Software Vendor. 

BSS Commerce is honored to be a Magento Technology Partner with high-quality Magento services and extensions to serve a wide range of business requirements. 

Finally, Community Insiders are certified developers who can assist the design, integration, and implementation of all aspects of a Magento website. Partners in this level are usually entry-level developers or small agencies. 

What other services do they offer?

Throughout your business, you might not only be in need of Magento website development. Sometimes, your website will need to be tested and maintained to make sure it runs well without problems. 

For that reason, it is recommended to work with an agency whose services are diverse and cover most of the potential needs. If that agency also offers Magento extensions, it’s such a convenience whenever you need to add new functions to your store. In this way, that agency can support you in the long run and understand your business in-depth to come with the best ideas and solutions. 

In the example of  BSS Commerce, we offer not only Magento Website Development Service. Other of our services also receive a lot of requests, such as Website Maintenance, Migration, Module Creation & Customization, Code Audit, and so on. Powerful Magento extensions are also available on our website for choices. 

Do they have a large enough team? 


An entire team that includes enough certified developers and Magento Solution specialists can deal with complicated development problems arising during the process. Therefore, when opting for a Magento development agency, you must be sure of the number of members in the team that works on your project. 

Don’t forget the important follow-up question: How many projects are they working on? A professional agency never lets a team cover piled up projects at the same time. 

What is their website security certificate? 

A website security certificate is a validation and encryption tool, part of the HTTPS protocol, which secures and encrypts data going back and forth between the server and your browser. The certificate ensures that the website you are connecting is legitimate and that the connection is safe and secure.

If the agency’s website uses security certificates, it has the HTTPS address starter and the padlock icon that appears in the address bar. When you see that sign on the website of the agency, you can be assured that all information you leave on it will be secure.

B – Working Process 

Is the working process professional? 


A professional working process drives high-quality outputs. 

The entire process of Magento development needs to go through several phases, from planning, designing, developing, to optimizing. Hence, a Magento web development company is good if they have a tight, professional, but simple process to ensure zero downtime.  

You should pay special attention to the timeline and project evaluation to know if those deals from the agency are specific and close. 

More importantly, the process should follow the best practices of Magento development so that the system will be easily scalable and upgradeable. You should not accept any shortcuts. 

Do they usually support during and after each project? 

When a project ends up, not every agency will be willing to support clients afterward. Each one has their own support policies; hence, this is another point you should concern besides the quality. If you are a newbie to Magento – a complicated platform, you will encounter difficulties with unfriendly support policies. 

In BSS Commerce, clients are supported dedicatedly even when their website has been successfully launched. The development team is always willing to accompany clients whenever technical issues arise and help you find proper solutions. 

The Next Step 

As soon as you know those tips for choosing Magento website development services, why don’t you start with our service?

Our Magento Web Development Service 

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At BSS Commerce, certified developers, Magento Solution Specialists, and ISTQB-certified testers always guarantee a host of core values to our clients. 

With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

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