Top 5 Magento Extensions for Shipping

Top 5 Magento Extensions for Shipping

For all Magento e-commerce business, shipping may be the last process in the customer purchase of products. In this step, suppliers will deliver orders to customers by many different methods with diverse ways to calculate shipping costs depending on distance, means, and customer groups and so on. Therefore, it can be said that the shipping process is taken control in store owners’ hands about how to ship and how to determine fees or when to launch free shipping promotions. However, although businessman can be considered having more advantages than customers about freely deciding ways to deliver to customers, it is a problem whether they can take a look of each shipping requirement or shipping cost calculation for each order even when they have a large number of staff.

That is very difficult and causes wastes of time and employee. Thus, to make it more flexible and convenient in this process, store owners had better take into consideration about Magento extensions related to shipping to optimize this final step.

Let’s check out some best extensions that can bring both store owners and customers specific benefits about shipping standardization and better user experience

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Shipping Cost Calculator


Customers pre-calculate and pre-know the shipping cost for an order or a group of various products by a single click. This module uses Ajax technology to calculate the shipping rate and value for clients. They are required to fill some information about the address, state, city and so on in the pop-up or a form after clicking to “Calculate Shipping button.”

Key features: 

– Calculate the shipping cost based on AJAX dynamically

– Display shipping rate in the pop up after calculating

– Auto Geo IP for local customers or manually fill other locations for calculating the shipping price

– Applied on the category page and the product pages

– Able to figure shipping price for every product

Shipping Rate per Product


Shipping Rate per Product is a useful extension to help store owners to set up shipping rates for different product types and also for various product quantities.

With the help of this module, a businessperson can easily change shipping rates tailoring with shipping rules to make them suitable with different types of the product set.  Therefore, stores can motivate customers to purchase more and more to increase revenue and save shipping costs.

Key features:

– Adjust shipping rates via flexible rules

– Provide shipping rates for individual products and attributes

– Set up shipping rates based on the number of ordered products

– Customize shipping rates for specific customer group and store views

Order Delivery Date Extension


This module will give a hand to store owners to optimize customers’ experience by allowing them freely to set up preferable delivery dates and time for receiving their orders. Both admins and customers can take advantage of this extension to arrange and manage product delivery as conveniently as possible.

Key features:

– Allow customers to choose order delivery date, leave a delivery message and select timeslot for their orders

– Easily customize “Cut off day,” “Exclude day,” “Blackout days.”

– Display Delivery Date info on Order Grid View Page at ease

Shipping Suite


Shipping Suite extension can help store owners to manage shipping zone, detect GEO IP, set up shipping rule and restriction and allow custom shipping method.

Key features:

– Determine shipping zones for specific countries/ regions

– Automatically detect a customer’s shipping location

– Customers can choose their shipping location easily

– Use the City database (GeoIp City) to determine regions and cities

– Set rules and restrictions with the consideration of any available attribute for ‘product,’ ‘address’ and ‘cart.’

Shipping Method for Category


This extension helps store owners to provide shipping methods based on category because there are some categories they do not want to support shipping methods.

Therefore, they will disable the shipping method for specific categories depending on their condition and demands.

Key features:

– Disable the shipping method in some selected categories

– Display Shipping Method for products belonging to unselected categories in the backend

– Disable the Shipping Method for products belonging to selected categories

– Disable the Shipping Method for orders including products belonging to selected categories

With this module, store owners can efficiently manage the shipping method for each category to save cost and bring customer satisfaction with efficient shipping method.

For all 5 above Magento extensions for shipping, we hope that you will choose the best extensions for your store to satisfy customers and also to meet your particular demand for saving costs or sales increases.

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